Abbreviations: L.W.O.P. - Leave Without Pay, (a) - Leave approved to commence on date indication, (a/d) - Deferment to date indicated, (C) - Contract Officer, (T) - Temporary Officer, (U.L.G.) - Urban Local Government
NOTE: The final form of the organisation - functional and physical - of the newly created Department of the Administrator is still under consideration. Proposals and recommendations for the final form which the organisational and functional factors should take in respect of divisions within the new department have still to be made to the Public Service Board. This present "Staff Postings List", is therefore provisional only and MUST not be taken as indicating any finality of form in respect of Divisional situation.
District Commissioner Mathieson, O.J. 10/1/1971 Goroka
Deputy District Commissioner Sinclair,J.P.   L.13.3.70.
District Officer/Actg.D.D.C. Alder,O.K. 13/8/1970 Goroka
District Officer (S.L.G.O) Wadsworth,A.F.   L.3.5.70.
District Officer (Special Duties) Giddings,R.J. 2/2/1971 Kainantu
District Officer McLachlan. I.   L.16.7.70.
District Officer - A.D.C. Stott,R.R. 4/4/1970 Hanganofi
District Officer Fowke, J.E. 21/11/1971 Goroka
District Officer Bretherton,D.C. 8/10/1971 Okapa
Assistant District Officer O'Brien,K.G.   L.19.4.70.
Assistant District Officer Lyons,P.L.   L.22.2.70.
Assistant District Officer Brodie,A.A.(C)   L.2.4.70.
Assistant District Officer Foran,S.P.(C) 28/5/1970 Lufa
Assistant District Officer Donovan,F.B.   L.4.3.70.
Patrol Officer Bartlett,W.R. (C)   L.16.3.70.
Patrol Officer Pile,N.T.(C) 26/7/1970 Goroka
Patrol Officer D' Abbs,M.J.P. (C) 18/3/1971 Kainantu
Patrol Officer McIlwain,R.D. (C) 17/3/1971 Okapa
Patrol Officer Watkins,M.L. (C) 26/6/1971 Okapa
Patrol Officer Findlay,G.B. (C) 11/6/1971 Obura
Patrol Officer/Actg.D.O. - A.D.C. Donne,R.W.S. (C) 10/12/1970 Marawaka
Patrol Officer Abore,W. 14/1/1971 Lufa
Patrol Officer Todurawai,M.   L.25.2.70.
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Vandenberg,J.L. (C) 24/3/1970 Lufa
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Brew,R.J. (C) 24/3/1970 Goroka
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Freeland,P.D. (C) 1/7/1970 Henganofi
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Brown,J.K. (C) 1/7/1970 Goroka
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3. 69) Collins,M.J.(C) 17/12/1970 Goroka
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Tarplee,B. (C) 30/3/1971 Lufa
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Pelepczuk,J.M.(C) 31/3/1971 Henganofi
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Thatcher,A.R. (C) 30/3/1971 Kainantu
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Hinchey,P.A.G. (C)   L.3.6.70.
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Keys,M.D. (C) 18/4/1971 Okapa
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Singelenberg,E. (C) 18/4/1971 Kainantu
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Hollingsworth,N.J.(C) 18/4/1971 Marawaka
Assistant Field Officer Waike,J.M. (a) 27/1/1971 Kainantu
Assistant Field Officer Gagole,K.(T)(a) 24/3/1970 Goroka
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Watson, S. 23/1/7- Okapa
Local Government Asst. Gr.2 Megigiu,W. 6/1/1971 Lufa
Local Government Asst. Gr.2 Laboran,F.M. 28/7/1970 Okapa
Clerk Dwyer. F.   L.22.3.70.
Clerk Primrose,N.G.(Mrs)(T) 8/4/1970 Goroka
Clerk Livinai,A. 2/4/1970 Okapa
Clerk Safi,E. 11/3/1970 Okapa
Clerk Kapo,P. 23/1/1971 Goroka
Clerk Ase, B. 20/1/1971 Obura
Clerk (Relief) Hunter,P.(Mrs)(T)   Goroka
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Shaw, W. (Mrs) (T) 10/11/1971 Goroka
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Pepper,I.(Mrs)(T) 23/6/1970 Goroka
Typist McLaughlin,S. (Mrs)(T) 5/3/1971 Goroka
Typist Pinchien, R.J. (Mrs)(T) 11/8/1971 Goroka
Typist (Relief) Jamieson,C.A. (Mrs)(T)   LWOP
Typist (Relief Van-Horck,E.C.(Miss)(T)   Kainantu
Clerical Asst. Gr.3 Waikaidi,H. 21/3/1970 Kainantu
Clerical Asst. Gr.3 Towapot,J.S. 13/9/1970 Goroka
Clerical Asst. Gr.3 Bain,J. (Mrs) (T) 15/9/1971 Okapa
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Saura, W. 23/7/1970 Henganofi
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Nombe,W.O. 1/5/1970 Goroka
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Hipara, B.P. (a/d) 12/12/1969 Henganofi
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Iroro, A. 6/10/1970 Obura
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Kivia, K. (a/d) 29/8/1970 Lufa
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 ??? 19/1/1971 Goroka
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Motoring,E. (T) 20/1/1971 Garaina
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Pokayou,P. (T) 27/1/1971 Mumeng
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Rumba, K. L. (T 3/2/1971 Goroka
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Jokate,K. (T) 5/1/1971 Kainantu
Interpreter Iremuto,N, 6/12/1971 Lufa
Interpreter Moha,B. 23/10/1970 Goroka
Interpreter Aiye,S. 24/11/1970 Goroka
Interpreter Anozampa,A. 28/1/1970 Henganofi
Interpreter Mehove, A. 16/7/1970 Goroka
Interpreter Taro, A. 5/8/1970 Goroka
Interpreter Kia. Y.   L.9.1.70.
Inturpreter Peio,N. 19/12/1970 Kainantu
Interpreter Naro'i,U. 25/1/1971 Kainantu
Interpreter Karabe,Y. 5/2/1970 Okapa
Interpreter Fosagu,P. 20/8/1969 Okapa
Interpreter Kia, A. 21/1/1970 Goroka
Overseer Baimei,T. 5/8/1969 Kainantu
District Commissioner Doolan,L.J. 14/1/1971 Kundiawa
Deputy District Commissioner Frew,J.A.   L.9.3.70.
District Officer - A.D.C. Sharp,E.S. 28/8/1970 Chuave
District Officer Hanson,L.M. 15/8/1971 Kundiawa
District Officer/Actg. (S.L.G.O) Kelly,R.J. 30/10/1970 Kundiawa
District Officer Walters,N.H.   L.6.5.70.
District Officer McNeil,A.F. 2/9/1970 Kundiavaa
Assistant District Officer Browm,M.D.   L.14.7.70.
Assistant District Officer Reid,G.J.   L.5.6.70.
Assistant District Officer Emery,D.L. 14/5/1971 Kundiawa
Assistant District Officer/ Karukuru,K.(a/d) 1/5/1970 Gembogl
Actg. District Officer - A.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer James,G.M. (a/d) 18/7/1970 Kundiawa
Assistant District Officer Wilson,N.L. 2/1/1971 Chuave
Assistant District Officer Sabben,H.F. 11/8/1970 Kerowagi
Assistant District Officer Deasy,M.J. (C) 15/12/1970 Gumine
Assistant District Officer Hawley,W.D.L. (C)   L.17.6.70.
Assistant District Officer Maume,B.J. 23/5/1970 Sinasina
Patrol Officer Bates,I.M.(C) 17/10/1970 Chuave
Patrol Officer Tarube,A. 7/8/1970 Gembogl
Patrol Officer Cummins,J.A.(C)   L.11.5.70.
Patrol Officer Baloiloi,D.L. 20/1/1970 Kerowagi
Patrol Officer Baker,J.A. (C) 8/7/1970 Nomane
Patrol Officer Sanders, W.J.(C) 16/4/1971 Gembogl
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24/6/68) Ciastkovvski,C.P. (C) 24/3/1970 Gembogl
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24/6/68) Foers,J.B.(C) 10/4/1970 Karimui
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1/10/68) Ingham,P.B. (C) 1/7/1970 Gumine
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1/10/68) Daniels,S.J.(C) 1/7/1970 Gumine
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17/3/69) Easton,M.M. (C) 17/12/1970 Gembogl
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30/6/69) Stott,B.J. (C) 30/3/1971 Kundiawa
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30/6/69) Vandereyk,P.J.(C) 30/3/1971 Chuave
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18/7/69) McGill,P.T. (C) 18/4/1971 Gumine
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Guise,E. 19/12/1970 Sinasina
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Tura,J. 22/12/1970 Kerowagi
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Kama,K. (a/d) 5/2/1970 Kundiawa
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Gende,A.   L.4/3/70.
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Drua,U.K. 5/1/1971 Kundiawa
Clerk Grubb,G.K.C. 20/10/1970 Kundiawa
Clerk Lawilla,K. (T) 2/2/1971 Kerowagi
Typist Doolan,C.A. (Miss)(T) 14/2/1971 Kundiawa
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Aisa,E. 26/12/1970 Kundiawa
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Sori,J.N. 29/12/1970 Gumine
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Neville,G.(Mrs)(T) 9/1/1971 Chuave
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Magu,B.   L.4.3.70.
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Legia, N. (a/d) 15/6/1970 Kundiawa
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Foers,J.L.(Mrs)(T) 7/7/1971 Karimui
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Cochrane,K.S.   Kerowagi
(Post Office)      
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Bagme, W. (T) 15/12/1970 Chuave
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Watudia,E.F. 7/1/1970 Gembogl
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Kuria,J. 12/1/1971 Sinasina
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Eae,J. 21/9/1970 Kundiawa
Interpreter Po'ai,O. 30/5/1970 Karimui
Interpreter Egai'ano,I. 10/3/1970 Karimui
Interpreter Siroi,S. 27/10/1979 Chuave
Interpreter Kurube,T. 27/7/1969 Chuave
Interpreter Kinduagai. 22/7/1970 Gembogl
Interpreter Kobeta, K. 9/10/1970 Gumine
Interpreter Kama, D. 5/9/1970 Kundiawa
Interpreter Kapia, A. (T) 15/8/1970 Kundiawa
Interpreter Amugl, K. 21/1/1971 Kundiawa
Interpreter Uge, G. 2/2/1971 Kerowagi
Interpreter Nauru,U. 30/9/1970 Kerowagi
Interpreter Bimere,S. 18/6/1970 Gumine
Interpreter Aina,G.   L.23.2.70.
Storeman Damongu,B. 17/9/1970 Kundiawa
Overseer Daba,K. 30/12/1970 Kundiawa
District Commissioner Foley,S.M. 4/8/1970 Hagen
Deputy District Commissioner Aisbett, R. 15/7/1970 Hagen
District Officer (S.L.G.O) Hiatt,A. 31/12/1970 Hagen
District Officer Warrillow,C. 20/8/1971 Hagen
District Officer Trollope,C.A.   L.26.4.70.
District Officer - A.D.C. Allen,R.R. 30/1/1971 Hagen
District Officer - (Special Duties) O'Neill,B.M. 10/12/1970 Hagen
District Officer Schupp,D.R. 6/10/1970 Wabag
District Officer Van Ruth, N.A. 9/1/1971 Laiagam
Assistant District Officer/ Asmussen, A.N. 1/7/1971 Hagen
Actg. District Officer (Lands)      
Assistant District Officer Gleeson,R.T. 1/6/1971 Minj
Assistant District Officer Warr L.B. 7/11/1970 Kandep
Assistant District Officer Dunkerley,J.N. 25/11/1970 Minj
Assistant District Officer Edwards,J.R. 28/9/1971 Laiagam
Assistant District Officer Smalley,I.F.(C)(a/d) 1/8/1970 Kopiam
Assistant District Officer Woods,A.R. (C) 24/8/1970 Wapenamanda
Assistant District Officer Benson,J.G.   L.29.3.70.
Assistant District Officer Fanning, D.J. 10/11/1970 Wabag
Patrol Officer Cruikshank,R.B.(C) 10/11/1970 Baiyer R.
Patrol Officer Kelvin,R.D.(C) 25/8/1970 Tabibuga
Patrol Officer Mathison,N.F. (C)   L.5.4.70.
Patrol Officer Moore,J.N.(C)   L.15.4.70.
Patrol Officer Siaoa,A.(a/d) 31/7/1970 Porgera
Patrol Officer Brereton,M.J.(C) 12/2/1970 Porgera
Patrol Officer Hughes,J.R. (C) 25/12/1970 Laiagam
Patrol Officer Forster,K.C.(C) 23/3/1970 Laiagam
Patrol Officer Makin,C.A. (C) 24/3/1971 L.Kopiago
Patrol Officer Olive,R.C. (C) 18/3/1971 Wabag
Patrol Officer Ziesing,P.R. (C) 10/6/1971 Minj
Patrol Officer Taverner,B. (C) 12/6/1971 Wabag
Patrol Officer Mockett,N.M. (C) 1/9/1971 Kandep
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Brillante,C.R.(C) 24/3/1970 Tambul
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Daubenspeck,R.W. (C) 24/3/1970 Wabag
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Warrick,W.P. (C) 24/3/1970 Dobindop
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Rowley,A. (C) 1/7/1970 Hagen
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Tuck,G.A. (C) 1/7/1970 Kompiam
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Hall,J.J. (C) 17/12/1970 Wapenamanda
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Morriss,M.C. (C) 17/12/1970 Hagen
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.3.69) Young,F.D. (C) 18/12/1970 Minj
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Newell,B.P. (C) 30/3/1971 L.Kopiago
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Scott,L.J.(C) 30/3/1971 Laiagam
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Shaw, A. (C) 30/3/1971 Tabibuga
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Webster,T.R. (C) 18/4/1971 Tabibuga
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.22.7.69) Eastwood,D.L.J.(C) 22/4/1971 Hagen
Assistant Field Officer Kureu,P.K. 21/1/1971 Minj
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Gumoi,U.   L.2.2.70.
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Daivo,G.   L.23.2.70.
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Vavari, S. 10/1/1970 Hagen
Local Government Officer Aisa,J.A. 11/3/1970 Hagen
Local Government Officer Asimba, L. 18/1/1971 Wabag
Local Government Asst. Gr.2 Lapu,A.O. 24/12/1969 Tambul
Local Government Asst. Gr.2 Waninara,E. 11/6/1970 Hagen
Clerk Esler,F.C.   L.19.6.70.
Clerk Judd,D.I.M. (C)   L.3.2.70.
Clerk Teratere,R. 3/3/1970 Wabag
Clerk Valvona, G. (T) 29/10/1970 Minj
Clerk Kerr,J.M (Miss)(C) 24/12/1970 Hagen
Clerk (Relief) Clark,N. (Miss)   Hagen
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Gates, N. (Miss) (C) 25/5/1970 Hagen
Typist Pokatou,L.I. (Miss)(T) 19/1/1971 Hagen
Typist Neely, M.L. (Mrs)(T) 3/4/1971 Hagen
Typist Van Ruth, S.M. (Mrs)(T) 3/4/1971 Laiagam
Typist Serere, T. (Miss)(T) 8/12/1970 Hagen
Typist Gleeson,R.D. (Mrs)(T) 13/8/1971 Minj
Typist Local Govt. Hull,K. (Miss) (T) 5/8/1971 Hagen
Typist (Part-time) Schupp,L.(Mrs)   Wabag
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Luga,V. 15/12/1970 Minj
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Kilai,M. 13/3/1970 Hagen
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Weo,J.   L.10.4.70.
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Puka,B. 18/7/1970 Hagen
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Jambarik,C. 2/1/1970 L.Kopiago
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Haro,J.(T) 24/4/1970 Hagen
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Mangalio I .(T) 21/1/1971 Laiagam
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Mao, M. (T) 20/1/1971 Bayer R.
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Sina, S. (T) 30/1/1970 Kandep
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Kanza,R. (Miss) (T) 16/1/1971 Minj
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Vaninara-Kulume, C.B.(T) 10/2/1970 Tabibuga
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Eseki, W. (T)   L.18.3.70.
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Bal, A. (T) 19/1/1971 Minj
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Wapringa, T. (T) 27/1/1971 Tabibuga
Interpreter Pup, K. 29/7/1970 Hagen
Interpreter Ibilyoa,T. 23/7/1970 Hagen
Interpreter Lero,P. 27/9/1970 Kandep
Interpreter Ita,R.(a/d) 1/4/1970 Porgera
Interpreter Minjoguri,P.   L.5.3.70.
Interpreter Yapogan,T. 19/3/1970 Kandep
Interpreter Wakom,K.   L.7.3.70.
Interpreter Aitok,K. 19/3/1970 Wapenamanda
Interpreter Wakone,K. 6/2/1970 Laiagam
Interpreter Monia, O. 10/12/1970 Minj
Interpreter Hagoben,L. 12/10/1970 Wabag
Interpreter Emdigua,K. 2/12/1970 Baiyer R.
Interpreter Magenta,K. (T) 23/1/1971 Tambul
Storeman Derovvagi,K. 10/12/1970 Minj
Storeman Kengangu, T. 11/7/1970 Laiagam
Messenger Kaimo, I. 19/1/1970 Hagen
District Commissioner Clancy,D.J. 9/6/1970 Mendi
Deputy District Commissioner Emanuel,E.J.(a/d) March'70 Mendi
District Officer Haywood,M.R.   L.1.11.70.
District Officer (S.L.G.O.) Duffy, B.F.C. 23/11/1971 Mendi
District Officer Lewis,P.E. (a) 4/3/1970 Mendi
District Officer - A. D. C. Barber, P.J. 31/12/1970 Pangia
District Officer Permezel,D.F.T.   L.17.4.70.
District Officer - A. D. C. Wiltshire, J.A. 2/2/1971 Tari
District Officer Mulcahy,B.H. 22/10/1971 Mendi
District Officer - A.D.C. Leibfried,F.L. 4/11/1970 Nipa
Assistant District Officer Hart,L. 7/11/1970 Komo
Assistant District Officer Bond,K.A. 22/9/1971 Mendi
Assistant District Officer Edgar,M.J.   L.5.5.70.
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Kelly,J.P. 9/4/1970 Ialibu
District Officer - A. D. C.      
Assistant District Officer Andrews,P.H. 22/1/1971 Tari
Assistant District Officer Wright, TT. 14/2/1971 Poroma
Assistant District Officer Heuston,T.J.A. 9/5/1970 Kagua
Assistant District Officer Hunter,R.C. (C) 10/5/1970 Pangia
Assistant District Officer Reading, J.M. 26/2/1971 Mendi
Assistant District Officer Hicks,J.S.   L.6.3.70.
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Creagh,R.B.   L.31.5.70.
District Officer (S.L.G.O.)      
Assistant District Officer/Actg. A.D.C. Aaron, W.P. (a/d) 28/7/1970 Koroba
Patrol Officer Ridgway,R.K.(C) 14/4/1971 Ialibu
Patrol Officer Williams,B.McL. (C) 29/1/1971 Ialibu
Patrol Officer Munn,B.L. (C)   L.12.2.70.
Patrol Officer. Staples, G.K. (C)   L.28.2.70.
Patrol Officer Press,R.M. (C) 9/4/1970 Erave
Patrol Officer Davies,M.P. (C) 25/10/1970 Kagua
Patrol Officer Hera,V. 2/1/1971 Nipa
Patrol Officer Bullock,J.R,(C) 5/3/1971 Nipa
Patrol Officer Wellington,J.L. (C) 25/7/1971 Koroba
Patrol Officer Forbes,D.A. (C) 19/3/1971 Mendi
Patrol Officer Ekins,D.C. (C) 23/3/1971 Mendi
Patrol Officer Kabisch,J.(C) 10/10/1971 Nipa
Patrol Officer Chapman,G.G.(C) 9/7/1971 Tari
Patrol Officer Mora, S. 9/12/1970 Mendi
Patrol Officer McMahon, B.W. (C) 27/10/1971 Mendi
Petrol Officer Gamogab,P.   L.19.3.70.
Asst. Patrol-Officer (App.24.6.68) Showell,D.P.W.(C) 24/3/1970 Nipa
Asst. Patrol-Officer (App.24.6.68) Goldthorp,D.T,.I (C) 24/3/1970 Komo
Asst. Patrol-Officer (App.24.6.68) Lanaghun,R.F.(C) 24/3/1970 Koroba
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.I.10.68) Spence,N.J.(C) 1/7/1970 Kagua
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.I.10.68) Pearson, S.R. (C) 1/7/1970 Margarima
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Connick,P.T. 30/3/1971 Erave
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Fairey,P.G. (C) 31/3/1971 Tari
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Kennedy, D.C. (C) 30/3/1971 Margarima
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Ryan,N.J. (C) 18/4/1971 Erave
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Sadlo,L. (C) 18/4/1971 Mendi
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Setchell,G A. (C) 18/4/1971 Pangia
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Tozer,P.D. (C) 18/4/1971 Ialibu
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Ribung,I. 25/3/1970 Koroba
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Mora,N.   L.24.2.71
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Gada,S.   L.23.2.70.
Local Government Officer Gaso,A.   L.12.2.70.
Local Government Asst. Gr.1 Bau,T.(T) 25/1/1970 Nipa
Local Government Asst. Gr.1 Vinoko,A. 17/4/1969 Poroma
Clerk Sinuve, I.   L.11.3.70.
Clerk Natera,C, (T) 16/1/1970 Koroba
Clerk Slack, A.T.(T) 12/10/1971 Mendi
Clerk Mika. M.   L.18.3.70.
Clerk Winare, J. 31/12/1970 Ialibu
Clerk Sakopa,K. (T) 21/1/1971 Mendi
Clerk Kneen,B.J. (T) 1/9/1971 Tari
Steno-Secretary Gr.'I Duffy, J. (Mrs) (T)   L.2I.1.70.
Typist Lean, M.A. (Mrs)(T) 16/10/1971 Mendi
Typist Vickers, B.J. (Mrs) (T) 7/8/1971 Mendi
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Ketoto,L. 13/1/1970 Pangia
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Aifarapo,M. 1/8/1970 Nipa
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Maiape,E.L. 24/11/1970 Poroma
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Kumi, P. (T) 13/1/1971 Margarima
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Mission,J. (T) 17/2/1970 Kagua
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Telip,D. (T) 13/1/1970 Pangia
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Vagi,J.M. (T) 21/1/1971 Tari
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Rose,P.A. (Mrs)(T) 14/5/1971 Koroba
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 (Part-time) Hart, D.M. (Mrs)   Komo
Interpreter Loma,K.(a) 24/12/1970 Erave
Interpreter Unsokora,Y. 20/1/1970 Mendi
Interpreter Pendene,K. 1/12/1970 Mendi
Interpreter Karit,S. 23/6/1970 Nipa
Interpreter Peperelya,T. 4/1/1970 Tari
Interpreter Kangate,A. 22/9/1970 Tari
Interpreter Parameli,Y. 24/1/1971 Erave
Interpreter Kamaiyabei,K. 28/11/1970 Erave
Interpreter Ambilinai,P.   L.14.4.70.
Interpreter Kawa,L. 23/1/1971 Ialibu
tlnterpreter Imbiaga,L. 3/1/1970 Tari
Interpreter Suma,P. 19/12/1970 Ialibu
Interpreter Iorei,K. 1/4/1970 Poroma
Interpreter Gwai'ie,S.(T) 19/9/1970 Ialibu
Overseer Di,K. 22/1/1971 m
Overseer Tiri,P. 24/2/1970 Tari
Messenger Agibe,T. 14/2/1970 Tari


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