Thanks to Bob Fayle for keeping these postings for such a long time and for sharing them. Who would have thought that a set of staff postings would ever be of long term interest. I've had to re-type these postings and have omitted the support staff (welfare, clerks, typists, etc.) as I'm sick of typing for the time being. Maybe one day I will complete the listing.
Director McCarthy J.K.  
First Assistant Director Aitchison T.G.  
District Commissioner Dishon W.R.  
Principal Officer (Lands) Dyer K.W.  
D.D.C./Acting Principal Officer (Lands) Allen W.D.  
District Officer (Lands) Gaywood H.C.  
Assistant Field Officer Bogagu W.  
Assistant Field Officer Gwaibo T.P.  
Assistant Field Officer Viri G.  
D.D.C. (Senior Projects Officer) Sippo W.G.  
District Officer (Projects) Cox H.  
District Officer (Projects) Bentinck R.A.J.  
D.D.C./District Inspector Jackson A.K.  
D.D.C./District Inspector Bunting B.  
District Officer (Training) Jinks B.E.  
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Magaiva J  
Assistant Director Williams J.C.  
Assistant Director Plant H.T.  
Principal Officer/Acting Assistant Director Williamson K.R.  
Senior Finance Officer Terrell C.E.T.  
A.D.O. (Projects Officer) Harris F.N.  
A.D.O. (Projects Officer) Tebble R.J.  
A.D.O. (Projects Officer) O'Donnell W.J.  
Deputy District Commisioner Leabeater T.J.  
D.O. (Senior Local Government Officer) /Actg. D.D.C. Hayes J.F.  
Finance Officer Peterson R.  
Finance Officer Gillman J.H.  
A.D.O. (Training - Local Government) Smith G.P.W.  
Deputy District Commisioner Liddle C.W.  
Finance Officer Blumberg G.  
A.D.O. (Training - Local Government) Molony W.J.  
Deputy District Commisioner Symons C.A.J.  
Finance Officer Kapp R.W.  
Finance Officer Huckins M.F.W.  
A.D.O. (Training - Local Government) Rochfort P.  
Deputy District Commisioner Worcester J.W.  
Finance Officer Tronson A.  
A.D.O. (Training - Local Government) Biltris J.M.  
Deputy Dist. Commissioner/Principal Walsh P.J.  
A.D.O. (Training - Local Government) Cutts A.G.  
Assistant Director Thomson R.  
Principal Officer (Community Development) Linsley G.T.  
District Officer (Community Development) Case D.H.  
District Commissioner Galloway R.T. Moresby
Deputy District Commissioner Driver F.G. L. 8. 3.66
Deputy District Commissioner Crellin W.W. Moresby
District Officer/A.D.C. Brown K.A. Bereina
District Officer/A.D.C. Sharp E.S. Kwikila
District Officer/A.D.C. Mellor R.H.C. Kupiano
District Officer/A.D.C. Gauci J.A. Moresby
A.D.O./Actg. District Officer/A.D.C. Asmussen A.N. Tapini
District Officer Fitzer J.D. L.11. 2.66
District Officer Claridge R.M. Moresby
District Officer Mitchell T. L.18.12.65
District Officer Lucas N.D. Magarida
Assistant District Officer Irwin J.J.B. Moresby
Assistant District Officer Graham W.J.S. Sogeri
Assistant District Officer Behr M. L.27. 2.66
Assistant District Officer Hollamby K.E. Moresby
Patrol Officer Nolan L.F. Guari
Patrol Officer Weber R.E. L. 7. 3.66
Patrol Officer Dalgleish D.N. Woitape
Patrol Officer McDonald W. Moresby
Patrol Officer Kotauga M. Kwikila
Patrol Officer Briggs P.A. L.25.12.65
Patrol Officer Deasy M.J. L. 8. 3.66
Patrol Officer Aaron W.P. Bereina
Cadet Patrol Officer (App. 1/4/64) Mathews G.J. Woitape
Cadet Patrol Officer (App. 1/6/64) Corney R.T. Kwikila
Cadet Patrol Officer (App. 1/6/64) Johnson A.E. Guari
Cadet Patrol Officer (App. 1/6/64) Mack H.K. Kupiano
Cadet Patrol Officer (App. 19/11/64) Holmes P.M. Bereina
Cadet Patrol Officer (App. 19/11/64) Richardson N.A. Moresby
Cadet Patrol Officer (App. 20/12/64) Charlesworth M.B. Kupiano
Cadet Patrol Officer (App. 23/3/65) McGregor J.K. Bereina
Cadet Patrol Officer (App. 22/3/65) Adams J.J. Kwikila
Cadet Patrol Officer (App. 3/12/65) Rofe P.I. Moresby
Cadet Patrol Officer (App. 3/12/65) Phillipe R.B. Moresby
Cadet Patrol Officer Barratt C.J. Moresby
District Commissioner Bensted F.A. L.18. 9.66
D.D.C./Actg. District Comms'r Holmes I.A. Daru
D.O./Actg. Deputy Dist. Comms'r Connolly K.E. Daru
District Officer/A.D.C. Wren E.D. Morehead
District Officer/A.D.C. Edwards J.A. Kiunga
A.D.O./Actg. Dist. Offc'r/A.D.C. Douglas I.M. Nomad
A.D.O./Actg. Dist. Offc'r/A.D.C. Batho P. Balimo
District Officer Hiatt R.A. Daru
Assistant District Officer Kelly J.P. L. 8. 7.66
Assistant District Officer Stott R.R. L.23. 2.66
Assistant District Officer Sage M.P.C. Kiunga
Patrol Officer Haynes F.J.L. L.Murray
Patrol Officer Leslie D.S. Ningerum
Patrol Officer Dutton W.H.DeC. L.10. 1.66
Patrol Officer Briar M. Kiunga
Patrol Officer Kekedo R. Ningerum
Patrol Officer Young C.G. Balimo
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Dent G.C. L.21. 3.66
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Hunter R.C. Weam
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Leeson R.G. Balimo
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Luhrs G.E. Olsobip
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Randolph R.E. Daru
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Parnwell P.J. L. 3. 4.66
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Gerard P.A. Balimo
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Johnson E.B.C. Morehead
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Edgar J.C. Daru
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Richards M.A. Daru
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Warren W.H. Balimo
District Commissioner Murphy J.J. Kerema
Deputy District Commissioner Jefferies A.C. L.23. 2.66
District Officer (Senior Local Government Officer) Baker J.C. Kerema
District Officer/A.D.C. O'Sullivan D.P. Kikori
A.D.O./Actg. Dist. Offc'r/A.D.C. Steen T.A. Kukipi
A.D.O./Actg. Dist. Offc'r/A.D.C. Dunkerly J.N. Kerema
District Officer Lambden W.J.G. L. 9. 3.66
District Officer Howard F.J. L.18.11.65
Assistant District Officer Whitehead P.G. Ihu
Assistant District Officer O'Brien K.G. L.12. 4.66
Assistant District Officer Deverall R.A. Kerema
Assistant District Officer Webster R.W. L. 4. 5.66
Assistant District Officer Mundell J. Bainuru
Patrol Officer Grigg K.N. L.29. 1.66
Patrol Officer Bond K.A. Ihu
Patrol Officer Hawley W.D.L. Kikori
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Connor G.C. Kaintiba
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Day M.D. L.17. 3.66
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Smith J.A. Kukipi
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Luscombe P.C.C. Kikori
C.P.O. (App. 23/3/65) Locke R.D. Kerema
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) McMahon B.W. Kerema
District Commissioner Williams H.L. Popondetta
Deputy District Commissioner Johnston W.J. Popondetta
District Officer/A.D.C. Milne H.G.DeC. Tufi
District Officer/A.D.C. Bailey L.W. Popondetta
A.D.O./Actg. Dist. Offc'r/A.D.C. Fayle R.J. Kokoda
District Officer Day C.G. L.31. 3.66
District Officer Sebire P.F. L. 7. 3.66
District Officer Hannan J.F. Popondetta
Assistant District Officer Tierney J.F. Popondetta
Assistant District Officer Fairhall R.T. Afore
Assistant District Officer Fischer B.M. L. 1. 6.66
Assistant District Officer Dunn B.J. Popondetta
Assistant District Officer Visser J.M.F. Tufi
Patrol Officer McKenzie P.J. L.19. 1.66
Patrol Officer Daras-Wells J.F.C. Ioma
Patrol Officer Viner-Smith C. L.18. 1.66
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Cunningham M.J. Ioma
C.P.O. (App. 13/12/64) Bates I.M. Popondetta
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Bailey V.A. Afore
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Medaris G.R. Popondetta
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Ludbrook D.J. Popondetta
District Commissioner White J.P. L.30. 4.66
D.D.C./Actg. District Comms'r Emanuel E.J. Samarai
District Officer/A.D.C. Littler C.G. Misima
District Officer/A.D.C. Johnson E.R. Rabaraba
District Officer/A.D.C. Single C.V. Cameron
District Officer/A.D.C. MacKellar M.L. Esa'Ala
District Officer/A.D.C. Gall P.S. Samarai
District Officer Permezel D.F.T. Misima
District Officer Alder O.K. Samarai
District Officer Wiltshire J.A. Cameron
District Officer Hill R.C. Losuia
Assistant District Officer Quinn J.B.M. Samarai
Assistant District Officer Andrews R.J. Samarai
Assistant District Officer Fisher D.C. Baniara
Assistant District Officer Downes B.A. Bolubolu
Assistant District Officer Spencer I.T. Losuia
Assistant District Officer Lynch M.A. Bwagaoia
Assistant District Officer Becke R.I. Sehulea
Patrol Officer Reid G.J. L. 1. 2.66
Patrol Officer Mitchell E.J.R. Cameron
Patrol Officer James G.McK L. 5. 2.66
Patrol Officer Avosa S. Misima
Patrol Officer Jones P.M. Cameron
Patrol Officer Hawke P.D. Suau
Patrol Officer Morris H.W. Samarai
Patrol Officer Siaoa A. Samarai
Patrol Officer Gibbs R.H. Samarai
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Harrison P.W. Cameron
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Hamilton G.R. Rabaraba
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Soroda J. Rabaraba
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Kelvin R. Rabaraba
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Bloxam E.H. Esa'Ala
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Furphy K.A. Losuia
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Young D.J. Samarai
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Lewis K.J. Samarai
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Pardew G.W. Samarai
District Commissioner Marsh D.R.M. Mendi
Deputy District Commissioner Zweck A.J. Mendi
Deputy District Commissioner Bell R.S. L.20. 1.66
District Officer/A.D.C. Kent J.W. Mendi
District Officer/A.D.C. Young-Whitford F.St.J. Koroba
District Officer/A.D.C. Haywood M.R. Tari
District Officer Orwin R.G. L.24. 3.66
District Officer O'Neill B.M. L.14. 2.66
Assistant District Officer Anderson M.J.E. Ialibu
Assistant District Officer Warrillow C. Erave
Assistant District Officer Creedy B.J. Mendi
Assistant District Officer Barber P.J. L.20. 5.66
Assistant District Officer Newton T.G. L.18. 2.66
Assistant District Officer McNeil A.F. L.14. 2.66
Assistant District Officer Hunter J.O. L.21. 3.66
Patrol Officer Fanning D.J. L.28. 3.66
Patrol Officer Hicks J.S. Nipa
Patrol Officer Colton P.N. Mendi
Patrol Officer Kerr P.R. Pangia
Patrol Officer Wright N. Tari
Patrol Officer Gari L. Ialibu
Patrol Officer Karukuru K. Mendi
Patrol Officer Dangerfield C.P. L.18.12.65
Patrol Officer Gleeson R.T. Kagua
Patrol Officer Sisley P.N. L.22. 1.66
Patrol Officer McQuilty N.C. Kutubu
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Patterson W.R. Nipa
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Meade J. Tari
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Eggleton M.L.J. Mendi
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Dickson L.R. Koroba
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Ridgeway R.K. Kagua
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Williams B.McL Tari
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Munn B.L. Koroba
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Staples G.K. Tari
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Jones P.O. Nipa
District Commissioner Timperley A.T. Lae
Deputy District Commissioner Ashton D.N. Lae
District Officer (Senior Local Government Officer) Cleland R.D.M. Lae
District Officer/A.D.C. Walters K. Lae
District Officer/A.D.C. Hardy G.G. Kaiapit
District Officer/A.D.C. Tuohy I.B. Mumeng
District Officer/A.D.C. Hogg G.J. Finschhafen
A.D.O./Actg. Dist. Offc'r/A.D.C. Heriot G.A. Wau
District Officer Murphy D.J. Lae
District Officer Sinclair J.P. L.25. 3.66
District Officer Smith G. L. 3. 1.66
District Officer/A.D.C. Lang M. Menyamya
Assistant District Officer Seefeld P.A.F. L.19. 2.66
Assistant District Officer Waite C.D. L. 7. 3.66
Assistant District Officer Woods A.R. Wantoat
Assistant District Officer Cooke A.E. Morobe
Assistant District Officer Lewis P.E. Lae
Assistant District Officer Haviland F.E. Pindiu
Assistant District Officer Lancaster R.J. Finschhafen
Patrol Officer Campbell R.I. L.14. 1.66
Patrol Officer Roberts R.C. L. 1. 3.66
Patrol Officer Maynard P. Kabwum
Patrol Officer Absalmon J.A.I. Aseki
Patrol Officer Donovan R.D. Siassi
Patrol Officer Gibson S.J. Boana
Patrol Officer Keo B.B. Lae
Patrol Officer Benson J.G. L.13. 1.66
Patrol Officer Bradbury J. L.22. 3.66
Patrol Officer Hatherley R. L.19. 1.66
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) McIntosh I.K. Menyamya
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Moyes J.E. Finschhafen
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Simpson P.H. Kalalo
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Larkins T.H. Finschhafen
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Kelly B.J. Wau
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Heggen M.W. Kabwum
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Hughes J.R. Lae
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Lapthorne G.C. Kaiapit
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Niland R. Mumeng
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Scarlett G.J. Lae
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) White J.E. Lae
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Henao R. Lae
District Commissioner Gow A.F. Goroka
Deputy District Commissioner Mathieson C.J. Goroka
District Officer (Senior Local Government Officer) Dwyer T. Goroka
District Officer/A.D.C. Donaldson P.R.Y. Goroka
District Officer/A.D.C. Martin F.J. Okapa
District Officer/A.D.C. Frew J.A. Kainantu
District Officer Born R.W.H. L.14. 1.66
District Officer Grant N.J. Wonenara
District Officer Burge B.W.P. L.13. 3.66
District Officer Hosking D.R. Henganofi
Assistant District Officer O'Connor M.J. Goroka
Assistant District Officer Carroll M.F. L. 8. 1.66
Assistant District Officer Giddings R.J. Goroka
Assistant District Officer Lindsay D.C. Lufa
Assistant District Officer Broadhurst P.J.K. Henganofi
Assistant District Officer Harris G.W. L.18. 3.66
Assistant District Officer Coad J.J. Goroka
Assistant District Officer Creagh R.B. Goroka
Assistant District Officer McLachlin I. L.24. 1.66
Assistant District Officer Thomas P.J. Kainantu
Patrol Officer Lyons P.L. L.20. 1.66
Patrol Officer Tomlinson M.E. L.22.12.65
Patrol Officer Wright A.S. Karamui
Patrol Officer Boreham C.A.E. L.18.12.65
Patrol Officer Rarua M. Okapa
Patrol Officer Anglin F.C. L.19. 2.66
Patrol Officer Bell M.F. Karamui
Patrol Officer Bartlett J.R. L.20. 1.66
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Davies C.T. Goroka
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Foran S.P. Kainantu
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Donne R.W.S. Lufa
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Tucker W.E. Kainantu
C.P.O. (App. 23/3/65) Connors D.R. Okapa
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Millar I.R. Goroka
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Bartlett W.R. Okapa
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Black R.I. Kainantu
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Salmon P.W. Wonenara
Trainee Patrol Officer Ahe N. Goroka
Deputy District Commissioner Doolan L.J. Kundiawa
District Officer (Senior Local Government Officer) McNamara N.G. Kundiawa
District Officer/A.D.C. Desailly R.N. Kundiawa
District Officer/A.D.C. Booth G.F. Gumine
District Officer Battersby J.B. Chuave
District Officer Calcutt R.A. Kerowagi
Assistant District Officer Hardie P.A. Kundiawa
Assistant District Officer Biscoe W.H. L.11. 4.66
Assistant District Officer Parker F.S. Sinasina
Assistant District Officer Crowe P.A. L.22. 1.66
Patrol Officer Emery D.L. Gumine
Patrol Officer Akins A.J. Kundiawa
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Wohlers P.J. Kundiawa
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Humfrey J. Kundiawa
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Dreise H.L. Kerowagi
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Clayton G.L. Chuave
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Peak R.A. Kundiawa
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Cummins J.A. Chuave
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Salu G. Sinasina
District Commissioner Ellis T.W. Hagen
Deputy District Commissioner Foley S.M. Hagen
District Officer (Senior Local Government Officer) Hearne R.F. Hagen
District Officer/A.D.C. Robb F.P.V. Hagen
District Officer/A.D.C. Trollope C.A. Minj
District Officer/A.D.C. Hook D.J. Wabag
District Officer/A.D.C. Faithfull D.E. Laiagam
District Officer Brown G.H. Kopiago
Assistant District Officer Duggan D.J. Hagen
Assistant District Officer Lyons R.G. L.23.10.65
Assistant District Officer Hallahan R.W. Kandep
Assistant District Officer Henderson R.W. Hagen
Assistant District Officer Maroney D.P. Wapenamanda
Assistant District Officer Fenton P.J. L. 8. 4.66
Assistant District Officer Allen R.R. L.11. 6.66
Assistant District Officer Duffy B.F.C. L. 8. 3.66
Assistant District Officer Schupp D.R. Wabag
Assistant District Officer Treutlein R.K. L.10. 2.66
Assistant District Officer Wright P.J. L.17. 4.66
Assistant District Officer Downes T.J. Hagen
Assistant District Officer Brown M.D. L.25. 3.66
Patrol Officer Simpson G.D. Laiagam
Patrol Officer Riddell R.B. Tabibuga
Patrol Officer Cawthorn W.A. Wabag
Patrol Officer Hicks J.R. Porgera
Patrol Officer Vass C.C. L.17. 2.66
Patrol Officer Glover R. Wabag
Patrol Officer Buttner C.A. L.18. 1.66
Patrol Officer Reid D.M. L.23.12.65
Patrol Officer Wilson P.E. Kopiago
Patrol Officer Warr L.B. Wapenamanda
Patrol Officer Wallace K.A. Minj
Patrol Officer Andrews P.H. Hagen
Patrol Officer Gomara G. Minj
Patrol Officer Thompson I.A. L. 2. 1.66
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Winchcombe K.A. Laiagam
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Robertson D.K. Wapenamanda
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Cruikshank R.B. Hagen
C.P.O. (App. 13/12/64) Walshe P.J. Minj
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Crawford M.S. Hagen
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Thomas M.R. Wabag
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Mathison N.F. Laiagam
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Moore J.N. Minj
District Commissioner O'Malley L. Lorengau
D.O./Actg. Deputy Dist. Comms'r Burfoot G.R. Lorengau
Assistant District Officer Read D. Lorengau
Patrol Officer Duffield J. Lorengau
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Gordon-Kirkby J.E. Lorengau
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Phillips R.W. Lorengau
District Commissioner Clifton-Bassett D. Madang
Deputy District Commissioner Sheekey D.P. Madang
District Officer/A.D.C. Smith E.V. Madang
District Officer/A.D.C. Green R.J. Bogia
District Officer Keenan G.R.  
District Officer MacIlwain R.I. L.27. 4.66
District Officer Browne R.C. L. 2. 1.66
District Officer O'Brien J.G. L.10. 3.66
District Officer Pike G.D. Madang
Assistant District Officer Johnston J.A. L.28. 1.66
Assistant District Officer Bloomfield P.J. L.18. 8.66
Assistant District Officer Smith R.L. Madang
Assistant District Officer Carter G.F. Saidor
Assistant District Officer Van Ruth N. Bundi
Assistant District Officer Faulkner F.H. Karkar
Patrol Officer Reid W.R. Madang
Patrol Officer Moloney P.K. L. 9. 2.66
Patrol Officer Smitmanis I.J. Simbai
Patrol Officer Noblet A.J. L.11. 3.66
Patrol Officer Willard R. L. 2. 2.66
Patrol Officer Edwards J.R. Bogia
Patrol Officer Ingram P.L. L.16. 3.66
Patrol Officer McGrath G.E. Aiome
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Wilson R.J. Bundi
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Nixon T.R. Saidor
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Douglas M.A. Karkar
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Karnups V.P. Bogia
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) King P.B. Madang
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Hubbard T.J. Madang
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Kraehenbuhl P.J. Madang
Trainee Patrol Officer Nombri W. Madang
D.D.C./Actg. Dist. Commissioner Hicks E.G. Wewak
Deputy District Commissioner Wakeford   Wewak
District Officer (Senior Local Government Officer) Bridges L.G. Wewak
District Officer/A.D.C. Aisbett R.A. Vanimo
District Officer/A.D.C. Moorehouse D.B. Amanab
District Officer/A.D.C. Roach J.H. Aitape
District Officer/A.D.C. Cockburn M.J. Maprik
District Officer Brown W.T. L.24. 4.66
District Officer/A.D.C. Hastings J.L. Wewak
District Officer Pitt A.D. L.23. 1.66
A.D.O./Acting District Officer O'Donnell T. Imonda
A.D.O./Acting District Officer O'Connell R.L. Pagei
Assistant District Officer Mulcahy B.H. L.12. 1.66
Assistant District Officer Walters N.H. L.10. 2.66
Assistant District Officer Wadsworth A.F. Wewak
Assistant District Officer Richardson H.A. Wewak
Assistant District Officer Hull B.A. L.25. 3.66
Assistant District Officer Corrigan J.C. L.17. 3.66
Assistant District Officer Maume B.J. L. 1. 6.66
Patrol Officer Dagge V.J. L.22. 3.66
Patrol Officer Bragge L.W. L.21. 2.66
Patrol Officer Sabben H.F. L.14. 2.66
Patrol Officer Burke R.J. Vanimo
Patrol Officer Reid I.F. Maprik
Patrol Officer Stobart J.T. Dreikikir
Patrol Officer Bouraga P. Sissano
Patrol Officer Heathcote W.H. Aitape
Patrol Officer Kopi R. Subeli
Patrol Officer Edgar M.J. L.13. 1.66
Patrol Officer Wilson N.L. Maprik
Patrol Officer Allen K.N.J. L. 2. 1.66
Patrol Officer Borok B. Amanab
Patrol Officer Nalau J.K. Wewak
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Brodie A.A. Wutung
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Huelin A.J. Dreikikir
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Brown R.J. Kubalia
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Howard G.G. Green River
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Lowe M.J. Vanimo
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Chisholm R.H. Amanab
Trainee Patrol Officer Menafu K. Imonda
Deputy District Commissioner Leen B.K. Wewak
District Officer (Senior Local Government Officer) Pegg H.S. Wewak
District Officer/A.D.C. McCabe B.A. Angoram
District Officer/A.D.C. Wearne J.M. Telefomin
District Officer/A.D.C. Ryan B.A. Ambunti
District Officer/A.D.C. Bergin T.R. Lumi
District Officer Webb R.A. L.10. 6.66
Assistant District Officer Bretherton D.C. Angoram
Assistant District Officer Barclay R.I. Ambunti
Assistant District Officer Besasparis B.A. Pagwi
Assistant District Officer Bailey G.E. Nuku
Patrol Officer Van Ravenswaay Classen D.B. Angoram
Patrol Officer Tatterson P.L. Amboin
Patrol Officer Heuston T.J.A. L.19. 1.66
Patrol Officer Gill H.W. Yangoru
Patrol Officer Try A.K. L.13. 2.66
Patrol Officer Russell P.J. Oksapmin
Patrol Officer Plummer A.C. May River
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) O'Regan M.V. L.17. 3.66
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Smalley I.F.S. Telefomin
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Taylor K.J. Pagwi
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Vanrikxoort W. Angoram
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Cresswick A.R. Ambunti
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Kerr M.D. Angoram
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Stevens A.D. Lumi
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Kabisch J. Telefomin
District Commissioner West H.W. Rabaul
Deputy District Commissioner Kelly W.J.C. Rabaul
District Officer/A.D.C. Norton J.E. Rabaul
District Officer/A.D.C. Neal M.V. Kokopo
District Officer Bottrill A.M. Rabaul
District Officer Kelly R.J. Rabaul
Assistant District Officer Muskens W.H. Kokopo
Patrol Officer Pryke M.A. L.28. 1.66
Patrol Officer Hart L.G. Rabaul
Patrol Officer Dickinson H.R. Rabaul
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Chamberlain R. Rabaul
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) Sandery P.J. Rabaul
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Davies M.P.D. Kokopo
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Brereton M.J. Rabaul
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Kelliher T. Rabaul
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Mora S. Rabaul
Deputy District Commissioner Carey A.T. Rabaul
District Officer/A.D.C. McBride B. Talasea
District Officer/A.D.C. Steven A.D. L.16. 6.66
District Officer Butler D.N. Kandrian
Assistant District Officer Hanson L.M. Hoskins
Assistant District Officer Campbell C.T. Talasea
Assistant District Officer Sanderson C.G. Talasea
Assistant District Officer Liebfried F.L. Gloucester
Assistant District Officer Speldewinde W.G. Talasea
Patrol Officer Willis R.S. Pomio
Patrol Officer Allmark R. Hoskins
Patrol Officer Kilori P. Kandrian
Patrol Officer Kelly K.R. Gloucester
Patrol Officer Parker G.L. Kandrian
C.P.O. (App. 4/12/64) Nolan D.R. Kandrian
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) McLay A.J. Pomio
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Cullen J.J. Pomio
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Jerrem M.V. Hoskins
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Venow R.E. Talasea
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Holden G.C. Talasea
District Commissioner Seale H.P. Kavieng
Deputy District Commissioner Brightwell M.W. Kavieng
District Officer/A.D.C. Frawley J.W. Kavieng
District Officer Greaney R.K. Kavieng
District Officer Speakman D.M. L.31.12.65
A.D.O./Actg. District Officer Hoad R.A. Taskul
Assistant District Officer Batterham B.J. L.11. 6.66
Assistant District Officer Watt N.C. L.29. 3.66
Assistant District Officer Benham E.W. Kavieng
Assistant District Officer Power P.J. Taskul
Patrol Officer Meintjes L.A. L.24. 2.66
Patrol Officer Brady J.D. Namatanai
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Beckhaus I.B. L.26. 3.66
C.P.O. (App. 1/6/64) McDonald D.I. Namatanai
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Beard A.R. Kavieng
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Hooper I.D. Taskul
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Wellington J. Namatanai
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Cole R.S. Kavieng
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) McNaught A. Kavieng
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Parsons W. Kavieng
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Paleu C. Kavieng
District Commissioner Mollison P.J. Sohano
Deputy District Commissioner Clancy D.J. L. 4. 1.66
D.O./Actg. Deputy Dist. Comms'r Blaikie R.W. Sohano
District Officer (Senior Local Government Officer) Allwood M.B. Sohano
District Officer/A.D.C. Hardy G.P. Buin
District Officer/A.D.C. Denehy M.J. Kieta
District Officer Hanrahan K.J.P. L.16. 4.66
District Officer Cavanagh N.J. L.20. 2.66
Assistant District Officer Marks A. Kieta
Assistant District Officer Redmond H.J. Kunua
Assistant District Officer Simmins D.R.J. Tinputz
Assistant District Officer Fowke J.E. L. 3. 4.66
Assistant District Officer Brownridge M.W. Buin
Assistant District Officer Robins B.G. Wakunai
Assistant District Officer Elder D.A. L.18. 2.67
Assistant District Officer Pamplin J. L.26. 2.66
Patrol Officer Staples R.J. L.18. 1.66
Patrol Officer Reading J.M. Boku
Patrol Officer Melville A.S. L.15. 1.66
Patrol Officer Hunter P.R. Hutjena
Patrol Officer Lang A.G. Hutjena
C.P.O. (App. 26/8/63) Phillips R.B. Hutjena
C.P.O. (App. 1/4/64) Grier J.A. Boku
C.P.O. (App. 9/11/64) Dargie R.E.H. Kieta
C.P.O. (App. 4/12/64) Steele P.D. Kieta
C.P.O. (App. 27/11/64) Goldie M.S. Kunua
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Bullock J.R. Wakunai
C.P.O. (App. 22/3/65) Wallensky A. Buin
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Balfour-Ogilvy H.L. Buin
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Gregory R.W. Kieta
C.P.O. (App. 3/12/65) Williams G.J. Tinputz
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Tabua C. Sohano
District Commissioner.Administrator's Department Atkinson K.C.  
Deputy District Commissioner Tomasetti W.E.  
District Commissioner - Accident Leave Kaad F.P.C.  
District Officer/Administrator's Department White T.W.  
D.O. (Lands)/Actg. Lands Titles Commissioner Jones F.D.  
District Commissioner (Unattached Pending Retirement) White J.R.  
Land Titles Commissioner (District Officer Unattached) Ewing A.C.  
Land Titles Commissioner (District Officer Unattached) Orken M.B.B.  
Land Titles Commissioner (District Officer Unattached) Smith S.S.  
Land Titles Commissioner (District Officer Unattached) Bramell J.B.C.  
Land Titles Commissioner (District Officer Unattached) Giles W.B.  
Land Titles Commissioner (District Officer Unattached) Nielson G.F.  
Land Titles Commissioner (District Officer Unattached) Page J.B.  
Land Titles Commissioner (A.D.O. Gr.11 - Unattached) Kimmorley C.W.  
Seconded Judge's Associate (Cadet Patrol Officer) Brazel J.B.  
Leave without pay (Cadet Patrol Officer) Voutas A.C.  
Leave without pay (Patrol Officer) Hope D.A.C.  
Assistant District Officer Howlett J.W. Leave
Cadet Patrol Officer Vonow R.E. Talasea
Cadet Patrol Officer McCallum D.A.S. L.W.O.P.
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Maravila T.  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Maha G.  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Lofena K.  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Dom G.  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Koibo J.  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Hezron K.K.  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Mekea P.  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Vele V.  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Kegana B.  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Kipo P.  


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