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Chapter 1 of the Australian Institute of Criminology's paper "Women in Transition, Social Control in Papua New Guinea by Cyndi Banks" provides a fairly reasonable historical background to the "Kiap" concept.

This reference (chapter 1) was originally linked to the Australian Institute of Criminology website (http://www.aic.gov.au/publications/lcj/women/index.html) however the paper has been  relocated or dropped. Fortunately, I down loaded copies of it many years ago because it was informative and I had in mind that this may happen. I hope that whoever has the copyright to this does not object to this usage but if so then please advise me through the below contact link and I will atone.

It is chapter 1 of the following paper that is of interest to us however the paper overall, is worth reading:


Chapter 1 - 'Taim Bilong Masta'


All of the papers:




Chapter 1 - Taim Bilong Masta

Chapter 2 - 'Nau Taim Bilong Yumi Yet'

Chapter 3 - Bena Bena

Chapter 4 - Arapesh

Chapter 5 - Tolai

Chapter 6 - Orokaiva

Chapter 7 - Conclusion



Additional Reading








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