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 Post subject: THE HONOUR ROLL
PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:47 am 
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Died in the service of Australia
1878 November 27 - William Bairstow Ingham, Government Agent for the Queensland Government, Port Moresby. Murdered in the Louisiade Archipelago whilst apprehending murderers and stolen goods
1885 December 2 - Sir Peter Henry Scratchley, Special Commissioner. Contracted malaria on patrol and died at sea on way to Australia for treatment
1890 May - George Hunter, Government Agent, Rigo. Murdered whilst ill in bed
1894 August - Frank Lawes, Resident Magistrate, Central Division. Died of unspecified ailment (suspected malaria) whilst on service
1896 December 22 - Charles Kowald, Government Agent, Mekeo. Died as a result of accidental dynamite explosion
1897 January 14 - John Green, Government Agent, Tamata, Northern Division. Murdered at Tamata Station together with Corporal Sedu and Constables Dumai, Gaiwa, Mirio and Taurauki, Armed Native Constabulary
1898 August 5 - Michael Shanahan, Assistant Resident Magistrate, Mambare District. Died of malaria at Tamata station
1898 November - HW de Lange, Magistrate for Native Matters, Daru. Drowned in boating accident on patrol
1901 January 3 - William Edington de Margrat Armit, Resident Magistrate, Ioma Died of illness
1901 February 12 Resident Magistrate of Daru Bingham Hely died of malaria whilst on leave at Thursday Is. - reported in the Brisbane Courier 22 February 1901
1901 November - Amedeo Giulianetti, Acting Resident Magistrate, Delena District. Shot dead by escaping prisoner
1902 June 19 - Archibald Lyon Walker, Resident Magistrate, Northern Division. Died at Samarai of malaria contracted at Tamata station
1903 February - FW Leetch, Assistant Resident Magistrate, Northern Division. Died of malaria returning from patrol
1904 June 20 - Christopher Stansfeld Robinson, Acting Administrator, Papua. Committed suicide under pressures of office and criticism of Goaribari Affair
1907 September 6 - Captain Moore, Assistant Resident Magistrate, Cape Nelson. Died of fever and dysentery at Cape Nelson
1915 June 18 - Guy Owen Manning, AN&MEF Military Administration District Officer, Kavieng. Died from a motorcycle accident on duty
1916 April - Robert Dorrien Kirby, Patrol Officer, Kikori River, Territory of Papua. Died at Yule Island on way to treatment for arrow wounds suffered whilst on patrol from Kikori
1920 May 30 - James Harry Smith Olifent, AN&MEF Military Administration District Officer, Aitape. Died from illness
1924 April 1 - Harold Leslie Campbell Johnston, Assistant Resident Magistrate, Kikori. Died in Sydney of malaria contracted on patrol
1927 - William John Townsend, District Officer, Madang. Died at sea from illness contracted on service
1929 June 6 - John Hall Lukin, District Officer, on the Sepik River (cause of death unknown).
1930 June 10 - Fredrick James Berge, Resident Magistrate, Kerema. Drowned with his four children when MV Vailiri sank in a gale
1933 June 10 - Ian McCallum Mack, Assistant District Officer, Kainantu. Died at Salamaua from arrow wounds received in attack in the Highlands
1933 November - Leo A Flint, Assistant Resident Magistrate, Abau. Died of malaria contracted on patrol
1935 January 15 - William Henry Bird, Patrol Officer, Otibanda. Died of malaria at Salamaua
1935 February 28 - Edward Colin McDonald, Assistant District Officer, Angoram. Murdered by disaffected policeman while on patrol at Ambunti, Sepik District
1936 December 19 - Thomas Alfred Hough, Patrol Officer, Salamaua. Ambushed at Leron River and died from arrow wound sustained in attack on 7 December
1939 July 1 - Neil Campbell Elliott, Patrol Officer, Aitape. Murdered at Wanali village, Aitape, Sepik District together with Constable Aipoum, New Guinea Police Force [photo])
1940 July 14 - Donald Cameron McPhee, Patrol Officer. Died at Wewak Hospital of an illness contracted whilst on patrol.
1940 September 20 - Charles Henry Karius, Resident Magistrate. Died in Sydney of malaria whilst on sick leave
1942 c January - A F Kyle, Assistant District Officer, executed by the Japanese on Nago Island near Kavieng
1942 c January - Murray Edwards, Patrol Officer, killed by the Japanese at Kavieng
1942 March 3 - Richard Bruce Strudwick, ANGAU War Diary reports murder occurred on Sepik River, March 1942
1942 July 1 – John Eric Daymond, Assistant District Officer. Died as a prisoner in the sinking of the Montevideo Maru
1942 July 1 - Murray Stanley Edwards, Assistant District Officer, Kavieng. Died as a prisoner in the sinking of the Montevideo Maru
1942 July 1 – Henry Anthony Gregory, District Officer, Rabaul. Died as a prisoner in the sinking of the Montevideo Maru
1942 July 1 – Frederick William Mantle, District Officer, Rabaul. Died as a prisoner in the sinking of the Montevideo Maru
1942 July 1 – E H Mitchell, Patrol Officer, died as a prisoner in the sinking of the Montevideo Maru
1942 September 1 - Gregory Wade Benham, Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Australian Navy. Operating as Coastwatcher when captured and executed
1942 December 21 - Gustav Adolph Obst, ANGAU District Services. Killed in action at Cape Gloucester
1942 December 24 - William Alfred Henry Butteris, ANGAU District Services. Captured at Cape Gloucester and presumed executed by the Japanese
1942 December 31 - Roy Gustav Mader, ANGAU District Services. Murdered whilst investigating cult activities at Motorina Island, Milne Bay District
1944 October 20 - Francis Peter Brewer, ANGAU District Services. Killed in air accident at Dobodura
1945 September 11 - P.O. Noel Thomas Williams (Lt.), ANGAU District Services. Died in plane crash flying out from Rabaul on the way to pay local labour.
1946 June 18 - George Charton Tuckey, Patrol Officer, Kundiawa, Central Highlands. Died after being gored by a bull while herding cattle
1947 - William John (Bill) Lambden, ANGAU District Services. Evacuated from PNG and died of illness contracted in service
1947 April 15 - Arthur Alfred Cornelius Hall, ANGAU District Services. Evacuated from PNG and died of illness contracted in service
1949 July 14th – John (Jack) William Sims, Patrol Officer, Vanimo. Died from self inflicted gunshot wound following an incident on patrol, Vanimo, Sepik District
1950 September - Peter Evans, Cadet Patrol Officer. Missing presumed drowned Port Moresby, Central District
1951 January 21 – Cecil Cowley, District Commissioner, Northern District. Killed Mt Lamington eruption.
1951 January 21– Ian James, Cadet Patrol Officer, Northern District. Killed Mt Lamington eruption
1951 January 21 – Athol James Earl, , Cadet Patrol Officer, Northern District. Killed Mt Lamington eruption [photo]
1951 January 21 - Kevin Victor Barney Bradford, Cadet Patrol Officer, Northern District. Killed Mt Lamington eruption
1951 December 13 - Robert Kennedy (Ken) Earle, District Officer, Wabag. Killed in aircraft crash near Wapenamanda, Western Highlands District, while conducting aerial inspection of airstrip under construction
1953 November 6 - Gerald Szarka, Patrol Officer, Telefomin, together with Constables Purari and Buritori, Royal Papua and New Guinea Constabulary, murdered in the Eliptamin valley on patrol, from Telefomin in the Sepik District [photo]
1953 November 6 -Geoffrey Brodribb Harris, Cadet Patrol Officer, Telefomin, (see above entry for P.O. Szarka for details)
1955 October - John Baring Short, Patrol Officer, Kerema. Died of illness contracted whilst on patrol near Tauri River, Gulf District
1958 October 17 - Rupert Roelof (Young Rupe) Haviland, Patrol Officer. Died whilst on leave in Sydney from illness contracted on service
1961 November 23 - Fergus David Anderson, Cadet Patrol Officer. Drowned on patrol, Tauri River
1964 September 8 - Alan Lewis Cleeve, Cadet Patrol Officer, Balimo died aged 20 following a motor boat accident on Aramia River, Balimo Sub District, Western District, while on patrol. Buried in Old European Cemetery, Port Moresby. A memorial plate in front of Balimo Sub District Office reads: "In memory of Cadet Patrol Officer Alan Lewis Cleeve, aged 20 years, who died whilst on duty on the Aramia River at Bamu, 8th September 1964" [photo]
1965 - October - 3 - George Benjamin O'Farrell, District Officer, Samarai, died of illness (cancer)
1970 – December 20 - Harry L Balfour-Ogilvy, Patrol Officer, Esa'Ala. Killed with wife, Esther, and infant daughters, Deborah and Sandra, in Aztec crash near Gurney, Milne Bay District
1970 – December 20 - David K (Dave) Robertson, Assistant District Officer, Esa'Ala. Killed in Aztec crash near Gurney, Milne Bay District
1971 February 14 - Peter Maxwell Daniel - Assistant Patrol Officer died in Lae as a result of a motorcycle accident.
1971 August 11 - Errol John (Jack) Emanuel,District Commissioner, East New Britain. Murdered while settling land dispute, Kaibara Bay, Gazelle Peninsula
1972 September 27 - Marcus Leyshon (Taffy) Watkins, Assistant Distict Officer, Oksapmin. Drowned on patrol in the Om River, Oksapmin, Telefomin, Sepik District. The plaque reads: "In memory of Assistant District Officer Marcus Leyshon Watkins, born 24-12-1942, died 27-9-1972, on patrol" [photo]
1972 September 1 - Alan ('Peter') Shipway, Patrol Officer, Minj, Western Highlands. Killed together with son Steven, 13, domestic servant and pilot in Skyvan crash on Mt Giluwe
1973 November 16 - Des Murphy, Assistant District Commissioner, Kerema. Murdered, Kerema, Gulf District
1974 - John Arthur Absalom, Assistant District Commissioner, Esa'Ala, Milne Bay District. Missing presumed drowned on patrol from Esa'Ala
1977-78 – Donald Richard (Don) Simmins, Assistant District Commissioner, Minj,Western Highlands District. Killed on duty in motor vehicle accident
1978 - Garth Donovan, Assistant District Officer, Madang. Death by own hand caused from workplace stress

Injured in aircraft accidents - (examples only)
1953 - Auster crash on take off, Vanimo Harbour. Pilot, District Medical Officer Dr John McInerny, killed, probably by drowning. Passengers District Commissioner Ian Skinner and Assistant District Officer George Wearne rescued from submerged aircraft
1955 - Dragon crashed into Madang Harbour on take-off. Patrol Officer Barry Griffin escaped from sunken wreckage
1964 - Dornier crashed on take-off at Tauta (Ramu). Pilot killed, District Commissioner F P C ‘Fred’ Kaad severely injured (paraplegic) and Assistant District Officer Vince Smith suffered minor injuries
1969 - January 15 – District Commissioner Bill Johnston injured in crash of Cessna 310J while member of Land Settlement Selection Board, Bali Island, Bali-Witu group off north-west coast of New Britain. Team leader killed and pilot injured
c. 1970-71 - Patrol Officer Rick Niland doing airdrop at Fane Mission, Goilala, when engine failed and aircraft crashed on airstrip which was under construction. No deaths

Attacked while on patrol
- (examples only)
In uncontrolled territory, when kiaps left the station, they were liable to be attacked at any time. There were dangers even in 'controlled' territory.
1933 April - J K McCarthy's patrol was attacked by Kukukuku. He got an arrow in his stomach and another in the leg as described on pages 108-9 of his book 'Patrol into Yesterday'. Lance Corporal Anis was killed and several others injured. McCarthy later complained that his injury 'spoiled the symmetry of my navel'.
1936 September 24 - Assistant District Officer Albert Nurton, seriously wounded during conflict with tribesmen, Rai Coast hinterland, Madang District. Nurton was so severely wounded a leg had to be amputated
1946 November - Patrol by Assistant District Officer Ian Downs attacked Banir River, Menyamya
1951 - Patrol Officer Lyn Clarke injured by an arrow during an attack on his patrol in Purari's Hatha Gorge, Gulf District.
1951 November - Patrol by Assistant District Officer Lloyd Hurrell attacked Akwanji, Menyamya
1951-53 – Dreikikir Patrol Officer Des Martin patrolled an area towards the Sepik River known as MaiMai. Police later described the attack as "spia bilong bunarra oli pundaun olsem ren" [the arrows fell like rain]
1952 December - Patrol by District Commissioner J McLeod attacked near Mendi, Southern Highlands District
1952 December – Patrol led by P.O. Graham Taylor into the Guam swamps of the Madang District attacked. Taylor received arrow wound to shoulder and police escorts wounded by spears, arrows and machetes.
1953 May - Patrol by Patrol Officers J Frew and L Ford attacked Lai Valley, Mendi, Southern Highlands District
1953 May 18 - Patrol by Assistant District Officer WJ (Bill) Johnston to the Samberigi Valley attacked
1953 June - Patrol by Assistant District Officer W Murdoch and Patrol Officer Ron Neville attacked Iumunu, Tari, Southern Highlands District
1953 September/October - while on patrol of Kominimung area of Guam River, Middle Ramu, Bogia Sub-District Jack Worcester and Robert Blaikie were attacked by a large group of village people many of whom had not had contact with Europeans before. Patrol Officer Graham Taylor had similar incident in same area the previous year
1953 November - Patrols by Patrol Officer G Szarka and Cadet Patrol Officer G Harris simultaneously attacked Eliptamin Valley, Telefomin, Sepik District. Both officers and two police killed
1954 February - Patrol by WT Brown attacked Obutasa, Lamari Valley, Kainantu, Eastern Highlands District
1954 May - Patrol by Patrol Officer B Burge attacked Obura, Lamari Valley, Kainantu, Eastern Highlands District
1954 May - Patrol by Patrol Officer Frazer Esdale attacked on three occasions seven miles from Mendi, Southern Highlands District
1955 June - Patrol by Assistant District Officer W Allen and Patrol Officers J Hayes and J Martyn attacked Bainings, New Britain District
1955 October - Patrol by Patrol Officer R Claridge attacked Moranda, Southern Highlands District
1955 August - Patrol by Assistant District Officer W Crellin attacked Hamburi, Southern Highlands District
1956 May - Patrol by R MacIlwain attacked at Jimi River
1956 August 29 - Bob Cleland's patrol attacked briefly at Numbaira, Taiora, Kainantu Sub-District, Eastern Highlands District. "These people were well south of Kainantu, a bit scary with arrows falling vertically from bowmen hidden in tall kunai close by. They attacked a previous previous patrol (Bill Brown?) and attacked another patrol in 1957"
1957 October - Patrol by Assistant District Officer Ron Neville and Patrol Officers Booth and P Conroy attacked Mianmin, Telefomin, Sepik District
c 1960s - Patrol Officer Trevor Bergin stabbed with a bayonet by indigenous policeman, piercing his lung, Tufi, Northern District
1961 January -Patrol by Patrol Officer Otto Alder attacked Tainabora, Wonenara, Eastern Highlands District
1961 May - Patrol by Patrol Officer Otto Alder attacked Sebanumu, Wonenara, Eastern Highlands District
1964 - Patrol Officers Robb Stott and Chris Viner-Smith attacked with bows and arrows and bush knives in restricted area near Udarobi village out of Nomad Patrol Post, Biami area, Western District

Thanks to the many people who have contributed to this Honour Roll. Please note that it is compiled from received information, which it reports in good faith.

Going on my calculations, we had a similar percentage of deaths whilst on duty to that of Vietnam Veterans. Prior to Chris Viner-Smith's efforts, our conditions of service and injuries were never recognised by our own country.

If there are any details that need to be added or corrected, could you please let me know.

The reference to (photos) in the above Honour Roll refers to the same details that were listed on the 'PNG Attitude' website where Keith Jackson had previously displayed what photos of Kiap graves we received.


The above details other than deaths whilst on duty, are merely an indication of conditions of service and do not in any way seek to be or is presented as a complete history of Kiap service.

Paul Oates 28th July 2016

Pindiu, Mindik, Kabwum, Yalumet, Aseki, Wau, Sialum, Finschhafen, Moresby

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 Post subject: Memorials
PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:49 am 
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Various memorials:

File comment: Gerald Szarka & Geoffrey Harris, Constables Buritori & Purari
Telefomin034.jpg [ 447.9 KiB | Viewed 7212 times ]
File comment: Gerald Szarka & Geoffrey Harris, Constables Buritori & Purari
Telefomin033.jpg [ 292.01 KiB | Viewed 7212 times ]
File comment: Marcus Leyshon Watkins
Watkins.jpg [ 24.62 KiB | Viewed 7212 times ]
File comment: Rupert Roelof Haviland
Rupert Roelof Haviland.jpg
Rupert Roelof Haviland.jpg [ 209.92 KiB | Viewed 7212 times ]
File comment: Neil Campbell Elliot
Elliott.jpg [ 21.62 KiB | Viewed 7212 times ]
File comment: Athol James Earl
Earl.jpg [ 23.15 KiB | Viewed 7212 times ]
File comment: Alan Lewis Cleeve
Cleeve.jpg [ 130.67 KiB | Viewed 7212 times ]
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