Abbreviations: L.W.O.P. - Leave Without Pay, (a) - Leave approved to commence on date indication, (a/d) - Deferment to date indicated, (C) - Contract Officer, (T) - Temporary Officer, (U.L.G.) - Urban Local Government
NOTE: The final form of the organisation - functional and physical - of the newly created Department of the Administrator is still under consideration. Proposals and recommendations for the final form which the organisational and functional factors should take in respect of divisions within the new department have still to be made to the Public Service Board. This present "Staff Postings List", is therefore provisional only and MUST not be taken as indicating any finality of form in respect of Divisional situation.
District Commissioner West, M.W.   L.5.7.70.
Deputy District Commissioner Smith,E.V. 17/11/70 Rabaul
District Officer - A.D.C. Muskens,W.H. 2/1/71 Pomio
District Officer - A.D.C. Pitt, A.D.(a/d) 1/6/70 Rabaul
District Officer (Special Duties) O'Sullivan,D.P. 13/2/71 Rabaul
District Officer - A.D.C. Cleland,R.D.M. 11/11/70 Kokopo
District Officer Fenton,P. J. 17/1/71 Rabaul
District Officer (Lands) Biscoe, W.H. 30/6/70 Rabaul
District Officer (S.L.G.O) McNamara,N.G. 12/2/71 Rabaul
Assistant District Officer Van Rikxoort, W.(C) 6/8/70 Pomio
Assistant District Officer O'Reagan, M.V. (C) 30/5/70 Duke of York Is.
Assistant District Officer Read,I.F. 13/10/71 Rabaul
Assistant District Officer Thompson, I.A. 4/8/70 Reimber B.C.
Assistant District Officer O'Donnell,T. 12/6/71 Rabaul
Assistant District Officer Taylor,K.J.(C) 25/7/70 Rabaul
Assistant District Officer Malau,J.K.   L.25.2.70.
Patrol Officer Bloxam, W.H.(C) 25/11/70 Rabaul
Patrol Officer Dargie,R.E.M. (C) 14/8/70 Rabaul
Patrol Officer Lapthorne,G.C. (C) 25/7/70 Bainings B.C.
Patrol Officer Frost,R.(C) 24/3/71 Pomio
Patrol Officer Lupton,P.F.(C)   L.20.6.70.
Patrol Officer Medaris,G.R.(C) 2/10/71 Rabaul
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Hyland,P.H. (C)   L.30.6.70.
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Buising,T.J.(C) 1/1/70 Pomio
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Taylor,K.J.(C) 1/7/70 Bitapaka
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Ward,J.S.(C) 30/3/71 Pomio
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Sutton,J.P.(C) 30/3/71 Kokopo
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Addley,M.G. (C) 30/3/71 Rabaul
Assistant Field Officer Wisio,P.O.(T) 28/4/69 Pomio
Assistant Field Officer Kiliwi,P. 24/12/70 Rabaul
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Mambu,P. 5/2/69 Rabaul
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Konu,E,.L. 10/12/70 Lumi
Local Government Asst. Gr.2 Rerem,I. 23/7/70 Rabaul
Local Government Asst. Gr.1 Topukur, E. 13/2/70 Rabaul
Local Government Asst. Gr.1 Mamalau,E. 6/10/70 Rabaul
Clerk Howitt,G.D. (Mrs) (T) 10/4/70 Rabaul
Clerk Antill, J. (Mrs)(T) 7/1970 Kokopo
Clerk Ahern, M.J. 30/9/70 Rabaul
Clerk Pirit, A. (T) 19/1/71 Kokopo
Clerk Luvapita,P. 23/2/71 Pomio
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Brierley,J.K.(Mrs)   L.6.6.70.
Typist/Actg.Steno-Sec.Gr.1 Daw, J.R.(Mrs)(T) 21/12/70 Rabaul
Typist Baker, I.L.(Mrs)(T) 4/1/71 Kokopo
Typist Kemp, G.(Mrs)(T)   L.27.2.70.
Typist Lee. L.A. (Miss) (T) 15/4/70 Rabaul
Typist Reernan, J.M. (Miss)(T') 17/9/70 Rabaul
Typist Chee, L.E. (Mrs) (T) 11/6/71 Rabaul
Typist (Relief) Benjamin, J.J.(Mrs)(T)   Rabaul
Typist (Relief) Reece, L.E. (Miss) (T) 18/10/71 Kokopo
Clerical Assistant Gr.4 Acquiningo, J.S.(1')   L.23.3.70.
Clerical Assistant Gr.4 Schneider, M.(T) 5/10/71 Rabaul
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Tokidoro, M.T.   LWOp
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Toleba,K. 1/4/69 Kokopo
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Towatawo, S.R. 5/5/70 Rabaul
Clerical Assistant Gr.2/ Makati, J. 31/1/70 Pomio
Actg. Clerk Class 1      
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Turuna, S. 19/1/71 Kokopo
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 August, K. 28/1/71 Rabaul
Overseer Tuakabok, W. 13/3/70 Kokopo
Interpreter Napitalai, A. (Miss)(T) 13/2/70 Rabaul
Plant Operator Kurembari, W.   Kokopo
Messenger Kavia, Y. 15/1/71 Rabaul
Messenger Goro, A. (T) 28/4/70 Rabaul
Deputy District Commissioner/ Carey, A.T.   L.7.5.70.
Actg. District Commissioner      
District Officer/Actg.D.D.C. Fowler,N.F. 9/4/70 Hoskins
District Officer - A.D.C. Campbell,C.T. 29/8/70 Kandrian
District Officer - Actg. D. D. C. Burge, B.W.P. 19/5/70 Kimbe
District Officer - (S.L.G.O) 0'Brien,J.G. 7/10/70 Kimbe
Assistant District Officer Borok,B. 30/1/71 Cape Gloucester
Assistant District Officer/ Kilori,P. 20/1/71 Kimbe
Actg. D.O.      
Assistant District Officer/ Bagita,J. 12/1/70 Kimbe
Actg. D.O.      
Assistant District Officer Reid,D.M.   L.22.5.70.
Assistant District Officer Allen,K.N.J.   L.28.4.70.
Assistant District Officer Dalgleish,D.N. 19/10/71 Hoskins
Patrol Officer Ellem,J.R.(C) 22/3/70 Ewasse
Patrol Officer Leaf, A. (C)   L.6.3.70.
Patrol Officer Dickson,R.L. (C) 22/4/71 Talasea
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Bassett,M.J.(C)   L.10.5.70.
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Topham,R.H.(C) 24/3/70 Kandrian
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Voase,T.C.(C) 26/7/70 Talasea
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Hurn,P.D. (C) 1/7/70 Tamba
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Probyn,C.A. (C) 17/12/70 Kandrian
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Cooper,S.G.(C) 30/3/71 Talasea
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Bunting,A.W.L. (C) 30/7/70 Gloucester
Assistant Field Officer Tavalokol,B.(T) 24/4/70 Hoskins
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Drekoon,H.A. 1/5/70 Hoskins
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) John,L.   L.19.3.70.
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Turan,A. 28/1/70 Kandrian
Field Assistant Tauka,R.U. 25/11/70 Talasea
Local Government Asst. Gr.2 Enos,S.   L.14.2.70.
Clerk Fletcher,K.F. (T) 20/10/71 Kimbe
Clerk Tyson,N.K. (C) 4/8/70 Kimbe
Clerk Kowah, A. (T) 4/2/70 Kandrian
Clerk (Part-time) Farrar, M.L.(Mrs)(T)   Kandrian
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Allexander,E.M.(Mrs)(T) 18/5/71 Kimbe
Typist Barker,L.E.(Miss) 24/8/71 Kimbe
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Ingram,B.B. (Mrs)(T) 6/11/70 Hoskins
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Towartir,K. 23/6/70 Hoskins
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Raka, J.W. 26/1/71 Kimbe
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Tavara,E. 4/9/70 Hoskins
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Tobel,A. 17/12/70 Talasea
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Tokava,E. 23/12/70 Gloucester
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Mou,G. (T) 7/1/71 Hoskins
Storeman/Actg. Clerical Asst.Gr.1 Ari,J.(a/d) 28/7/70 Kimbe
Storeman Tori,M.(T) 4/11/70 Kimbe
Storeman Manjali,M. 21/3/70 Talasea
District Commissioner Williams,H.L. 1/8/70 Kavieng
Deputy District Commissioner Brightwell,M.W. 1/7/71 Kavieng
District Officer McCabe,B.A.   L.24.3.70.
District Officer - A.D.C. Redmond,H.J. 16/5/70 Namatanai
District Officer Whitehead,P.G.   L.5.3.70.
District Officer - A.D.C. Cockburn,M.J. 2/3/71 Kavieng
District Officer - (Lands) Tuohy,I.B. 23/2/71 Kavieng
Assistant District Officer Batterham,B.J. 23/4/70 Konos
Assistant District Officer Bouraga,P. (a/d) 6/12/70 Kavieng
Assistant District Officer Brady,J.D. (C)   L.16.4.70.
Assistant District Officer Randolph R.E. (C) 12/12/70 Taskul
Assistant District Officer Day, M.D. (C)   L.13.4.70.
Patrol Officer Donovan,D.M. (C) 11/4/70 Namatanai
Patrol Officer Wallensky, A. (C) 16/3/71 Kavieng
Patrol Officer Karnups,V.P. (C) 19/6/71 Taskul
Patrol Officer Edwards,P.S. (C) 11/6/71 Taskul
Patrol Officer Vele, V. 9/12/70 Kavieng
Patrol Officer Parson,W. (C) 11/8/71 Namatamai
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68.) Saker,R.G.(C) 16/4/70 Palakau
Asst, Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Abernethy,J.I. (C) 1/7/70 Kavieng
Asst, Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) O'Brien,G.W. (C) 9/7/70 Namatanai
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Robson,N.T. (C) 17/12/70 Konos
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) McSweyn, I. G. (C) 18/4/71 Kavieng
Assistant Field. Officer Angua, W. 11/8/70 Kavieng
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Tawia,M.M. 30/1/70 Kavieng
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Towa,M. 6/2/70 Kavieng
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Suraka, S. 20/1/07 Kavieng
Field Assistant Posua,J. (T) 17/7/70 Kavieng
Local Government Assistant Gr.2 Noah,D.P.(a/d) 19/6/70 Kavieng
Clerk Lawton,G.M. (C) 4/12/70 Kavieng
Clerk Langau, I . 12/1/71 Kavieng
Clerk Chee,A.P. (T) 8/1/71 Namatanai
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Toomey,D.L. (Mrs) (T)   L.21.5.70
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 (Relief) Wallensky. S.   Kavieng
Typist Cockburn,M.A. (Mrs)(T) 29/6/71 Kavieng
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Tamepakan,J. 8/7/69 Kavieng
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Donovan,M.M. (Mrs)(T) 27/7/71 Namatanai
Clerical Assistant Gr.1/ Tobul,G. 16/12/70 Kavieng
Actg. Gr.2      
Clerical Assistant Gr.1/ Benroi,S. 22/4/70 Kavieng
Actg. Clerk      
Outboard Motor Operator Langai,P.S. (T) 10/3/70 Kavieng
Outboard Motor Operator Sakaing,T.M.(T) 10/3/70 Kavieng
Outboard Motor Operator Kutkutua,P. 28/8/70 Palakau
Outboard Motor Operator Baitaspinas, G. T. (T) 10/3/70 Taskul
Outboard Motor Operator Lapan,M. (T) 5/2/71 Kavieng
Messenger Lapaea,B.(T) 5/2/71 Kavieng
District Commissioner Gow,A.F. 3/8/1971 Lorengau
Deputy District Commissioner Born,R.W.H.   L.7.8.70.
District Officer Burfoot G.R. 7/5/1971 Lorengau
Patrol Officer/actg. District Officer Cunningham,M.J. (C) 10/10/1970 Lorengau
Patrol Officer Poga,K. 22/5/1970 Lorengau
Patrol Officer Blyth,J.R.(C) 7/4/1971 Lorengau
Asst. Patrol Officer (app.24.6.68) Bartlett,C.A.M. (C)(a) 24/3/1970 Lorengau
Asst. Patrol Officer (app.1.10.68) Johnson,L.B. (C) 1/7/1970 Lorengau
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Bori,J. 15/12/1970 Lorengau
Clerk Wright,P. (T) 10/11/1971 Lorengau
Clerk Lopes,G. (Mrs)(T)   L.23.3.70.
Clerk Pongi,M.(T) 13/1/1971 Lorengau
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Hiscox, O.(Mrs)(T) 15/9/1971 Lorengau
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Nere,N.(T) 23/12/1970 Lorengau
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Dromoi,A.   L.19.3.70.
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Kava,M. 5/3/1970 Lorengau
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Lapeap,N.(T) 17/2/1971 Lorengau
Overseer Kamit,N.   L.10.3.70.
District Commissioner Ashton,D.N. 11/1/71 Kieta
Deputy District Commissioner Brown,W.T.   L.1.4.70.
Deputy District Commissioner Hearne,R.F. 3/11/71 Kieta
Deputy District Commissioner Bottrill,A.H. 17/8/71 Hutjena
District Officer - A.D.C. Lang,M. 23/11/71 Buin
District Officer Hoad,R.A.(a/d) 15/2/70 Buin
District Officer - A.D.C. Hanrahan,K.J.P. 16/7/70 Hutjena
District Officer Henderson,R.W. 15/1/71 Barapina
District Officer - A.D.C. Grant, N. J. 9/2/71 Kieta
District Officer Sanderson,C.G. 1/6/71 Boku
District Officer/Actg. D.D.C. Moorhouse,D.B. 28/7/70 Kieta
District Officer MacKellar,M.L. 30/8/71 Kieta
District Officer Tierney,J.F.   L.5.3.70.
Assistant District Officer Deverell,R.A. 13/8/71 Tinputz
Assistant District Officer/ Sage,M.P.C. 11/1/71 Kieta
Actg. D.O. (S.L.G.O)      
Assistant District Officer Bell,M.F. (C) 20/11/71 Kieta
Assistant District Officer Gibson,S.J.(C)(a)   L.25.10.70.
Assistant District Officer Melville,A.S.   L.10.3.70.
Assistant District Officer Wohlers,P.J.(C) 22/4/70 Kieta
Assistant District Officer McDonald,D.I.(C) 19/11/70 Hutjena
Assistant District Officer Dent,G.C.(C) 9/11/71 Hutjena
Patrol Officer Kelliher,T.M.(C) 7/12/70 Boku
Patrol Officer Balfour-Ogilvy,H.L.(C)   L.8.3.70.
Patrol Officer Gregory,R.W.(C)   L.23.5.70.
Patrol Officer Heggen,M.W. (C) 7/12/70 Kieta
Patrol Officer McLay,A.J.(C) 28/8/70 Wakunai
Patrol Officer Schweinfurth,G.G. (C) 23/3/70 Kunua
Patrol Officer Steven,J.G.(6) 24/3/70 Konga
Patrol Officer Laming,P.B.(C) 4/8/70 Kieta
Patrol Officer Russell-Pell,J.(C) 28/7/70 Kieta
Patrol Officer Tabua,C. 2/1/70 Buin
Patrol Officer Walshe,P.J. (C) 29/2/71 Kieta
Patrol Officer Gyngell,J.R. (C) 16/3/71 Kunua
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Priestly,S.F.(C) 1/7/70 Buin
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Roadknight,A.J. (C) 1/7/70 Tinputz
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Widdup,M.A. 30/3/71 Kieta
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Dodd,D.R.(C) 22/7/70 Kieta
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Van Staveren,P. (C) 14/5/71 Buin
Assistant Field Officer Tanu,T. 13/1/71 Hutjena
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Uyassi,Y. 12/2/69 Kieta
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Kathimooley,D. 26/2/70 Kieta
Local Government Officer Oaeke,C. 6/1/71 Boku
Local Government Assistant Gr.2 Kiaku,D.M. 1/12/70 Buin
Local Government Assistant Gr.2 Vosivai,J. 11/4/70 Tinputz
Clerk Altus,E.J. (C) 30/3/71 Kieta
Clerk Mortimore,M.F. (T) 24/3/70 Buin
Clerk Onaisi,J.B.   L23.1.70.
Clerk Berry,H.L. (C) 18/11/70 Kieta
Clerk Tukan,S.(T) 13/10/70 Hutjena
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Preston,G.(Mrs)(T) 22/1/71 LWOP
Stenographer Gr.1/Actg. Chettle,J.M.(Miss)(C) 18/1/71 Kieta
Steno-Sec. Gr.1      
Typist Doyle,E.F.(Mrs)(T) 4/6/71 Hutjena
Typist Altus ,C.A. (Mrs) (T) 14/4/71 Kieta
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Kiha,S.   L.2.3.70.
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Forova, S. 7/1/70 Kieta
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Minsipi,M.L. 8/1/71 Buin
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Pospoi,C.   L.28.2.70.
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Manio,P. (a) 28/7/70 Hutjena
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Kakinoru,F.(T)   L.16.2.70.
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Ugua, P.(T) 2/2/71 Buin
Storeman Lolowa, J. 5/5/70 Kieta
Storeman Laukai, P. 10/4/70 Buin
Overseer Mirintai, D. 23/9/70 Kieta
Overseer Vasiovi, P.S. 25/1/71 Kieta


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