Harry West's photographs

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hwes1953_kainantu_airstrip.jpg (71163 bytes) hwes1953_kainantu_coronation.jpg (62174 bytes) hwes1953_kainantu_mcarthy_downs_nomi.jpg (71264 bytes) hwes1954_chimbu_bill_kelly.jpg (84534 bytes) hwes1954_kainantu_menyama_patrol_1.jpg (69862 bytes)
hwes1954_kainantu_menyama_patrol_2.jpg (58909 bytes) hwes1954_kainantu_menyama_patrol_3.jpg (98951 bytes) hwes1954_menyama.jpg (42164 bytes) hwes1954_kumiava_base_camp.jpg (78671 bytes) hwes1954_okapa.jpg (71360 bytes)
hwes_asaro_luluai.jpg (58968 bytes)   hwes_chuave.jpg (71291 bytes)   hwes_chuave_elimbari.jpg (98485 bytes)
hwes1956_wewak_dc_residence.jpg (79358 bytes) hwes1958_huri_panflutes.jpg (116710 bytes) hwes1958_koroba_anzac.jpg (60895 bytes) hwes1958_lake_kutubu.jpg (51282 bytes) hwes1966_rabaul_justice_mann.jpg (68091 bytes)

Telefomin group photo notes by Bill Brown:

The Telefomin Group photo may require elucidation - left to right Const BURITORI (killed with SZARKA and HARRIS 1953), Interpreter SUNI in felt hat (later MBE and LSM), a Telefomin female kidnapped by another tribe being returned home, unknown at rear, Const PURARI (killed with SZARKA and HARRIS 1953), and unknown.

SUNI was taken to Rabaul by Jim Taylor with the Hagen/Sepik Patrol, returned to Telefomin by Mick Leahy's glider drop during WW2 c1944 and continued on as Interpreter, certainly into the 60s.


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