Peter Lovell's photographs

A few shots from UK resident, Peter Lovell, who was with Customs early 1960's again reminding us of the way things were in those days, particularly the DC3 'side saddle' configuration and hanging around, waiting on some little grass strip waiting for the 'balus' to come ...

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plov1963_anzac_ela.jpg plov1963_back_to_territory.jpg plov1963_dc3_sidesaddle.jpg plov1963_going_south.jpg
plov1964_lapun_samarai.jpg plov1964_moresby_pub.jpg plov1964_old_territorians_samarai.jpg plov1964_patair.jpg
plov1964_patair_guerney.jpg plov1964_samarai_berthing.jpg plov1964_samarai_catalina.jpg plov1964_samarai_club.jpg
plov1964_samarai_customs.jpg plov1964_samarai_port_area.jpg plov1965_2up.jpg plov1965_cosmo_rabaul.jpg

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