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The below photographs are gruesome. I have made the below thumbnails small enough not to cause distress. Do not click on them if you do not wish to view the full size photograph. 

Three photographs are of a python that has eaten a man, I had guessed these photographs may have been taken in Malaysia but Neil Ryan has advised that the pictures were taken in Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of Borneo as opposed to the Malaysian part).

The fourth photograph is of a crocodile that had also consumed a human, I think this is Australian.

  • The python:    python01.jpg (95975 bytes) python02.jpg (89772 bytes) python03.jpg (75262 bytes)

  • The crocodile: crocodile.jpg (106998 bytes) 

  • The muruk:     alas_poor_muruk.jpg (37641 bytes) 


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