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RIP 21/4/10 - Moribund website FOJ:


 At one stage I was maintaining a website FOJ however I couldn't keep it up so I've "pigeon holed" it here.

8/3/07 - Afternoon at ASOPA 31/3/07:

Would appreciate if you could publicise an 'afternoon at ASOPA' on Saturday 31 March 2-4 PM. The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust is in the process of preparing for the adaptive reuse of the site, the adjoining 30 Terminal Regiment Buildings and the former Golf Clubhouse ( divided into 2 Officers married quarters). We are interested to learn more about the Asopa site, the uses of the buildings over time, who has photos, candidates for oral histories, what people feel were the significant achievements of Asopa and its successor organisations, what should be interpreted about the site and the organisation, etc. If people can attend it will be great to make their acquaintance and get their feedback.

Bob Clark
Senior Heritage Planner
02 8969 2101

8/3/07 - Business Manager wanted ...

Ex-Kiap Craig McConaghy is involved in a primarily eastern highlands based business called Coffee Connections, see http://www.coffeeconnections.biz/

I've just received this note from him:

"I am looking for a person (ex-kiap, ideally) who may be interested in coming up to PNG in short stints and working with our co-operative group HOAC (Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative) as a business manager, setting them up and 'making business' as the Fairtrade people call it. In short, it is a volunteer job and accommodation will be provided plus an allowance for food and other necessities. Security should not be a problem and the willing worker would be well received by the community for the sixty days that they are allowed in on a visa. Coffee Connections would work in closely with the person, facilitating and making sure they are comfortable, etc. I mention an ex-kiap because largely the person would need to be a self-starter, a listener and a good leader.

The person would be based at Okapa in the Eastern Highlands and their principle task would be to set up a coffee buying, collection and consolidation operation for HOAC (Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative). Down the track HOAC would also like to establish a small supermarket operation and anything else that helps in the area. The scope is limitless and it would be a challenge for a person who still has a bit of PNG benevolence in their blood.

Obviously there is a lot more detail needed and I can give that by phone or a personal meeting when I am in Brisbane next week (14-21 March)."

Craig can be contacted by email at coffeeconnections@bigpond.com

5/11/06 - Melbourne (Sandown) Re-Union photographs

1/4/06 - recent updates:

31st Jan 2005 - short note from the Editor, I've not forsaken this site it's just that I'm back in PNG working and on my breaks back in aussie I'm usually feeling too drained (shattered may be a better word) to do anything with the web site. Perhaps next break I may be able to extract the proverbial ... in the meanwhile the Forum provides the opportunity for colleagues and friends to inter-act.

For those who have forwarded material for publishing, particularly photographs, these have not been lost and will be published once I overcome my malaise which has also been compounded by dissatisfaction with the way I've been presenting these photographs to date, mainly the issue relating to download speed, an issue which is under review with my mate, John McGregor.

Message from Canberra:

Prompted by the success of the Melbourne reunion, a group of Canberra ex-kiaps is organising a reunion lunch in Canberra between 11am and 3pm on Sunday 3rd October (the Sunday of the NSW/ACT long weekend) in the Members Dining Room at Old Parliament House. Lunch will be a traditional roast lunch, with orange juice, tea/coffee and fruit, and the all up cost of $35 also covers room hire. There is ample free parking and wheelchair access, and the venue is on bus routes.

Bookings close 16th February 2004.

The venue is an easy walk from Floriade, New Parliament House, the National Gallery, the National Library, and so on, and long wei liklik from the National Museum and the War Memorial. As the October long weekend is in the middle of Floriade, accommodation bookings should be made sooner, rather than later. Further information on Canberra is at www.visitcanberra.com.au.

Enquiries to:

Mike and Marg Cockburn mjcmac@cybermac.com.au (02) 6255 5483; or

Rick Nehmy diandric@pcug.org.au (02) 6254 1762 (AH) please.

Bookings to:

John Wearne, 25 Brunswick Circuit, Kaleen ACT 2617, please jpwearne@homemail.com.au (02) 6241 5265, and payment must accompany the booking, which should be made by 31 August 2004.

27/8/04 - IAN DOWNS - RIP


14/6/04 - ROSS JOHNSON (Treasurer and Membership Officer, PNGAA):

The ABC has re-released the Taim Bilong Masta series in both CD and MP3 formats. The CD series comprises 24 disks at a RRP of $150, plus postage and packing. The MP3 series comprises two disks with a RRP of $50, plus postage and packing. MP3 disks can be played on most new CD and DVD players and all computers, provided you have a CD drive and the relevant software (ie Windows Media Player or RealPlayer) installed.

The old cassette tapes of the series (released in the 70's) are now, in many cases, suspect - I tried to play mine and found that all were unplayable (tape sticking inside cassette) and no amount of fast forwarding or rewinding would free the tape. So if you have the series, try a few in your cassette player to see if they are still playable!

Negotiations with the ABC have given PNGAA the opportunity to provide this series, in either of the above formats, to our members at a considerable discount. In other words, PNGAA can supply at a price to you which is significantly below the recommended retail price and which will include postage and packing. Full details will be in our June Una Voce journal.

This is an opportunity to preserve for our future generations a 24-program social history based on the administration of Papua New Guinea up to self government and independence in 1975. Told by Australian men and women who spent so many years living and working in PNG. The series was produced by Tim Bowden.

It costs just $15 a year to join the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia (PNGAA) and receive the excellent quarterly publication, Una Voce. Send your cheque, bank draft or postal order made out to the PNGAA at PNGAA, P0 Box 452, Roseville NSW 2069.

recent updates:

11/5/03 - The Centre for Independent Studies has recently published an article by Helen Hughes which discusses why "Aid has failed the Pacific". This is an interesting read and analyses the counter productive nature of aid with reference to PNG. 

10/5/03 - SAFETY TIP - having just renewed my Senior First Aid training I was reminded that the "000" emergency equivalent for (Australian only?) mobile telephones is "112". This number bypasses "pinned" or "locked" mobiles and will even work if there is no SIM card present but remember that this is an emergency number only. Refer Telstra's "using your mobile in an emergency" web page: http://telstra.com.au/mobile/life/community/emergency.htm

7/12/01 - Re the top left hand corner name change from kiap to exkiap. I'm quickly running out of personal web space to host the site (Optushome only allow members 10 MB) and will have to soon re-locate the web site to a commercial hosting server. In preparation for this I have registered our own domain name. Unfortunately kiap.com and kiap.net have already been registered by a Dutch bisexual (I do not jest, refer http://www.kiap.net, the audacity ...) so I've registered exkiap.net, I dropped the hyphenation to keep it simple and I went for .net as opposed to .com as it seemed more appropriate. *.com.au and *net.au names are more expensive to register than *.com and *.net so there you have it, stay tuned.

ARCHIVED FOJ ENTRIES - 13/11/01 to 6/12/03