Director Ellis, T.W. 10.2.67    
Steno-Secretary Grade I Johnson, M.(Mrs)(T) 22.2.69    
First Assistant Director Aitchison, T.G. 18.2.68    
District Commissioner/Actg.First Mollison, P.J. 1.5.69    
Assistant Director        
District Commissioner Gow, A.F. 22.5.69    
Deputy District Commissioner Baker, J.C. (a/d) 31.3.63    
(Principal Staff Training Officer)        
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Dunn, B.J. 20.3.68    
District Officer (Staff Training)        
Assistant Director Dishon, W.R. 28.1.68    
Principal Officer (Lands) Linsley, G.T. 14.3.69    
Deputy District Commissioner District Webb, R.A. 6.3.68    
Inspector)/Actg. Senior Projects Officer        
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Waite, C.D. 28.3.68    
District Officer(Lands)        
Assistant Field Officer Bogagu, W. (a/d) 15.8.68    
District Officer (Projects) Harris, F.N.   L.15.1.68  
District Officer (Projects) Cox, H.N.   L.20.2.68  
District Officer (Projects) Bentinck, R.A.J. 30.5.69    
District Officer/Actg. District Bottrill, A.M. 24.8.69    
Officer (Projects)        
Deputy District Commissioner Jackson, A.K.   L.13.2.63  
(District Inspector)        
Assistant Director Williams, J.C. 7.3.69    
Assistant Director Thomson, R. 11.4.68    
Principal Officer (Community Development) Sippo, W.G.   L.1.4.68  
Deputy District Commissioner/ Bunting, B, 18.9.69    
Actg. Principal Officer (Community Development).      
Assistant Director Williamson, K.R. 18.4.68    
Deputy District Commissioner/ Leabeater, T.J.   L.3.3.68  
Regional Local Government Officer        
Assistant District Officer Tebble, R.J. (a/d) 7.5.68    
(Projects Officer)Actg. Senior Finance Officer      
Assistant District Officer (Projects Officer) O'Donnell, W.J.   L.2.4.68  
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Fayle, R.J. 21.4.68    
Assistant District Officer        
(Projects Officer)        
Assistant District Officer De Silva, B.J.B. 28.8.68    
(Projects Officer)        
Senior Finance Officer/Actg. Town Manager Terrell, C.E.T. 18.2.68    
District Officer/Actg. Deputy Hayes, J.F. 1.11.68    
District Commissioner.        
Finance Officer Gillman, J.H. 23.11.68    
Finance Officer Smith, G.P.W. 27.1.68    
Local Government Assistant Gr.II Tau, L. 10.1.68    
Typist Albers, C.M.(Mrs) (T) 26.3.69    
Deputy District Commissioner Liddle, C.W. 8.9.68    
Finance Officer Sherwin, J.H. (a/d) 3.2.65    
Finance Officer Creagh, R.   L.4.3.68  
Assistant District Officer Molony, W.J. (a/d) 8.12.68    
(Training - Local Government).        
Deputy District Commissioner Symons, C.A.J. 17.1.69    
Finance Officer Kapp, R.W.   L.28.1.68  
Finance Officer Huckins, M.F.W. 29.8.68    
Assistant District Officer Biltris, J.M.   L.14.1.68  
N.G. ISLANDS (RABAUL):        
Deputy District Commissioner Worcester, J.W.   L.21.3.68  
Finance Officer Tronson, A. 29.12.68    
Deputy District Commissioner/ Walsh, P.J. 25.10.68    
Finance Officer Blumberg, G.   L.20.1.68  
Assistant District Officer Cutts, A.G. 24.10.68    
(Training - Local Government)        
Assistant District Officer Power, P.J. 1.11.68    
(Training - Local Government)        
CENTRAL DISTRICT: (Return Received)      
Deputy District Commissioner Crellin, W.W.   L.3.4.68  
District Officer/Actg. Deputy Kent, J.W. 8.4.68 Moresby  
District Commissioner        
District Commissioner        
District Officer - A.D.C. Hardy, G.P. 9.10.63 Tapini  
District Officer - A.D.C. Lucas, N.D.   L.11.3.68  
District Officer - A.D.C. Sharp, E.S. 12.8.68 Kwikila  
District Officer - A.D.C. Single, C.V. 19.9.68 Moresby  
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Irwin, J.J.B. 22.1.69 Bereina  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
District Officer Mellor, R.H.C. 25.2.68 Moresby  
District Officer Fitzer, J.D.   L.16.2.68  
Assistant District Officer Nolan, L.F. (a/d) 20.6.68 Woitape  
Assistant District Officer Behr, M. (a/d) 30.4.68 Kupiano  
Assistant District Officer Hollamby, K.E.   L.30.5.68  
Assistant District Officer Weber, R.E.   L.30.6.68  
Assistant District Officer Grahari, W.J.S. 11.2.69 Moresby  
Assistant District Officer Downes, T.J. 23.10.68 Moresby  
Assistant District Officer Dalgleish, D.N. 14.9.69 Moresby  
Assistant District Officer Bagita, J.   L.24.1.68  
Local Government Officer Asiba G. 17.1.8 Moresby  
Patrol Officer Briggs, P.A. (a/d) 4.4.68 Tapini  
Patrol Officer Deasy, M.J.(C)(a/d) 8.12.68 Tapini  
Patrol Officer Wohlers, P.J.(C)(a/d) 8.4.68 Magarida  
Patrol Officer Robertson, D.K. (C) 1.5.68 Kwikila  
Patrol Officer Mack, H.K. (C) 22.3.68 Bereina  
Patrol Officer Roberts, R.C. 28.9.68 Kwikila  
Patrol Officer Richrdson, N.A. (C) 16.12.68 Tapini  
Patrol Officer Gerard, P.A. (C) 10.8.68 Bereina  
Patrol Officer Memafu, K. (a/d) 31.12.63 Magarida  
Patrol.Cfficer Tubuora, 0.   L.23.1.63  
Patrol Officer Beard, A.R.   L.11.2.68  
Patrol Officer Adams, J.J. (C) 1.2.69 Moresby  
Trainee(Patrol Officer) Vanuawaru, K. 27.1.69 Marshall Lagoon  
Traince(Patrol Officer) Ali, C. 21.2.68 Bereina  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Rofe, P.I. (C)   L.17.2.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Phillipe, R.B. (C) 13.8.69 Tapini  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8:11.65) Barratt, C.J. (C) 8.8.69 Moresby  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Williams, G.J. (C) 2.8.69 Moresby  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Ede, B.R. (C)(a/d) 14.6.68 Tapini  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Lock, A. (C) 20,3.63 Bereina  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.27.10.66) Barrett, T.J. (C) 27.7.63 Bereina  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Armstrong, J.G. (C) 13.3.69 Bereina  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Power, R.A. (C) 13.3.69 Tapini  
Assistant Field Officer Viri, G. 12_.6.68 Moresby  
WESTERN DISTRICT: (Return Received).      
District Commissioner Bensted, F.A. 5.7.68 Daru  
Deputy District Commissioner Holmes, I.A. 5.4.69 Daru  
District Officer - A.D.C. Calcutt, R.A. 7.12.68 Daru  
District Officer Edwards, J.A.   L.21.2.68  
District Officer Wren, E.D.   L.10.2.68  
District Officer Hardie, P.A. 13.9.69 Balimo  
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Kelly, J.P. (a) 8.4.68 Nomad  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Haynes, F.J.L. (a/d) 8.12.68 Kiunga  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer/Actg. James, G.M. (a/d) 31.3.68 Balimo  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer Sage, M.P.C. 13.9.68 Daru  
Assistant District Officer Douglas, I.M.   L.7.3.68  
Assistant District Officer Daras-Wells, J.F.C. 8.3.69 Morehead  
Assistant District Officer Whitehead, P. G.   L.4.4.68  
Patrol Officer Young, C.G. (C) 29.6.69 Lake Murray  
Patrol Officer Phillips, R.B. (C)   L.20.1.68  
Patrol Officer Hunter, R.C. (C) 3.3.68 Ningerum  
Patrol Officer Dent, G.C. (C)   L.31.1.68  
Patrol Officer Randolph, R.E. (C) 13.2.68 Morehead  
Patrol Officer Johnson, A.E. (C) 2.8.68 Weam  
Patrol Officer Lokoloko, .K.N. (a/d) 2.1.69 Boze  
Patrol Officer Johnston, E.B.C. (C) 29.1.69 Daru  
Patrol Officer McGregor, J.K. (C) 31.12.68 Olsobip  
Patrol Officer Nombri, J. 23.12.69 Daru  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Edgar, J.C. (C)   L.23.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Richards, M.A. (C) 6.9.69 Emeti  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Nash, H.J.C. (C) 20.3.68 Morehead  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Arnold, B.J. (C) 20.3.68 Kiunga  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.27.10.66) Russell-Pell, J. (C) 27.7.68 Kiunga  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.11.9.67) Diamond, R.M. (C) 11.6.69 Balimo  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.11.9.67) Smith, G.K. (C) 11.6.69 Daru  
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Saliki, K, 14.2.68 Balimo  
GULF DISTRICT: (Return Received).        
District Commissioner Murphy, J.J. (a/d) 12.3.69 Kerema  
Deputy District Commissioner Jeffries, A.C. (a/d) 8.12.68 Kerema  
District Officer - A.D.C. Burge, B.W.P. 14.4.68 Malalaua  
District Officer Lambden, W.J.G.   L.6.3.68  
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Simmins, D.R.J. 4.2.69 Kerema  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer Dunkerley, J.N. 22.11.68 Malalaua  
Assistant District Officer Mundell, J. 13.9.68 Ihu  
Assistant District Officer Grigg, K.N.   L.6.3.68  
Patrol Officer Maynard, P. 22.4.68 Kikori  
Patrol Officer Day, M.D. (C)   L.9.2.63  
Patrol Officer Connor, G.C. (C)   L.24.3.68  
Patrol Officer Bloxam, W.M. (C) 14.12.68 Kaintiba  
Patrol Officer Bullock, J.R. (C) 1.3.69 Ihu  
Patrol Officer Locke, C.R.D. (C) 30.5.69 Malalaua  
Patrol Officer Gemara, G. 3.11.68 Kerema  
Patrol Officer Mcquilty, N.C. (C) 8.9.69 Baimuru  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Farapo, H. 31.1.68 Kerema  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.13.6.67) Carew, P. (C) 13.3.69 Kerema  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.8.11.65) McMahon, B.W. (C)   L.20.2.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.20.6.66) Didlick, A.M. (C) 20.3.68 Baimuru  
Cadet Patrol Cfficer (App.11.9.67) Chapman, G.G. (C) 11.6.69 Kerema  
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Wura, H, 13.2.68 Kerema  
NORTHERN DISTRICT: (Return Received).      
District Commissioner Williams, H.L. 7.9.68 Popondetta  
Deputy District Commissioner Johnston, W.J. 16.10.68 Popondetta  
District Officer/Actg. District Officer Brown, G.H. 29.3.69 Popondetta  
(Senior Local Government Officer).        
District Officer - A.D.C. Bailey, L.W. 7.2.68 Popondetta  
District Officer - A.D.C. Day, C.G. 2.1.68 Kokoda  
District Officer - A.D.C. Tierney, J.F. 15.12.68 Tufi  
District Officer Sebire, P.F.   L.16.2.68  
District Officer Hannan, J.F. 18.9.69 Popondetta  
Assistant District Officer Webster, R.W. 5.2.68 Popondetta  
Assistant District Officer Kekodo, R.P. 29.12.67 Kokoda (Temporary)  
Patrol Officer McKenzie, P.W.J.   L.27.2.68  
Patrol Officer Viner-Smith, C.   L.21.3.60  
Patrol Officer Duffield, J. 3.6.68 Ioma  
Patrol Officer Gill, H.W. 29.6.68 Kokoda  
Patrol Officer Dreise, H.L. (C) 14.9.68 Kokoda  
Patrol Officer Gehora, C.   L.23.1.68  
Patrol Officer Soroda, J.   L.5.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.8.11.65) Medaris G.R. (C) 7.9.69 Tufi  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.8.11.65) Ludbrook, D.J. (C) 2.9.69 Popondetta  
Cadet Patrol Cfficer (App.20.6.66) Slough, M.P. (C) 20.3.68 Ioma  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.20.6.66) Lupton, P.F. (C) 20.3.68 Popondetta  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.13.6.67) Watts, G.G. (C) 12.3.69 Popondetta  
Trainee(Patrol Officer) Maravila, T. 11.1.68 Tufi  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Gamu, R.   L.8.2.68  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Siemu, N. 20.2.68 Kokoda  
MILNE BAY DISTRICT : (Return Received).      
District Commissioner White, J.P. 4.2.68 Samarai  
Deputy District Commissioner Denehy, M.J. 11.1.69 Samarai  
District Officer (Senior Local Murphy, D.J. 31.7.68 Samarai  
Government Officer)        
District Officer - A.D.C. Johnson, E.R. 18.10.68 Samarai  
District Officer - A.D.C. Alder, O.K. 17.8.68 Rabaraba  
District Officer - A.D.C. MacKellar, M.L. 6.10.68 Samarai  
District Officer - A.D.C. Butlcr, D.N. 8.12.68 Alotau  
District Officer Permezel, D.F.T.   L.29.2.68  
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Spencer, I.T. 15.2.69 Losuia  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer Reid, G.J.   L.28.2.68  
Assistant District Officer Becke, R.I.   L.24.2.68  
Assistant District Officer Steen, T.A. 5.6.69 Bwagaoia  
Assistant District Officer Quinn, J.B. 3.4.69 Alotau  
Assistant District Officer Lynch, M.A.   L.25.1.68  
Assistant District Officer Gari, L. 13.7.68 Losuia  
Assistant District Officer Kopi, R. 8.3.68 Misima  
Patrol Officer Mathews, G.J. (C) 19.7.68 Esa'ala  
Patrol Officer Morris, H.W. (a/d) 5.4.68 Gunasopa  
Patrol Officer Siaoa, A. (a/d) 20.1.68 Alotau  
Patrol Officer Gibbs, R.H .   L.2.3.08  
Patrol Officer Jones, P.M. (C)   L,14.2.68  
Patrol Officer Harrison, P.W. (C)   L.16.2.68  
Patrol Officer Sandery, P.J. (C) 2.3.68 Rabaraba  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65,) Young, D.J. (C)   L.3.2.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Balderson, J. (C) 20.3.68 Bolubolu  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.27.10.66) Timmermans, J.F. (C) 27.7.68 Sehulea  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Dean, D.R. (C) 13.3.69 Baniara  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App,13.6.67) Nash, K.F. (C) 13.3.69 Rabaraba  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Faulkner, R.A. (C) 13.3.69 Suau  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Moore, R.F. (C) 13.3.69 Bolubolu  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Sewell, G.P. (C) 13.3.69 Esa'ala  
SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS: (Return Received)      
District Commissioner Clancy, D.J. (a/d) 2.3.68 Mendi  
District Commissioner Marsh, D.R.H.   L.20.4.68  
Deputy District Commissioner Emanuel, E.J. 30.8.69 Mendi  
District Officer - A.D.C. Young-Whitford, F.St.J. 28.11.68 Mendi  
District Officer - A.D.C. Hanson, L.M. 31.4.69 Tari  
District Officer Anderson, M.J.L. 7.3.68 Mendi  
District Officer Allwood, M.B. 16.9.69 Mendi  
District Officer Cavanagh, N.J.   L.2.1.68  
District Officer Mulcahy, B.H.   L.15.1.68  
District Officer Orwin, R.G. (a/d) 15.4.69 Mendi  
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Andrews, R.J. 3.2.68 Kagua  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Barber, P.J. (a/d) 20.11.68 Ialibu  
District Officer - A.D.C. McNeil, A.F. 15.11.67 Nipa  
Assistant District Officer Leibfried F.L. 15.9.68 PanGia  
Assistant District Officer Creedy, B.J.   L.27.1.68  
Assistant District Officer Hunter, J.O. 19.9.69 Koroba  
Assistant District Officer Hicks, J.S. 24.7.68 Erave  
Assistant District Officer Wright, N. 14.1.69 Poroma  
Assistant District Officer Kerr, P.R. 22.12.68    
Patrol Officer Bond, K.A. 28.9.63 Koroba  
Patrol Officer Dangerfield, C.P. (C)   L.10.2.68  
Patrol Officer Sisley, P.N. (C)   L.19.1.68  
Patrol Officer Paterson, W.R. (C)(a/d) 1.5.68 Nipa  
Patrol Officer Salu, G. 13.1.68 Ialibu  
Patrol Officer Meade, J. (C) 22.11.68 Nipa  
Patrol Officer Eggleton, M.L.J. (C) 24.10.68 Komo  
Patrol Officer Aaron, W.P. 28.7.68 Koroba  
Patrol Officer Edgar, M.J.   L.17.1.68  
Patrol Officer Andrews, P.H. 8.9.68 Pangia  
Patrol Officer Dickson, R.L. (C) 15.4.69 Ialibu  
Patrol Officer Ridgeway, R.K. (C) 21.12.68 Mendi  
Patrol Officer Williams, B.McL. (C) 26.1.69 Kagua  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Munn, B.L. (C)   L.4.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(1pp.8.11.65) Staples, G.K. (G)   L.3.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Jones, P.O. (C)   L.2.2.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Hoban, D.F. (C) 20.3.68 Mendi  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Kentish, D.J.H. (C) 20.3.68 Ialibu  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Press, R.M. (C) 20.3.68 Komo  
Cadet Patrol Cfficer(App.11.9.67) Dubois, E.C. (C) 11.6.69 Tari  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.11.9.67) Agg, D.H. (C) 11.6.69 Nipa  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Poga, K. 7.2.69 Ialibu  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Gele, P. 1.2.68 Ialibu  
MOROBE DISTRICT : (Return Received).      
District Commissioner Seale, H.P. 20.9.68 Lae  
District Officer/Actg. Deputy Hardy, G.G. 9.10.68 Lae  
District Commissioner.        
District Officer - Cleland, R.D.M. 13.12.68 Lae  
Senior Local Government Officer        
District Officer - A.D.C. Hill, R.C. 29.8.69 Lae  
District Officer - A.D.C. Tuohy, I.B. 3.10.58 Wau  
District Officer - A.D.C. Haviland, F.E. 11.12.68 Kaiapit  
District Officer - A.D.C. Smith, G. 27.9.69 Finschhafen  
District Officer Seefeld, P.A.F.   L.7.2.68  
District Officer Sinclair, J.P.   L 7.4.68  
District Officer Lewis, P.E.   L.31.5.68  
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Lancaster, P.J.(a/d) 11.3.68 Menyamya  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer Cooke, A.E.   L.22.2.68  
Ascistant District Officer Absalom, J.A.I.   L.22.2.68  
Assistant District Officer Bradbury, J. (a/d) 5.3.68 Wau  
Assistant District Officer Donovan, R.D. 3.4.69 Lae  
Assistant District Officer Koe, D. 13.12.68 Lae  
Patrol Officer Campbell, R.I.   L.14.1.68  
Patrol Officer Benson, J.G.   L.22.1.68  
Patrol Officer Hatherley, R.E.   L.25.1.68  
Patrol Officer McIntosh, I.K. (C)   L.14.1.68  
Patrol Officer Smith, J.A. (C) 12.4.68 Sialum  
Patrol Officer Simpson, P.H.(C)(a/d) 1.4.68 Menyamya  
Patrol Officer Larkins, T.H.(C)(a/d) 6.9.68 Wantoat  
Patrol Officer Kelly, B.J. (C) 16.10.68 Mumeng  
Patrol Officer Reading, J.M. 16.10.68 Siassi  
Patrol Officer Luscombe, P.C.C. 10.8.68 Finschhafen  
Patrol Officer Heggen, M.W. (C) 9.8.68 Aseki  
Patrol Officer Hughes, J.R. (C) 17.10.68 Lae  
Patrol Officer Sigamata, D. (a/d) 1.4.68 Garaina  
Patrol Officer Niland, R.K. (C) 29.12.68 Morobe  
Patrol Officer Parker G.L. (C) 27.7.69 Pindiu  
Patrol Officer Ahe, N. 8.10.68 Lae  
Patrol Officer Warren, W. 2.1.69 Lae  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Scarlett, G.L. (C) 8.8.69 Kalalo  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) White, J.E. (C) 8.8.69 Wau  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Sandell, K.G.T.(C)(a/d) 20.4.68 Menyamya  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Morrison, R.P.(C)(a/d) 20.4.68 Pindiu  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Stewart, C.A. (C) (a/d) 20.4.68 Kabwum  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Smith, P.N. (C) 13.3.69 Aseki  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Tavener, N.J. (C) 13.3.69 Mumeng  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Williams, G.E.(C)(a/d) 6.5.68 Kaiapit  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Maha, G. 11.1.68 Finschhafen  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Aitsi, A.   L.24.1.68  
Traince(Assistant Field Officer) Henao, B.T. 20.3.68 Finschhafen  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Joseph, N. 15.2.68 Wau  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Apa, L.G. (a) 24.11.67 Lae  
EASTERN HIGHLANDS DISTRICT : (Return Received).      
District Commissioner Mathieson, O.J. 6.12.68 Goroka  
District Officer/Actg. Deputy Donaldson, P.R.Y. 22.12.63 Govoka  
District Commissioner        
District Officer (Senior Local Dwyer, T. 25.2.68 Goroka  
Government Officer)        
District Officer - A.D.C. Martin, F.J. 23.6.68 Goroka  
District Officer Fowler, N.F. (a/d) 22.3.68 Goroka  
District Officer Hosking, D.R. (a/d) 23.3.63 Goroka  
District Officer A D.C. Giddings, R.J. 21.12.3 Henganofi  
District Officer Wadsworth, A.F.   L.18.3.68  
Assistant District Gfficer/Actg. Stott, R.R. 29.2.60 Wonenara  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer; Actg. Thomas, P.J. 19.1.68, Kainantu  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer Carroll, M.F.   L.29.3.68  
Assistant District Officer McLachlin, I.   L.28.1.68  
Assistant District Officer Avosa, S. 26.12.03 Henganofi  
Assistant District Officer Focken, R. 21.9.69 Goroka  
Assistant District Officer Broadhurst, P.J.K. 6.9.69 Henganofi  
Assistant District Officer Fisher, D.C. 21.3.69 Okapa  
Assistant District Officer O'Brien, K.G. 13.1.63 Lufa  
Assistant District Officer Lyons, P.L.   L.1.3.68  
Assistant District Officer Fischer, B.M. 3.3.68 Okapa  
Assistant District Officer Read, D. 6.6.68 Goroka  
Assistant District Officer Wright, A.S. 28.12.63 Goroka  
Patrol Officer Anglin, F.C. (a/d) 2.4.680 Henganofi  
Patrol Officer Foran, S.P. (C) 29.5.68 Lufa  
Patrol Officer Rarua, M. (a/d) ?_6.5.68 Henganofi  
Patrol Officer Donne, R.W.S. (C) 14.9.60 Obura  
Patrol Officer Helarai, J.M. 23.1.69 Goroka  
Patrol Officer McGrath G.E. (C)   L.14.3.68  
Patrol Officer Dom, G. 11.11.68 Okapa  
Patrol Officer Kua, K. Hezron. 11.1.68 Okapa  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.3.12.65) Millar, I.R. (C)   L.30.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Bartlett, W.R. (C) 29.7.69 Goroka  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Buckinghan, D.J. (C) 20.3.68 Kainantu  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.27.10.66) Prior, K.W. (C) 27.7.68 Goroka  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.27.10.66) Pile, N.G. (C) 27.7.b0" Kainantu  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Blythe, J.R. (C) 13.3.69 Goroka  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) D'abbs, M.J.P. (C) 13.3.59 Okapa  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Mcllwain, R.D. (C) 13.3.69 Lufa  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.11.9.67 Watkins, M.L. (C) 11.6.69 Goroka  
Assistant Field Officer Waike, J.M. 10.1.68 Goroka  
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Gagole, K. 4.2.68 Goroka  
CHIMBU DISTRICT : (Return Received).      
District Commissioner Foley, S.M. (a/d) 1.4.68 Kundiawa  
Deputy District Commissioner Doolan, L.J. 20.7.68 Kundiawa  
District Officer(Senior Local McNamara, N.G. 9.12.68 Kundiawa  
Government Officer)        
District Officer - A.D.C. Booth, G.F. 14.6.68 Gumine  
District Officer - A.D.C. Wearne, J.M. 4.9.69 Kundiawa  
District Officer Born, R.W.H.   L.1.4.68  
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Downes, B.A. 14.12.68 Chuave  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Parker, F.S. (a/d) 30.4.68 Kerowagi  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer Brown, M.D.   L.26.2.68  
Assistant District Officer Biscoe, W.H. (a/d) 15.4.68 Kundiawa  
Assistant District Officer Lindsay, D.C. (a/d) 11.5.68 Kundiawa  
Assistant District Officer Crowe, P.G.   L.13.3.68  
Assistant District Officer Emery, D.L. 6.11.68 Gembogl  
Assistant District Officer Karukuru, K. 28.12.68 Chuave  
Patrol Officer Bartlett, J.R.   L.26.2.68  
Patrol Officer Tomlinson, M.E. (a/d) 15.3.68 Gumine  
Patrol Officer Bell, M.F. (C)   L.10.2.68  
Patrol Officer Humfrey, J . (a/d) 8.12.68 Kundiawa  
Patrol Officer Bates, I.M. (C) 19.10.68 Kerowagi  
Patrol Officer PeaK, R.A. (C) 22.12.68 Kundiawa  
Patrol Officer Clayton, G.L. (C) 15.2.69 Karamui  
Patrol Officer Hawley, W.D.L.   L.3.3.68  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Vele, V. 12.1.68 Sinasina  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Baloiloi, D.L. 2.1.69 Kundiawa  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Tarube, A.   L.23.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.8.11.65) Cummins, J.A. (C)   L.7.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.8.11.65) Salmon, P.W. (C) 9.8.69 Chuave  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.20/6/66) Bourne, P.T. (C) 20.3.68 Chuave  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.20/6/66) Faulkner, P.D. (C) 20.3.68 Gumine  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.27.10.66) Baker, J.A. (C) 27.7.68 Gerabogl  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.27.10.66) Aitkin, N.J. (C) 27.7.68 Kerowagi  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.13.6.67) Sanders, W..J. (C) 13.3.69 Kundiawa  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.11.9.67) Findlay, G.B. 11.6.69 Kundiawa  
WESTERN HIGHLANDS DISTRICT: (Return Received).      
Deputy District Commissioner/Actg. Bell, R.S. 30.10.67 Hagen  
District Commissioner        
District Officer/Actg. Deputy Littler, C.G. 31.12.67 Hagen  
District Commissioner        
District Officer Hiatt, R.A. 1.11.68 Hagen  
(Senior Local Government Officer)        
District Officer Duffy, B.F.C.   L.10.2.68  
(Senior Local Government Officer)        
District Officer - A.D.C. Trollope, C.A. 5.2.69 Minj  
District Officer - A.D.C. Aisbett, R. 20.12.68 Hagen  
District Officer - A.D.C. Hook, D.J. 28.1.69 Wabag  
District Officer Faithful, D.E.   L.14.1.68  
District Officer Fenton, P.J. (a/d) 8.12.68 Wapenamanda  
District Officer O'Neil, B.M. 1.11.68 Hagen  
District Officer Hallahan, R.W.   L.6.1.68  
District Officer Allen, R.R.   L.23.2.68  
Assistant District Officer Schupp, D.R. 1.1.68 Wabag  
Assistant District Officer Asmussen, A.N. 21.12.68 Wapenamanda  
Assistant District Officer Hicks, J.R.   L.8.1.68  
Assistant District Officer Van Ruth, N.A. 23.12.68 Hagen  
Assistant District Officer Fanning, D.J. (a/d) 8.12.68 Hagen  
Assistant District Officer Cawthorn, W.A. 3.10.68 Baiyer River  
Assistant District Officer Riddell, R.B. 4.9.68 Tabibuga  
Assistant District Officer Vass, C.C. 29.8.68 Wabag  
Patrol Officer Glovor, R.   L.9.12.67  
Patrol Officer Buttner, C.A.   L.22.1.68  
Patrol Officer Reid, D.M.   L.5.2.68  
Patrol Officer Thompson, I.A. (C) (a/d) 1.7.68 Hagen  
Patrol Officer Winchcombe, K.A. (C)(a/d) 1.7.68 Hagen  
Patrol Officer Smalley, I.F. (C) 19.1.68 Lake Kopiago  
Patrol Officer G1eeson, R.T. 6.10.68 Hagen  
Patrol Officer Wallace, K.A. 10.10.68 Tambul  
Patrol Officer Warr, L.B. 3.10.68 Kompiam  
Patrol Officer Wilson, P.E. 18.10.68 Minj  
Patrol Officer Cruickshank, R.B. (C) 16.11.68 Laiagam  
Patrol Officer Kelvin, R.D. (C) 26.8.68 Hagen  
Patrol Officer Walshe, P .J. (C) 25.2.69 Porgera  
Patrol Officer Crawford, M.S.(C) 23.12.68 Minj  
Patrol Officer Geri J.K, 3.1.69 Hagen  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Mathison, N.F. (C)   L.25.2.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Moore, J.N. (C)   L.25.2.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Carter, R.J. (C) 20.3.68 Kandep  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Forster, K.C. (C) 20.3.68 Wabag  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Gentle, M.R. (C) 20.3.68 Minj  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Makin, C.A. (C) 13.3.69 Laiagam  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Olive, R.C. (C) 13.3.69 Baiyer River  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.11.9.67) Taverner, B. (C) 11.6.69 Minj  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.11.9.67) Fitzpatrick P.P. (C) 11.6.69 Hagen  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.11.9.67) Ziesing, P.R. (C) 11.6.69 Hagen  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Sali, W. 6.2.68 Hagen  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Kureu, P. 19.00.63 Hagen  
MANUS DISTRICT: (Return Received).        
District Commissioner O'Malley, L.J. 15.12.68 Lorengau  
Deputy District Commissioner Zweck, A.J. 28.8.68 Lorengau  
District Officer Burfoot, G.R. 17.4.69 Lorengau  
Patrol Officer Cunningham, M.J. (C) 5.8.68 Lorengau  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Tapo, H.O. 3.1.68 Lorengau  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Forbec, D.A. (C) 13.3.69 Lorengau  
MADANG DISTRICT: (No Return received).      
District Commissioner Clifton-Bassett, D. 15.2.69 Madang  
Deputy District Commissioner Sheekey, D.P.   L.21.3.68  
District Officer/Actg. ,Deputy District Smith, E.V. 3.10.68 Madang  
District Officer (Senior Local O'Brien, J.G.   L.2.4.68  
Government Officer)        
District Officer - A.D.C. Pike, G.D. (a/d) 26.3.69 Ramu  
District Officer - A.D.C. Bloomfield, P.J. (a/d) 1.4.68 Saidor  
District Officer - A.D.C. Johnston, J.A. (a/d) 15.4.68 Bogia  
District Officer - A.D.C. Green, R.J. 29.2.68 Madang  
District Officer (S.L.G.O.). Richardson, N.A.   L.29.1.68  
District Officer Browne, R.C.   L.11.2.68  
Assistant District Officer Carter, G.F. 31.10.68 Madang  
Assistant District Officer Smith, R.L. 17.3.68 Bundi  
Assistant District Officer Bailey, G.E. 28.5.68 Madang  
Assistant District Officer Willard, R.   L.7.6.68  
Assistant District Officer Read, W.R.   L.14.3.68  
Assistant District Officer Ingram, P.L.   L.16.6.68  
Assistant District Officer Smitmanis, I.J. 19.6.69 Madang  
Assistant District Officer Katauga, M. 22.12.67 Bogia  
Patrol Officer Moloney, P.K.   L.23.2.68  
Patrol Officer Edwards, J.R. 11.1.69 Aiome  
Patrol Officer Nixon, T.R. (C) 17.3.68 Usino  
Patrol Officer Tatterson, P.L. 9.10.68 Karkar  
Patrol Officer Douglas, M.A. (C) 6.12.68 Bogia  
Patrol Officer Karnups, V.P. (C) 29.12.68 Madang  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Smare, A. 2.1.69 Saidor  
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Balagetuna, J. 29.1.68 Pomio  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Hubbard, T.J. (C)   L.23.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Kraehenbuhl, P.J. (C)   L.4.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Stoddart, M.A. (C) 20.3.68 Bogia  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Sunderland, R. (C) 20.3.68 Saidor  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Weir, J.B. (C) 20.3.68 Bogia  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Cotton, F.P. (C) 13.3.69 Karkar  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Galvin, D.R. (C) 7.12.67 Bogia  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Orme, I.G. (C) 13.3.69 Usino  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Robins, S.E. (C) 13.3.69 Aiome  
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Samae, J. 21.1.67 Madang  
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Luther, M. 3.2.68 Madang  
EAST SEPIK DISTRICT: (Return Received).      
District Commissioner Hicks, E.G. 29.3.69 Wewak  
Deputy District Commissioner Leon, B.K. 16.7.69 Wewak  
District Officer (Senior Local Pegg, H.S. 13.1.69 Wewak  
Government Officer)        
District Officer - A.D.C. Hastings, J.L. 31.12.68 Wewak  
District Officer - A.D.C. Maroney, D.P. 2.2.68 Angoram  
District Officer - A.D.C. Corrigan, J.C. (a/d) 1.5.68 Ambunti  
District Officer - A.D.C. Cockburn, M.J. 5.3.69 Maprik  
District Officer Besasparis, B.A. 11.3.69 Maprik  
District Officer Faulkner, F.H. 6.3.68 Wewak  
Assistant District Officer Bretherton, D.C. 8.8.68 Angoram  
Assistant District Officer Maume, B.J. 7.3.68 May River  
Assistant District Officer Read, I.F. 3.11.68 Yangoru  
Assistant District Officer Stobart, J.T. L.W.O.P. PENDING  
Assistant District Officer Van R. Claasen, D.B. 27.11.68 Wewak  
Assistant District Officer Barclay, R.I. 8.9.68 Dreikikir  
Assistant District Officer Treutlein, R.K. 5.9.68 Ambunti  
Assistant District Officer Visser, J.N.F.   L.21.4.68  
Local Government Officer Orere, S. 18.12.67 Wewak  
Patrol Officer Allen, K.N.F.   L.23.1.68  
Patrol Officer Taylor, K.J. (C) 8.2.68 Kubalia  
Patrol Officer O'Regan, M.V. (C) 13.1.68 Amboin  
Patrol Officer Colron, P.N. 26.10.68 Ambunti  
Patrol Officer Wilson, N.L. 2.9.68 Angoram  
Patrol Officer Luhrs, G.E. (C) 28.4.68 Angoram  
Patrol Officer Brown, R.J. (C) 6.3.68 Maprik  
Patrol Officer Vanrikxoort, W. (C) 20.3.68 Pagwi  
Patrol Officer Cresswick, A.R. (C) 6.3.68 Maprik  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Smith, S.H. (C) 20.3.68 Angoram  
Cadet Patrol Officer(hpp.20.6.66) Wearne, K.P. (C) 20.3.68 Ambunti  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Pennefather, D.H. (C) 20.3.68 Dreikikir  
Cadet Patrol Officer(Nnp.20.6.66) Rawlings, C.J. (C) 20.3.68 Yangoru  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.1j.6.67) Blackburn, R.C. (C) 5.7.68 Maprik  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Hicks, L.C. (C) 13.3.69 Wewak  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) McKay, P. (C) 13.3.69 Angoram  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Rupa, L.W. (a/d) 1.2.68 Kubalia  
WEST SEPIK DISTRICT: (Return Received)      
District Commissioner Wakeford, J.E. 3.9.69 Vanimo  
District Officer/Actg. Deputy Steven, A.D. (a/d) 13.11.68 Vanimo  
District Commissioner.     L.23.3.68  
District Officer (Senior Local Bridges, L.G.      
Government Officer)        
District Officer - A.D.C. Roach, J.H. 24.1.69 Aitape  
District Officer - A.D.C. Sanderson, C.G. 22.2.69 Telefomin  
District Officer - A.D.C. Bergin, T.R. 25.10.68 Vanimo  
District Officer Gall, P.S. 29.2.69 Vanimo  
District Officer McCabe, B.A.   L.15.3.68  
Assistant District Officer/Actg. O'Donnell, T. 12.3.69 Amanab  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Russell, P.J. 30.5.68 Lumi  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Fairhall, R.T. 13.1.69 Pagei  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer Bragge, L.W.   L.2.3.68  
Assistant District Officer Walters, N.H.   L.19.4.68  
Assistant District Officer Try, A.K.   L.16.5.68  
Assistant District Officer Sabben, H.F. 15.4.68 Nuku  
Assistant District Officer Heuston, T.J.A.   L.20.4.68  
Assistant District Officer Pamlin, J. 28.9.68 Telefomin  
Assistant District Officer Fowke, J.D.   L.18.2.68  
Patrol Officer/Actg. District Officer Plumner, A.C. 13.10.68 Green River  
Patrol Officer Brodie, A.A. (C) 27.2.68 Aitape  
Patrol Officer Stevens, A.D. (C) 24.1.69 Lumi  
Patrol Officer Kelly, K.R. (C) 21.7.69 Aitape  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Kabisch, J. (C)   L.5.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Chisholm, R.H. (C) 2.10.69 Vanimo  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.16.11.65) Lowe, M.J. (C)   L.23.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Robinson, W.N. (C)   L.1.1.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Van Lieshout, C.W. (C) 20.3.68 Oksapmin  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Dewar, G.L. (C) 20.3.68 Amanab  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Donaldson, P.K. (C) 20.3.68 Lumi  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Donovan, F.B. (C) 20.3.68 Imonda  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.5.67) Murphy, K.E. (C) 13.3.69 Aitape  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Hutchings, R. (C) 13.3.69 Lumi  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Black, K.P. (C) 13.3.69 Telefomin  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Henke, G.N. (C) 13.3.69 Amanab  
Trainee(Patrol Officer) Koibo, J. 10.1.68 Lumi  
Trainee(Patrol Officer) Mekea, P. 10.1.68 Green River  
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Tawe, J. 7.2.68 Aitape  
EAST NEW BRITAIN DISTRICT: (Return Received).      
District Commissioncr West, H.W. 30/2/68 Rabaul  
Deputy District Commissioner Kelly, W.J.C. 6.12.68 Rabaul  
District Officer (Senior Local Muskens, W.H. 17.5.68 Rabaul  
Government Officer)        
District Officer - A.D.C. Kelly, R.J. 28.8.68 Pomio  
District Officer - A.D.C. Neal, M.V. 10.2.68 Kokopo  
District Officer - A.D.C. Norton, J.E. 1.5.69 Rabaul  
District Officer Pitt, A.D.   L.20.3.68  
Assistant District Officer Dickinson, H.R. (a/d) 1.4.68 Kokopo  
Assistant District Officer Willis, R.S. 29.3.69 Rabaul  
Assistant District Officer Pryke, M.A. (a/d) 29.1.68 Rabaul  
Patrol Officer Nalau, J.K. 10.1.68 Kokopo  
Patrol Officer Chamberlain, R. (C) (a/d) 1.5.68 Rabaul  
Patrol Officer Hamilton, G.R. (C) 6.3.68 Bainings  
Patrol Officer Davies, N.P.D. (C) 27.7.68 Pomio  
Patrol Officer Brereton, N.J. (C) 25.10.68 Rabaul  
Patrol Officer McLay, A.J. (C) 10.8.68 Rabaul  
Patrol Officer Lapthorne, G.C. (C) 8.8.68 Pomio  
Patrol Officer Cullen, J.J. (C) 31.12.68 Rabaul  
Cadet Patrol Officer (App.13.6.67) Frosty R. (C) 13.3.69 Pomio  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Mora, S. 7.8.68 Rabaul  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Wisio, P.O. (a/d) 20.3.68 Pomio  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Kiliwi, P. 9.8.68 Rabaul  
District Officer (Community Development) Daw, T. 24.11.68 Rabaul  
WEST NEW BRITAIN DISTRICT: (Return Received). received).      
District Commissioner Dyer, K.W. (a)   L.10.3.68  
Deputy District Commissioner/Actg. Carey, A.T. 21.8.69 Hoskins  
District Commissioner        
District Officer/Actg. Deputy District McBride, B. 13.8.68 Hoskins  
District Officer - A.D.C. O'Sullivan, D.P. 25.1.69 Kandrian  
District Officer Haywood, I.R.   L.18.3.68  
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Campbell, C.T. 28.8.63 Hoskins  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Speldewinde, W.G. 13.11.68 Talasea  
District Officer - A.D.C.        
Assistant District Officer Newton, T.G. 16.10.68 Kandrian  
Assistant District Officer Allmark, R. 2.1.69 Ewasse D/C  
Assistant District Officer Kilori, P. 18.2.68 Gloucester  
Assistant District Officer Batho, P.J. 17.6.69 Talasea  
Assistant District Officer Borok, B, 23.12.68 Hoskins  
Local Government Officer Ulam, S.S. 29.12.68 Hoskins  
Patrol Officer Gibson, S.J. 4.6.69 Mali B/C  
Patrol Officer Phillips, R.W. (C) 11.10.68 Hoskins  
Patrol Officer Leslie D.S. 14.8.68 Hoskins  
Patrol Officer Jerram, M.V. (C) 2.1.69 Kandrian  
Trainee(Patrol Officer) Tobia, R. 2.1.69 Hoskins  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Ellem, J.R. (C) 20.3.68 Hoskins  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Leaf, A. (C) 20.3.68 Gloucester  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Johnstone' D.J. (C) 13.3.69 Ewasse B/C  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Tavalokol, B. 31.6.68 Talasea  
Field Assistant Tauka, R.H. 11.10.68 Hoskins  
NEW IRELAND DISTRICT: (Return Received).      
Deputy District Commissioner/Actg. Brightwell, M.W. 25.7.68 Kavieng  
District Commissioner        
District Officer(Senior Local Government Speakman, D.N.   L.23.2.68  
District Officer - A.D.C. Frawley, J.W. 19.4.68 Kavieng  
District Officer - A.D.C. Redmond, H.J. 6.2.68 Taskul  
District Officer Greaney, R.K.   L.1.1.69  
District Officer Benham, E.W. (a/d) 16.2.68 Kavieng  
District Officer Battersby, J.B. 4.10.69 Kavieng  
Assistant District Officer Batterham, B.J. 25.4.68 Namatanai  
Assistant District Officer Watt, N.C. 19.4.68 Konos  
Assistant District Officer Meintjes, L.A. 1.12.67 Kavieng  
Assistant District Officer Bouraga, P. 6.12.68 Kavieng  
Patrol Officer Brady, J.D. (C)   L.13.1.68  
Patrol Officer Beckhaus, I.B. (C)(a/d) 31.3.68 Namatanai  
Patrol Officer Levi, W.N. 20.11.68 Kavieng  
Patrol Officer McDonald, D.I. (C) 2.3.68 Taskul  
Patrol Officer Coles, R.S. (C) 28.12.68 Kavieng  
Trainee(Patrol Officer) Tauvasa, J.J. 2.1.69 Kavieng  
Cadet Patrol Offieer(App.8.11.65) Parsons, W. (C) 8.8.69 Kavieng  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.3.12.65) McNaught, A. (C) 25.9.69 Taskul  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Donovan, D.M. (C) 20.3.68 Kavieng  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Ekins, D.C. (C) 13.3.69 Namatanai  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.11.9.67) Mockett, N.M. 11.6.69 Kavieng  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.11.9.67) Edwards, P.S. 11.6.69 Konos  
Trainee (Field Assistant) Posua, J. 9.6.68 Namatanai  
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Angua, W. 24.7.68 Kavieng  
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Paleu, C. 10.10.68 Kavieng  
District Officer (Community Development). Chilcott, M. 7.4.68 Kavieng  
BOUGAINVILLE DISTRICT : (Return Received).      
District Commissioner Ashton, D.N. 7.3.68    
Deputy District Commissioner Brown, K.A. 3.12.68 Sohano  
District Officer - A.D.C. Hanrahan, K.J.P.(a/d) 8.12.68 Hutjena  
District Officer - A.D.C. Lang, M. 21.6.69 Buin  
District Officer - A.D.C. Wiltshire, J.A. 16.12.68 Kieta  
District Officer Blaikie, R.W. 23.10.68 Sohano  
District Officer Brown, W.T.   L.22.3.68  
District Officer Hoad, R.A. 26.8.69 Buin  
District Officer Henderson, R.W. 8.9.68 Kieta  
District Officer Hearne, R.F.   L.20.1.68  
Assistant District Officer Deverell, R.A. 16.7.69 Wakunai  
Assistant District Officer Robins, B.G. 10.4.69 Boku  
Assistant District Officer Warrillow, C. 28.3.69 Kieta  
Assistant District Officer Marks, A. 12.10.68 Tinputz  
Assistant District Officer Hunter, P.R. 21.12.68 Kunua  
Patrol Officer Dagge, V.J. 4.1.68 Kieta  
Patrol Officer Tabua, C. 12.5.68 Kieta  
Patrol Officer Gordon-Kirkby, J. (C) 6.3.58 Boku  
Patrol Officer Staples, R.J.   L.16.3.68  
Patrol Officer Melville, A.S.   L.2.3.68  
Patrol Officer Lang, A.G. (C) L.W.O.P. L.12.67  
Patrol Officer Dargie, R.E.H. (C) 11.8.68 Konga  
Patrol Officer Wallensky, A. (C) 3.1.69 Hanahan  
Patrol Officer Wellington, J.L. (C)   L.14.2.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.8.11.65) Kelliher, T. (C) 18.12.68 Kieta  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.3.12.65) Balfour-Ogilvy, H.L.(C) 11.9.69 Buin  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.3.12.65) Gregory, R.W. (C)   L.2.3.68  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Schweinfurth, G.G.H.(C) 20.3.68 Boku  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.27.10.66) Laming, P.B. (C) 27.7.68 Buin  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.20.6.66) Steven, J.G. (C) 20.3.68 Sohano  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Gyngall, J.R. (C) 13.3.69 Kieta  
Cadet Patrol Officer(App.13.6.67) Godward, E.A. (C) 13.3.69 Buin  
Cadet Patrol Officer(Anp.11.9.67) Sloan, I.B. (C) 11.6.69 Sohano  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Tanu, T. 2.2.68 Hutjena  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Kingsford, K.S. 24.4.68 Kieta  
Trainee(Assistant Field Officer) Tuka, E. 9.2.68 Buin  
Kaad, F.P.C. District Commissioner - Accident Leave    
Skinner, R.K. District Commissioner/Controller of Civil Defence 17.1.68  
Atkinson, K.C. District Commissioner/Dept. of Administrator 29.6.69  
Cuthbertson, G.J. (Miss) Welfare Officer Grade II/Dept. of Public Health 21.3.68  
Moorhouse, D.E. District Officer/Dept. of Administrator 7.6.63  
White, T.W. District Officer/Dept. of Administrator L.15.3.68  
Grant, N.J, District Officer/Administrative College 19.7.63  
McIlwain, R.I. District Officer/actg. Land Titles Commisssioner (a/d) 30.9.63  
Jones, F.D. District Officer/actg. Land Titles Commisssioner 4.12.68  
Howard, F.J. District Officer/Department of Information 26.8.69  
  and Extension Services.      
Frew, J.A. District Officer/Department of Administrator 14.9.69  
Gaywood, H.C. District Officer(Lands) Unattached - Sick Leave 23.1.68  
Hart, L. Assistant District Officer/Official Secretary (a/d) 5.10.68  
Ewing, A.C. Land Titles Commissioner(District Officer) Unattached  
Orken, M.B.D. Land Titles Commissioner(District Officer) Unattached  
Smith, S.S. Land Titles Commissioner(District Officer) Unattached  
Bramell, J.D.C. Land Titles Commissioner(District Officer) Unattached  
Giles, W.B. Land Titles Commissioner(District Officer) Unattached  
Nielson, G.F. Land Titles Commissioner(District Officer) Unattached  
Page, J.B. Land Titles Commissioner(District Officer) Unattached  
Kimmorely, C.W. Land Titles Commissioner(District Officer) Unattached  
Tomasetti, W.E. Deputy District Commissioner L.W.O.P. 31.1.68  
Hope, D.A.C. Patrol Officer L.W.O.P. 16.3.68  
Aitchison, T.G. First Assistant Director Headquarters Retirement 16.1.63
Leysen, A.E.V. (Miss) Welfare Officer Grade II Kavieng Resignation 4.11.67
Heriot, G.A. Assistant District Officer Wau Resignation 10.11.67
Brownridge, M.W. Assistant District Officer Bougainville Resignation 26.11.67
King, P.B. (C) Cadet Patrol Officer Madang Resignation 8.11.67
Sharp., W.N. (Mrs)(T) Clerk Kwikila Resignation 3.11.67
Lane, S.R.A. (Mrs)(T) Typist Wau Resignation 20.11.67
Morris, M.U. (Miss)(T) Steno-Secretary Grade I Moresby Resignation 27.10.67
Ruschen, J. (Mrs)(T) Typist Madang Resignation 29.11.67
Kernan; E.A. (Mrs)(T) Steno-Secretary Grade I Kavieng Resignation 17.11.67
Pike, M.E. (Mrs)(T) Typist Daru Resignation 15.11.67
Auchettl, P. (Mrs)(T) Typist Headquarters Resignation 29.11.67
Biru, L. (Mrs)(A.S.) Social Welfare Assistant Grade I Popondetta Resignation 18.10.67
Obi, H.P. Storeman Grade III Bereina Resignation 6.10.67
Wanakau, M. (Miss) Welfare Assistant Grade I Wewak Resignation 15.10.67
Gwaibo, T.O. Assistant Field Officer Moresby Resignation 7.11.67
Klinkhamer, J.I.M. (Miss) Senior Welfare Officer Headquarters Resignation 8.12.67
Arthur, K. (Mrs)(T) Welfare Officer Grade I (p/time) Lae Resignation 3.1.68
Yip, C. (T) Clerk Namatanai Resignation 20.12.67
Jones, S.J. (Mrs)(T) Clerk Madang Resignation 22.11.67
Murphy, P.W. (Mrs)(T) Typist Finschhafen Resignation 6.12.67
Seeto, R.E. (Miss)(T) Typist Kokopo Terminated 1.12.67
Coase, C.M. (Mrs)(T) Typist Daru Resignation 27.12.67
Igo, M Clerk Wewak Transferred Treasury 17.12.67
Vaso, G. Clerical Assistant Grade I Chimbu Terminated 29.11.67
Boga, G. (T) Interpreter Pt. Moresby Terminated 27.12.67


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