Abbreviations: L.W.O.P. - Leave Without Pay, (a) - Leave approved to commence on date indication, (a/d) - Deferment to date indicated, (C) - Contract Officer, (T) - Temporary Officer, (U.L.G.) - Urban Local Government
NOTE: The final form of the organisation - functional and physical - of the newly created Department of the Administrator is still under consideration. Proposals and recommendations for the final form which the organisational and functional factors should take in respect of divisions within the new department have still to be made to the Public Service Board. This present "Staff Postings List", is therefore provisional only and MUST not be taken as indicating any finality of form in respect of Divisional situation.
District Commissioner Seale, H.P. 2/12/1970 Lae
Deputy District Commissioner Bunting, B.   L.15.6.70.
District Officer (S.L.G.O) Hayes,J.F. 3/3/1971 Lae
District Officer/Actg. S.L.G.O. Carroll, M.F. 17/11/1971 Finschhafen
District Officer - A. D. C. Seefeld,P.A.F.   L.20.5.70.
District Officer - A. D. C. Haviland, F.E. 21/12/1970 Kaiapit
District Officer - A. D. C. Hardy,G.G. 11/11/1970 Lae
District Officer Lucas,N.D.   L.25.5.70.
Assistant District Officer Wilson,P.E. 31/10/1970 Finschhafen
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Absalom, J.A.I. 7/4/1971 Kabwum
D.O. - A.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer Cooke,A.E.   L.26.2.70.
Assistant District Officer Bradbury,J. 2/9/1970 Lae
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Koe,B. 7/5/1970 Wau
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Lancaster,P.J. 17/6/1970 Menyamya
D.O. - A.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer Hatherly,R.E.   L.12.5.70.
Assistant District Officer Morris,N.W. 29/4/1970 Lae
Assistant District Officer Connor,G.C.(C)   L.27.3.70.
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Kerr,P.R. 12/1/1971 Mumeng
D.O. - A.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer Simpson,P.H.(C) 18/4/1970 Aseki
Assistant District Officer Kelly,B.J. (C) 26/3/1971 Finschhafen
Assistant District Officer Larkins,T.H.(C) 13/12/1970 Wantoat
Assistant District Officer/ Noblet,A.J. 31/8/1971 Lae
Actg. D.O.      
Patrol Officer Warren, W.H.   L.6.3.70.
Patrol Officer Sandell,K.G.T. (C) 14/3/1970 Wau
Patrol Officer Richardson,N.A. 9/2/1971 Mumeng
Patrol Officer Pvlorrison,R.P. (C) 23/11/1971 Wasu
Patrol Officer Stewart,C.A.(C) 23/4/1970 Garaina
Patrol Officer Slough,M.P. (C) 23/3/1970 Sialum
Patrol Officer Luscombe,P.C.(C) 13/11/1970 Siassi
Patrol Officer Smith,P.M. (C) 10/3/1970 Boana
Patrol Officer Williams, G.E. (C) 31/5/1970 Menyamya
Patrol Officer Hicks,L.C. (C) 28/3/1971 Mumeng
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) White, S.J.(C) 24/3/1970 Morobe
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Russell, P.E.(C) 24/3/1970 Kaiapit
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Wilkinson,W.R. (C) 24/3/1970 Kabwum
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Turner, D.S. (C) 14/7/1970 Kabwum
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) White, W.A. (C) 1/7/1970 Menyamya
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Cutlack,S.S. (C) 17/12/1970 Wau
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Elder,P.W. (C) 17/12/1970 Finschhafen
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Hitzke,P.J. (C) 30/3/1971 Aseki
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Inchley,B.D.C. (C) 30/3/1971 Kaiapit
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Nilan,J.G. (C) 30/3/1971 Mumeng
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Oates,P.D.(C) 30/3/1971 Pindiu
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Charlton,R. W. (C)   LWOP
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Cottingham,S.C.(C) 18/4/1971 Boana
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Draffan,R.J. (C) 18/4/1971 Wasu
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Long,C.H. (C) 18/4/1971 Aseki
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Nicholls,C.W. (C) 18/4/1971 Wantoat
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Stark,A.P. (C) 18/4/1971 Lae
Assistant Field Officer Henao,B.T. (a/d) 5/4/1970 Finschhafen
Assistant Field Officer Apa,L.G. 24/12/1970 Lae
Assistant Field Officer Joseph,N. 11/11/1970 Wau
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Wafingian,J. 13/12/1970 Lae
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer Bowame,G. 30/1/1971 Wau
Local Government Officer Tomutmut, W.P. (a/d) 30/4/1970 Sialum
Local Government Officer Asiba, G. 11/6/1970 Finschhafen
Local Government Asst. Gr.1 Ietero, D. (T) 6/3/1970 Wau
Clerk Henderson,J.N. (T) 16/6/1971 Lae
Clerk Eccleston,R.J. (T) 14/10/1970 Wau
Clerk Bunting,N.(Mrs)(T)   L.11.6.70.
Clerk Kakai,K. 1/9/1970 Aseki
Clerk Mavara, N. (T)   L.4.2.70.
Clerk Eddy,L. (Mrs)(T)   Finschhafen
Clerk Temeva,D.(T) 14/2/1970 Boana
Clerk Aigal, J. 8/1/1971 Lae
Clerk Morris, A.P. (Miss) 9/11/1971 Lae
Clerk (Relief) Murray, J.L. (Mrs )   Lae
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Harrison,D.G. (Mrs)(T)   Lae
Typist Garrick,O.(Mrs)(T)   L.17.3.70.
Typist Healy,C.E.(Mrs)(T)   LWOP
Typist Stuart,J.(Miss)(T) 23/9/1970 Lae
Typist Russell,M.J.B. (Mrs)(T) 15/1/1971 Kaiapit
Typist (U.L.G.) Forbes,J.(Miss)(T) 17/8/1971 Lae
Typist (Relief) Wood, B. (Mrs ) (T)   Wau
Clerical Asst. Gr.3 Gebo,L.   L.22.1.70.
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Babai,H. 25/4/1970 Finschhafen
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Oida,G.P. 13/1/1970 Morobe
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Tau,M. 25/3/1970 Lae
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Lelenga,I.S. (a/d) 28/1/1971 Kabwum
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Wala,A. 2/8/1970 Siassi
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Eoe,M.B.(a/d) 19/2/1970 Menyamya
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Parure,A. (T) 24/4/1970 Wau
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Aigana,W.   LWOP
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Zurecnuoc,R.(T) 23/12/1970 Finschhafen
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Kepuctong,C. (T)   L.18.1.70
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Mangas,J.(T)(a/d) 1/7/1969 Kaiapit
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Luther,A. (T) 30/1/1971 Lae
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Jepure,E. 10/1/1970 Sialum
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Urovo, S. (T) 4/2/1971 Aseki
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Papo,S.(T) 5/2/1971 Wasu
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Pokayou, (T) 27/1/1971 Mumeng
Interpreter Maswas,Y. 20/4/1970 Menyamya
Interpreter Aiwoakata,K.   L.12.1.70.
Storeman Hohouba,P. 13/1/1971 Wasu
Storeman Asagamakau'o,Y. 1/5/1970 Menyamya
Overseer Kokopo,A. 18/12/1970 Menyamya
Overseer Wugo, Y. 24/1/1970 Itabwum
Messenger Fairi, H. 28/4/1970 Lae
District Commissioner Clifton-Bassett,D. 28/2/1971 Madang
Deputy District Commissioner Kelly,W.J.C. 28/2/1971 Madang
District Officer Browne,R.C.   L.13.4.70.
District Officer - (S.L.G.O) Richardson,H.A.   L.12.8.70.
District Officer - (S.L.G.O) Downes, B.A.   L.11.2.70.
District Officer Pike, G.D. 11/9/1971 Madang
District Officer - A.D.C. Smith,R.L. 11/4/1970 Madang
District Officer - (Lands) Carter,G.F. 10/11/1970 Madang
Assistant District Officer Read,W.R.   L.20.3.70.
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Bailey,G.E. 27/12/1970 Saidor
District Officer - A.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer Willard,R. 14/3/1970 Karkar
Assistant District Officer Ingram,P.L.   L.8.5.70.
Assistant District Officer Kotauga,M. 16/1/1970 Karkar
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Lindsay,D.C. 13/5/1970 Bogia
District Officer - A.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer Nixon,T.R.(C)(a/d) 2/7/1970 Bogia
Assistant District Officer/Actg. Colton,P.N. 14/2/1971 Madang
District Officer - (S.L.G.O)      
Assistant District Officer Willis, R.S. 12/10/1971 Madang
Assistant District Officer Sisley,P.N, (C)   L.21.4.70.
Assistant District Officer Humfrey,J.(C) 24/12/1970 Madang
(Special Duties Headquarters)      
Patrol Officer Hubbard,T.J.(C) 27/10/1971 Bundi
Patrol Officer Kraehenbul, P.J. (C)   L.24.5.70.
Patrol Officer Stoddart,M.A. (C) 23/3/1970 Madang
Patrol Officer Ahe, N.G. 24/10/1970 Bogia
Patrol Officer Douglas, M.A. (C) 15/12/1970 Bogia
Patrol Officer Rheeny,H.O. 31/12/1969 Usino
Patrol Officer Cotton, F.P.(C) 27/5/1971 Simbai
Patrol Officer Galvin, D.R. (C) 3/4/1970 Aiome
Patrol Officer Orme, I.G. (C) 19/3/1971 Josephstaal
Patrol Officer Robins, S.E. (C) 23/3/1971 Bogia
Patrol Officer McNaught, A. (C) 29/12/1971 Aiome
Patrol Officer Aila, D.R. 5/2/1969 Madang
Patrol Officer Naveama K. 6/2/1969 Madang
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Swaine, G.C. (C) (a/d) 1/8/1970 Madang
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Palmer, J.N.L.(C) 24/3/1970 Karkar
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Somers, P.J. (C) 1/7/1970 Saidor
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Gough, J.A. (C) 15/4/1971 Usino
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Alcorta, F.X.(C) 17/12/1970 Saidor
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Brady, J.L. 30/3/1971 Madang
Assistant Field Officer Samae,J.(T)   L.1.1.70.
Assistant Field Officer Luther,M.   L.11.4.70.
Trainee (Assistant Field Officer) Malol, B. 26/1/1971 Madang
Local Government Officer Iamau,T.   L.24.2.70.
Local Government Officer Tauni, V. 30/1/1971 Madang
Local Government Officer Kipop 26/1/1971 Madang
Local Government Asst. Gr.2 Tabogani, T.C.(a) 9/3/1970 Madang
Local Government Asst. Gr.2 Togavul, U. 4/3/1970 Bogia
Clerk Hennell , R.W.G. 6/8/1970 Madang
Clerk Stanley, J.G.(C)(a/d) 4/8/1970 Bogia
Clerk Marshall, H. (Miss) (C) 16/3/1971 Madang
Clerk Miller, G.D. (C) 11/4/1971 Madang
Clerk Mapue, A. (T) 4/9/1970 Bundi
Clerk Aroma, J.(T) 21/1/1970 Usino
Typist Weichert, V. (Mrs) (T) 16/11/1971 Tuadang
Typist Anis, D. (Miss) (T)   LWOP
Typist Singleton, R.B.(Mrs)(T) 6/7/1971 Madang
Typist (U.L.G.) Clift, J.B.C. (Mrs)(T ) 7/8/1971 Madang
Typist Pike, M.P. (Mrs) (T) 14/10/1971 Madang
Typist Wanggum, M. (Miss)(T) 8/12/1970 Madang
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Semese, E. 2/12/1971 Madang
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Mai,L.(a/d) 23/1/1971 Karkar
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Elai,H. 9/1/1971 Saidor
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Milibur,G. 26/8/1970 Bogia
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Koromi,W. 27/1/1970 Aiome
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Anton,J.(a/d) 7/6/1970 Saidor
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Douglas,V.M. (Mrs)(T) 24/12/1970 Bogia
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Sibut,F. 8/1/1971 Bogia
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Gambu,J.(T) 7/2/1970 Simbai
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 (Part-time) Willard, R.E. (Mrs) (T)   Karkar
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Timo,P.(T) 20/3/1970 Aiome
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Dep, E.(T)(a/d) 27/3/1970 Madang
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Gaibili, G. (T) 15/2/1970 Madang
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Wakor,L. (T) 30/10/1970 Karkar
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Belgam,G. 12/1/1971 Madang
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Kanage,R.P. (T) 19/1/1971 Bogia
Interpreter Monikgi, S. 10/11/1970 Simbai
Interpreter Baiyang,K. 23/10/1970 Simbai
Storeman Apuai, U. 11/8/1970 Karkar
Outboard Motor Operator Lungul, B.(T) 10/2/1970 A
Messenger Bass,K.   L.14.3.70.
District Commissioner Hicks,E.G. 5/5/1971 Wewak
Deputy District Commissioner Leen,B.K. 14/10/1971 Wewak
District Officer Young-Whitford, F. St.J. 12/12/1970 Wewak
District Officer - A.D.C. Corrigan,J.C. 17/6/1970 Ambunti
District Officer - A.D.C. Faulkner,F.H. 3/7/1970 Angoram
District Officer - A.D.C. Maroney,D.P. (a/d) 23/10/1970 we
District Officer - A.D.C. NeaL, M..V. 12/1/1971 Maprik
Asst. District Officer/Actg. Haynes, F.J.L. 1/1/1970 Wewak
D.O. (S.L.G.O)      
Asst. District Officer Tomlinson, M.E. 15/4/1970 May River
Asst. District Officer Bartlett, J.R.(a/d) 1/5/1970 Angoram
Asst. District Officer Wetzel, H.B. (C)   L.10.3.70.
Asst. District Officer Mack, H.K. (C) 9/4/1970 Dreikikir
Asst. District Officer Cresswick, A.R. (C)(a/d) 4/3/1970 Maprik
Asst. District Officer Hamilton,G.R.(C) 3/4/1970 Wewak
Asst. District Officer Buttner, C.A. 18/11/1971 Dreikikir
Patrol Officer Wearne,K.P. (C) (a/d) 1/7/1970 Wewak
Patrol Officer Pennefather,D.H. (C) 19/5/1970 May River
Patrol Officer Rawlings, C.J. (C) (a/d) 7/8/1970 Maprik
Patrol Officer Dreise,H.L. (C) 10/1/1971 Yangoru
Patrol Officer Blackburn,R.C.(C) 23/3/1971 Kubalia
Patrol Officer McKay, P. (C) 20/3/1971 Kubalia
Patrol Officer Watts, G.S. (C) 20/3/1971 Yangoru
Patrol Officer White, J.E. C) 7/8/1971 Wewak
Patrol Officer Agg, D.H. (C) 11/11/1971 Wewak
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Payler,B.D. (C) 24/3/1970 May River
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Dowd, W.M. (C) 24/3/1970 Angoram
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Cross, W.E. (C) 24/3/1970 Angoram
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Payne, F.G. (C) 1/7/1970 Amboin
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Den Oudsten, G.F. (C) 1/7/1970 Pagwi
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Bowers, J.E. (C) 17/12/1970 Angoram
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Skinner,B.M. (C) 30/3/1971 Maprik
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Packer,K.J.(C) 30/3/1971 Ambunti
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Lachal, R.P. (C) 18/4/1971 Maprik
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Maher, D.J. (C) 18/4/1971 Kubalia
Asst. Field Officer Rupa, L.I. 19/1/1971 Wewak
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Veratau,H. 20/12/1970 Ambunti
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Tau,V. Suspended Wewak
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Kumou,S.   L.2.3.70.
Local Government Officer Tofoambu,L. 19/1/1970 Angoram
Local Government Asst. Gr.2 Ilawa, P.R. 13/10/1970 Ambunti
Clerk Fairfax,P.L. (C) 12/1/1971 Maprik
Clerk Bosgard, D.G. 19/10/1971 Angoram
Clerk Roberts,P.J. (T) 3/9/1970 Wewak
Clerk Piesi,F. 22/1/1970 Dreikikir
Clerk Smith,H.P. (Mrs) (T)   L.20.5.70.
Clerk Rahu, L. 18/12/1970 Ambunti
Clerk Kaisu, C. (Miss) 10/2/1970 Wewak
Clerk Ganigian, E. (Miss)(T)(a) 3/2/1971 Maprik
Clerk Jip, W.P. 11/2/1970 Wewak
Clerk Pickering, A.F. (C) 30/1/1971 Wewak
Clerk Bable, G. (T) 12/1/1971 Wewak
Clerk (Relief) Kassi,V.E. (Mrs)   Wewak
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Harrold, B.A. (Mrs)(T) 16/6/1971 Wewak
Typist Tang, E. (Mrs) (T) 17/2/1970 Wewak
Typist Faulkner, R.E.(Mrs)(T) 15/8/1970 Angoram
Typist Rupa, M. (Mrs) 19/1/71 Wewak
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Nambilihap, B. 8/1/70 Maprik
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Wokolan, F. 20/5/70 Wewak
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Paichua, J.(a/d) 1/6/70 Maprik
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Bomboman, D. 3/1/71 Maprik
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Bosien, W. (T) 23/1/70 Ambunti
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Ulaipo, J.P.   L.2.3.70.
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Dusigui, G. 26/3/70 Dreikikir
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Louis, I. (T) 11/2/71 Angoram
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Bayam, M. (T) 28/1/71 Wewak
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Willie, F. (T) 30/1/71 Wewak
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Yupi, A.W. (T ) 30/1/71 Maprik
Storeman Madjidu, T. 15/1/70 Yangoru
Storeman Kami, K. 8/11/70 Angoram
Storeman Wgibang, S. 11/7/70 Ambunti
Overseer Manbokame, P. 28/4/70 Dreikikir
Outboard Motor Operator Kubu, T.(T) 21/3/70 Amboin
Outboard Motor Operator Wusuai, Y.F.(T) 17/4/70 Pagwi
Outboard Motor Operator Wabino, S.(T) 17/4/70 May River
Outboard Motor Operator Jenguan, P.(T) 17/4/70 Ambunti
Outboard Motor Operator Tombolo, P.(T) 17/4/70 Ambunti
Outboard Motor Operator Itike, B. (T) 17/4/70 Angoram
Outboard Motor Operator Yarafy, P.(T) 17/4/70 Angoram
District Commissioner Wakeford,J.E. 16/9/71 Vanimo
Deputy District Commissioner Kent,J.W. 6/5/70 Vanimo
District Officer Bergin,T.R. 27/1/71 Vanimo
District Officer (S.L.G.O) Bridges,L.G.   L.3.4.70.
District Officer - A.D.C. Gall,P.S. 5/6/71 Telefomin
District Officer Broadhurst,P.J.A. TBA Lumi
District Officer Roach, J.H.   L.16.3.70.
Assistant District Officer/ Fairhall,R.T. 20/2/71 Lumi
Actg. D.O.      
Assistant District Officer/ Russell,P.J. 20/10/70 Aitape
Actg. D.O. - A.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer/ Pryke,M.A. 27/4/70 Imonda
Actg. D.O.      
Assistant District Officer Fischer,B.M. 10/4/70 Telefomin
Assistant District Officer/ Anglin,F.C. 20/8/70 Amanab
Actg. D.O. - A.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer Kelly,K.R. 9/10/71 Vanimo
Assistant District Officer/ Van.R. Claasen,D.E. 10/4/71 Pagei
Actg. D.O.      
Assistant District Officer Wright,A.S. 29/7/71 Vanimo
Assistant District Officer Dangerfield,C.P. 29/5/70 Aitape
Assistant District Officer Smitmanis,I.J.   L.29.2.70.
Patrol Officer Koibo,J. 13/1/70 Lumi
Patrol Officer Donaldson,P.K.(C) 23/3/70 Nuku
Patrol Officer Murphy,K.E. (C) 10/4/71 Aitape
Patrol Officer Hutchings,R. (C) 17/3/71 Sissano
Patrol Officer Black,K.S. (C) 16/4/71 Telefomin
Patrol Officer/Actg.D.O. - A.D.C. Henke,G.M. (C) 17/3/71 Wutung
Patrol Officer Beard,A.R. (C) 12/11/71 Nuku
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Mitchell, N.L. (C) 24/3/70 Green R.
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) McCombe,D.J.(C) 24/3/70 Oksapmin
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Kitchens,K.W.(C) 1/7/70 Pagei
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.23.10.68) Welsh,A.R.(C) 9/8/70 Imonda
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Morrison,M.J.P. (C) 17/12/70 Vanimo
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Lewis,I.E. (C) 30/3/71 Pagei
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) O'Brien, M.P. (C) 30/3/71 Lumi
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Andrews, D.L. (C) 18/4/71 Green R.
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Hazlewood, A.J. (C) 18/4/71 Amanab
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Piert, A.G. (C) 18/4/71 Aitape
Assistant Field Officer Tawe, J. 12/3/70 Aitape
Assistant Field Officer Wura, H. 10/3/70 Vanimo
Assistant Field Officer Tuka, E.(a) 28/2/70 Aitape
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Sangkol, M. 5/2/69 Aitape
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Yogiyo,L. 12/12/70 Vanimo
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Pisa,J. 17/12/70 Lumi
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Eliaser,S.   L.12.3.70.
Local Govt. Asst. Gr.2 Bundari, G.(a/d) 18/6/70 Telefomin
Local Govt. Asst. Gr.2 Tukan.L. 20/2/70 Amanab
Local Govt. Asst. Gr.2 Ahi, B. 29/3/70 Pagei
Clerk McCraw,G.C. (C)   L.24.4.70.
Clerk Tauk,M. (Miss) (T) 27/4/70 Aitape
Clerk Sale, A. 28/10/70 Pagei
Clerk Tawe,R. (T) 16/1/70 Aitape
Clerk Wellington,L.C. (T) 13/2/71 Vanimo
Clerk Paumere,F. (T) 18/2/71 Vanimo
Typist Malone,L. (Miss) (T) 16/1/71 Vanimo
Typist Wellington, L.M. (Mrs)(T) 13/2/71 Vanimo
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Elavo,T.I. 10/11/70 Amanab
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Natally,C. 3/3/70 Telefomin
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Sut, B. 22/9/70 Vanimo
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Taule, M.   LWOP
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Alfed, I. (a) 17/2/70 Vanimo
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Nayu, M. 12/1/71 Lumi
Interpreter Uriap,B.   L.16.3.70.
Interpreter Kmase, M. 6/3/70 Green R.
Interpreter Bomengin,T. 25/1/71 Telefomin
Interpreter Dutikmosep,S. 3/12/70 Telefomin
Interpreter Ukikiok,S. 24/11/70 Telefomin
Storeman Kapoti, K.U. 20/5/70 Aitape
Storeman Kombe,B. 28/7/70 Aitape
Overseer Hibli,L. 22/4/70 Vanimo
Overseer Kambual, J. 6/5/70 Aitape
Overseer Mebunisep,S. 26/3/70 Telefomin


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