Abbreviations: L.W.O.P. - Leave Without Pay, (a) - Leave approved to commence on date indication, (a/d) - Deferment to date indicated, (C) - Contract Officer, (T) - Temporary Officer, (U.L.G.) - Urban Local Government
NOTE: The final form of the organisation - functional and physical - of the newly created Department of the Administrator is still under consideration. Proposals and recommendations for the final form which the organisational and functional factors should take in respect of divisions within the new department have still to be made to the Public Service Board. This present "Staff Postings List", is therefore provisional only and MUST not be taken as indicating any finality of form in respect of Divisional situation.
District Commissioner Galloway, R.T. 19/5/1970 Moresby
Deputy District Commissioner Brown, K.A. 3/12/1970 Moresby
District Officer - A.D.C. Hardy,G.P. 27/12/1970 Tapini
District Officer Fitzer, J.D. 23/11/1971 Moresby
District Officer - A.D.C. Green R.J. 9/9/1970 Moresby
District Officer - A.D.C. Benham,E.W. 23/8/1970 Bereina
District Officer Orwin,R.G. 6/11/1970 Moresby
Assistant District Officer/ Downes,T.J. 1/5/1971 Kwikila
Actg. D.O. - D.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer VVeber,R.E. 2/4/1970 Woitape
Assistant District Officer Graham,W.J.S. 20/10/1970 Kwikila
Assistant District Officer Roberts, R.C. 2/4/1971 Bereina
Assistant District Officer Briggs,P.A. (a/d) 1/11/1970 Moresby
Actg. D.O.      
Assistant District Officer Memafu, K. 30/1/1971 Kwikila
Assistant District Officer Brown, R.J.(C) 17/4/1970 Bereina
Assistant District Officer Newton,T G. 6/10/1971 Moresby
Patrol Officer Clayton,G.L. (C) 7/4/1971 Maresby.
Patrol Officer Adams, J.J.(C 5/2/1971 Magarida
Patrol Officer Rofe,P.I.(C)   L.26.3.70.
Patrol Officer Phillipe, R.B.(C)   L.25.2.70.
Patrol Officer Williams,G.J.(C)   L.13.3.70.
Patrol Officer Ede, B.R.(C)(a/d) Jan. 1970 Kupiano
Patrol Officer Lock, A. (C) 12/11/1970 Moresby
Patrol Officer Barrett,T.J.(C) 28/7/1970 Tapini
Patrol Officer Niland,R.K. (C 6/1/1971 Woitape
Patrol Officer Power, R.A. (C   L.28.3.70.
Patrol Officer Lowe, M.J. (C) 20/11/1971 Tapini
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Henton, D.B.(C) 24/3/1970 Bereina
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Jansen,J.M.(C) 24/3/1970 Moresby
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Ryan,P.R. (C 26/3/1970 Kwikila
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Greblo, P.A. (C) 1/7/1970 Guari
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Christie,D.J.(C) 17/12/1970 Bereina
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Hopkins, R.L.(C) 30/3/1971 Moresby
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Hayward, A.L.M. (C 30/3/1971 Bereina
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.20.1.70) Wilson,R.J. (C) 20/10/1971 Bereina
Assistant Field Officer Gwaibo,T.O. 29/12/1970 Kwikila
Assistant Field Officer Viritoga, G. 13/1/1971 Moresby
Assistant Field Officer Gamu, R. 2/6/1970 Moresby
Local Government Asst. Grade 2 Teio,R. 24/1/1971 Tapini
Clerk Holdup,R.C.(T)(a/d) 28/6/1970 Tapini
Clerk Bell,J.I.P.(C 15/5/1971  
Clerk Mehegan,J.F. (C) 30/1/1970 Moresby
Clerk King, E.M. (Mrs)(T) 22/10/1969 Moresby
Clerk Williams,M.I. (Mrs)(T)   L.21.1.70.
Clerk (Relief) Folkes,S. (Miss)   Moresby
Clerk (Sir Hubert Murray Trust) Bishop,C.(Miss)(T) 6/10/1971  
Clerk Rabura, M. (C)   L.19.2.70.
Clerk Aihi,R. (T)   L.3.3.70.
Clerk (Relief) Rosser,E.T (Mrs)(T)   Kwikila
Clerk Kneen,B.J.(T) 1/9/1971 Moresby
Clerk Babona, N. (T) 2/2/1971 Kwikila
Clerk Daule, G.(T) 16/2/1971 Moresby
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Ross,W.B (Mrs)(T) 4/6/1971 Moresby
Typist Hardy, J.A. (Mrs)(T) 6/3/1971 Moresby
Typist Morris,M.U.(Miss)(T)(a) 1/1/1970 Moresby
Typist Power, M.M. (Mrs)(T)   L.9.2.70.
Typist Baki, L.(Miss)(T) 22/1/1971 Bereina
Typist Kekeao, I. (Miss)(T)   Moresby
Typist Masters, M.A. (Miss)(T) 1/10/1971 Tapini
Typist (U.L.G.) Brady, K.F.(Mrs)(T) 1/6/1971 Moresby
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Taunakekei,P. (a) 7/01/1971 Kwikila
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Idau,V.(a/d) 21/04/1970 Moresby
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Baupua,A.B.(a/d) 23/05/1970 Bereina
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Veali,A. 10/04/1970 Kupiano
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Babona,G. 8/07/1970 Kwikila
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Lohia, K.M. 29/05/1970 Moresby
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Daera,L. 22/08/1970 Moresby
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Helai, G.M. 12/08/1970 Moresby
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Ali ,H. 7/01/1970 Magarida
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 One, W.   L.9.3.70.
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Noga, M. 6/05/1970 Kwikila
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Miria,J.A. 29/07/1970 Kwikila
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Sarufa I. 22/09/1971 Moresby
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Lapu, P.A. 18/12/1970 Moresby
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Sepa,A.(a/d) 22/03/1970 Tapini
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Natera, H.S.V.(T) 24/11/1970 Bereina
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Momo,M. (T) 16/05/1970 Moresby
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Aitsi,M(T) 13/03/1970 Bereina
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Koivi, A. (T) 6/01/1970 Moresby
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Bunava, S. (T) 14/01/1971 Magarida
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Ehari,M. (T) 15/01/1971 Moresby
Interpreter Lavava,C. 7/07/1970 Woitape
Interpreter Tom,E, 9/05/1970 Kwikila
Interpreter Reuben,H. 21/04/1970 Kwikila
Interpreter Dimoni, M. 1/08/1969 Tapini
Interpreter Kanufa,A. 23/11/1970 Tapini
Interpreter Girau. L.   L.17.3.70.
Interpreter Eghomi, O.(T) 25/12/1970 Moresby
Interpreter Kamo, M.   L.9.4.70.
Interpreter Marama, M. 6/02/1971 Moresby
Storeman Seaea, A. S. 3/01/1970 Tapini
Storeman Augerega,P. 18/09/1970 Kupiano
Messenger Meauri,J. 12/01/1970 Moresby
District Commissioner Holmes,I.A. 18/3/1971 Daru
District Officer/Actg.D.D.C. Calcutt R.A. 17/12/1970 Daru
District Officer/A. D. C. Martin, F.J. 9/1/1971 Daru
District Officer/A. D. C. Wren,E.D. 27/3/1970 Morehead
District Officer Marks, A. 23/11/1970 Ningerum
District Officer Creedy. B. J.   L.14.6.70.
A.D.O./Actg.D.O. - A.D.C. Barclay,R.I. 3/12/1970 Nomad
Assistant District Officer Kekedo,R.P. 15/1/1971 Morehead
Assistant District Officer Staples, R.J.   L.23.2.70.
Assistant District Officer McGrath,G.E. (C) 16/12/1969 Balimo
Assistant District Officer Cawthorn, W.A. 3/11/1971 Nomad
A.D.O./actg. D.O. - A.D.C. Paterson,W.R.(C) 16/5/1970 Morehead
Asst. District Officer Johnson, A.E. (C) 13/12/1970 Lake Murray
Patrol Officer McGregor, J.K. (C) 26/12/1970 Obeimi
Patrol Officer Nombri, J. 19/1/1971 Boze
Patrol Officer Richards, M.A. (C) 13/11/1971 Daru
Patrol Officer Eggleton,M.L.J. (C 21/11/1970 Olsobip
Patrol Officer Hawke, P.D. (C) 10/1/1971 Kiunga
Patrol Officer Diamond,R.M. (C 1/7/1971 Weam
Patrol Officer Smith,G.K. (C 18/6/1971 Lake Murray
Patrol Officer Fitzpatrick,P.P.(C 12/6/1971 Kiunga
Patrol Officer Nash,H.J.C. (C) 29/5/1970 Daru
Patrol Officer Bera L. 15/12/1970 Lake Murray
Patrol Officer Nouairi, G.J. L.3/1/1970 Lake Murray
Asst.Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Voute,J.W.(C)(a) 24/3/1970 Ningerum
Asst.Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Fearman,P.A.(C)(a) 24/3/1970 Morehead
Asst.Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Middleton,C.M. (C) 1/7/1970 Lake Murray
Asst.Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) Reynolds,E.B. (C) 1/7/1970 Ningerum
Asst.Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Thomas,D.R. (C) 17/12/7- Daru
Asst.Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Young,E.E.(C) 30/3/1971 Forehead
Asst.Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) McConaghy,C.D. (C) 30/3/1971 Nomad
Asst.Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Philp,B.S. (C) 30/3/1971 Balimo
Asst.Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Van-Oosterwijck, J.M. (C 30/3/1971 Daru
Asst.Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Kelly,I.L. (C) 18/4/1971 Balimo
Asst.Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Younger, M.M. (C) 18/4/1971 Daru
Asst. Field Officer Saliki,K. 30/4/1970 Kiunga
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Daligi,M. 15/12/1970 Ningerum
Local Govt. Asst. Gr.2 Ai'io,G. 22/4/1970 Kiunga
Clerk Diboga,W. (T)   L.13.3.70.
Clerk Cadigan,C.(T) 5/3/1970 Kiunga
Clerk Dwyer,B.W. (T)(a)   L.24.3.70.
Clerk McDavitt,J.P.(C)   L.4.5.70.
Clerk (Relief) Longwill, A.R.(T)   Daru
Steno-secretary Gr.1 Spackman, S. (Mrs)(T) 1/5/1970 Daru
Clerical Asst.Gr.3 Tabua,R. 15/9/1970 Daru
Clerical Asst.Gr.3 Tabua,T. 4/2/1970 Morehead
Clerical Asst.Gr.2 Paiwa, K. 22/4/1970 Weam
Clerical Asst.Gr.2 Lareory,M. 14/1/1970 Lake Murray
Clerical Asst.Gr.2 Narua, A. 2/1/1971 Daru
Clerical Asst.Gr.2 Lahola, M.L. 28/4/1970 Balimo
Clerical Asst.Gr.2 Kaeau, B.   L.13.3.70.
Clerical Asst.Gr.1 Awaga, A. 24/5/1970 Daru
Clerical Asst.Gr.1 Kebei, W. 8/1/1971 Daru
Clerical Asst.Gr.1 Samson, W.T. 31/12/1970 Daru
Clerical Asst.Gr.1 Pakini, N.(T)(a/d) 14/3/1970 Balimo
Clerical Asst.Gr.1 Kolesa, W. 9/9/1970 Daru
Clerical Asst.Gr.1 Kavik, P. 11/9/1969 Ningerum
Clerical Asst.Gr.1 Gilosa, M. 1/1/1971 Daru
Clerical Asst.Gr.1 Kadibu,V. (T)   L.12.3.70.
Clerical Asst.Gr.1 Bakukasi, V.(Miss)(T) 27/3/1970 Morehead
Clerical Asst.Gr.1 Bakukasi, S.(T) 29/1/1971 Daru
Interpreter Paradi,S. 24/11/1970 Daru
Interpreter Maseamo, W. 26/09/1970 Daru
Interpreter Dum-Dum, D. 9/01/1970 Morehead
Interpreter Duia,K. 25/04/1970 Balimo
Interpreter Nede,B. 1/11/1970 Emeti
Interpreter Tiape,I. 14/01/1971 Olsobip
Interpreter Auta,S. 14/05/1970 Lake Murray
Interpreter Onben,0. 8/01/1970 Ningerum
Interpreter Tetra,S. 7/08/1970 Kiunga
Interpreter Thomas,B.(T) 3/06/1970 Weam
Storeman Mairi,A.G. 20/11/1969 Balimo
Outboard Motor Operator Haro,J.(T) 20/03/1970 Lake Murray
Outboard Motor Operator Saema,U.(T) 20/03/1970 Daru
Outboard Motor Operator Sunakiyae,D.(T) 20/03/1970 Balimo
Outboard Motor Operator Ambola,W. (T) 20/03/1970 Kiunga
Outboard Motor Operator Kaida, S.(T) 20/03/1970 Emeti
Messenger Roroka,L. 18/12/1970 Daru
District Commissioner Bell,R.S. 19/2/1971 Kerema
District Officer Johnston, J. A. 1/2/1971 Kerema
District Officer Simmins,D.R.J. 18/5/1971 Malalaua
District Officer Quinn,J.B. 9/4/1971 Kerema
District Officer Hook,O.J. 22/11/1971 Kerema
Asst. District Officer Maynard,P. 9/1/1971 Malalaua
Asst. District Officer Mundell,J. 25/3/1971 Kikori
Asst. District Officer Grigg,K.N. 2/10/1971 Malalaua
Asst. District Officer Wallace,K.A. 11/1/1971 Ihu
Asst. District Officer McQuilty,N.C.(C) 9/9/1971 Kaintiba
Asst. District Officer Beckhaus,I.B. (C) 18/4/1970 Kikori
Patrol Officer Didlick, A.M. (C)   L.2.7.70.
Patrol Officer Coles,R.S. (C) 31/12/1970 Kaintiba
Patrol Officer Scarlett,G.J.(C) 28/12/1970 Baimuru
Patrol Officer Dubois,F.C. (C) Overdue L.9.9.69.
Patrol Officer Kaidadaya,K.J.   L.3.1.70.
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Smith,K.R. (C) 24/3/1970 Ihu
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.I.10.68) White,W.L. (C) 1/7/1970 Baimuru
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Meikle,A.J. (C) 17/12/1970 Kerema
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Boyes,J. W. (C) 17/12/1970 Ihu
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Lamont,B. (C) 30/3/1971 Kerema
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Overland,C.A. (C) 18/4/1971 Kerema
Trainee (Asst.Field Officer) Soare,M. 5/2/1970 Kikori
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Meikle,K.A.M. (Mrs)(T) 14/4/1971 Kerema
Typist Johnston,S.G. (Mrs)(T) 10/8/1971 Kerema
Clerk Cole,D.J.(C)   L.15.4.70.
Clerk Tsibia,J. 9/7/1970 Malalaua
Local Govt. Asst. Gr.2 Meakoro, D.O. 21/12/1971 Kerema
Clerical Asst. Gr.3 Sauka,J. 4/2/1970 Ihu
Clerical Asst. Gr.3 Moha,L. 21/10/1970 Kerema
Clerical Asst. Gr.3 Hahari,K. 3/12/1970 Kerema
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Mama, J.H. 20/3/1970 Baimuru
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Marious,F.S. 28/2/1970 Malalaua
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Karava,M.H.(a/d) 28/6/1970 Malalaua
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Hahui,M. 23/1/1971 Ihu
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Kila,R. 11/4/1969 Kikori
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Pokana,V. 23/1/1971 Kerema
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Rurupu,E. 19/6/1969 Kikori
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Mai,C.P.(T) 23/9/1970 Kaintiba
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Tati,L. (T) 23/12/1970 Kerema
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Ipai,O. (T) 13/1/1971 Baimuru
Clerical Asst. Gr.1 Ilave,P. 8/1/1971 Kerema
Interpreter Aihapo,P. 28/8/1970 Ihu
Interpreter Tiarea,S. 6/3/1970 Kukipi
Interpreter Kauwamu,B. 22/1/1971 Kikori
Interpreter Karara,K. 19/1/1971 Baimuru
Interpreter Ivara,S.M. (T) 29/1/1971 Keremra
Interpreter Rovela,R.(T) 11/8/1970 Kerema
Storeman Gairi,S.   L.3.2.70.
Messenger Tawakao,I. 29/4/1969 Kerema
District Commissioner Marsh,D.R.N.   L.31.3.70.
Deputy District Commissioner Johnston,W.J. 28/6/1970 Popondetta
Deputy District Commissioner Denehy,M.J. 24/7/1971 Popondetta
District Officer/ Sebire,P.F.   L.7.3.70.
District Officer/A.D.C. Day,C.G.(a/d) 4/5/1970 Popondetta
District Officer(Special Duties) Hannan,J.F.   L.17.12.69
District Officer Besapparis,B.A. 28/2/1971 Kokoda
Assistant District Officer Webster,R.W. 20/3/1971 Popondetta
Assistant District Officer Duffield,J. 2/6/1970 Popondetta
Assistant District Officer/ Vass,C.C. 30/9/1971 Tufi
Actg. D.O. - A.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer Gari,L. 28/8/1970 Kokoda
Assistant District Officer Noblet,A.J.   L.14.10.69
Assistant District Officer Jones, P.M. 22/11/1971 Popondetta
Assistant District Officer Thomas,P.J. 12/12/1970 Fopondetta
Assistant District Officer Nolan,L.F. 4/11/1970 Popondetta
Patrol Officer/Actg. S.L.G.O. Gehora,C. 11/4/1970 Afore
Patrol Officer Kup Ogut,J.(T) 22/2/1971 Afore
Patrol Officer Havai,M. 28/11/1970 Ioma
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Howard,J.H. (C) 24/3/1970 Ioma
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.I.10.68) Headly,R.T.(C) 10/7/1970 Popondetta
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.I.10.68) Favetta,F.S. (C) 1/7/1970 Tufi
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) McCrum,E.R. (C) 17/12/1970 Popondetta
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Murray,I.A. (C 18/4/1971 Fore
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Pingo,A.(C) 30/3/1971 Kokoda
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Robbins,D.G.(C) 30/3/1971 Popondetta
Trainee (Patrol Officer) Lesa,T.I.(a) 2/3/1970 Popondetta
Asst. Field Officer Siemu,N. 25/3/1970 Popondetta
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Embahe,I.   L.22.1.70.
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Sambigo,P. 9/1/1971 Popondetta
Field Assistant Nau,K. 21/1/1971 Popondetta
Local Govt. Assistant Gr.2 Isari,K.(a/d) 21/1/1971 Popondetta
Local Govt. Assistant Gr.2 Safitoa,E. 8/12/1970 Tufi
Steno-Secretary Gr.1 Curtis,D.(Mrs)(T)   L.8.6.70.
Typist Abel,J. (Miss) 5/1/1971 Popondetta
Typist Fielding,J.(Mrs) 22/9/1971 Popondetta
Clerk Johnston, N. E. (Mrs) 15/6/1970 Popondetta
Clerical Asst. Gr.3 Airi,K. 26/9/1970 Tufi
Clerical Asst. Gr.3 Kekedo, W.G. 1/1/1971 Kokoda
Clerical Asst. Gr.3 Eroro,E. 27/1/1971 Kokoda
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Hangiri,C. 21/7/1970 Popondetta
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Latoro,S. 30/4/1970 Popondetta
Clerical Asst. Gr.2 Gerari,M. 22/1/1971 Ioma
Interpreter Haona,T. 21/3/1970 Ioma
Interpreter Erapa,D. 2/10/1970 Kokoda
Interpreter Manu,P. 19/9/1969 Popondetta
Interpreter Hauje,J. 7/4/1970 Popondetta
Interpreter Gangai,R. 26/1/1971 Tufi
Interpreter Sigoro,h.   L.14.2.70.
Overseer Jinga,B. 23/6/1970 Kokoda
District Commissioner Driver,F.G.   L.1.4.70.
Deputy District Commissioner/ Lambden,W.J.G.(a/d) 8/4/1970 Alotau
Actg. District Commissioner      
District Officer/Actg.D.D.C. Butler,D.N. 21/12/1970 Alotau
District Officer - A. D. C. Single, C. V. 10/10/1970 Losuia
District Officer Edwards, J.A.   L.15.1.70.
District Officer - A. D. C. Steen, T. A.   L.7.4.70.
District Officer/Actg.A.D.C. Hallahan,R.W. 7/10/1971 Esa'ala
District Officer (S.L.G.O) Murphy,D.J. 19/9/1971 Alotau
Asst. District Officer/Actg.D.O. Spencer,I.T. 25/4/1971 Rabaraba
- A.D.C.      
Asst. District Officer/Actg. Crowe, P.G. 6/5/1970 Samarai
D.O. - A.D.C.      
Asst. District Officer/Actg. Beck, R.I. (a) 7/5/1970 Bwagaoia
D.O. - A.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer Bragge, L.W.   L.30.4.70.
Assistant District Officer Harrison, P.W.(C)   L.26.5/70.
Assistant District Officer Levi, W.N.   L.17.2.70.
Assistant District Officer/ Matthews,G.J. 2/7/1970 Bwagaoia
Actg. D.O. - A.D.C.      
Assistant District Officer Sandery,P.J. (C) 4/7/1970 Guasopa
Assistant District Officer Robertson, D.K.(C) 9/10/1970 Esa'ala
Assistant District Officer Daras-Wells,J.C. 5/9/1971 Alotau
Assistant District Officer Speldewinde,W.G. 20/11/1971 Bwagaoia
Patrol Officer Young,D.J. (C) 13/11/1971 Rabaraba
Patrol Officer Balderson,J. (C) 25/4/1970 Suau
Patrol Officer Gerard, P.A.(C) 16/8/1970 Tagula
Patrol Officer Stevens, A.D.(C) 2/2/1971 Bolubolu
Patrol Officer Dean,D.R. (C) 7/4/1971 Losuia
Patrol Officer Nash,K.F. (C) 17/4/1971 Baniara
Patrol Officer Moore,R.F.(C) 22/2/1971 Alotau
Patrol Officer Edgar, J.C. (C)   L.3.4.70.
Patrol Officer Kora, N. (T) 10/11/1970 Alotau
Patrol Officer Millar, I.R. (C) 27/10/1971 Rabaraba
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Taylor,G.W.(C) 24/3/1970 Esa'ala
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Cornillie, A.H.(C) 24/3/1970 Bolubolu
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.24.6.68) Lock, R.N. (C) 24/3/1970 Bolubolu
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.1.10.68) MacIndoe, T.G (C) 1/7/1970 Alotau
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.17.3.69) Simpson,D.R. (C) 17/12/1970 Sehulea
Issst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Haythorpe,G. 30/3/1971 Samarai
Issst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Sutton,P.J. 30/3/1971 Losuia
Issst. Patrol Officer (App.30.6.69) Jones, G.H. 30/3/1971 Alotau
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Mumme,R.C. (C) 18/4/1971 Rabaraba
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Nehmy,R. (C) 18/4/1971 Suau
Asst. Patrol Officer (App.18.7.69) Potter,K.J. (C) 18/4/1971 Samarai
Assistant Field Officer Area,J. 21/1/1971 Esa'ala
Trainee (Asst. Field Officer) Monumaggi,R. 31/1/1971 Esa'ala
Field Assistant Kone, S. 16/4/1970 Alotau
Local Government Asst.Gr.2 Tau,L.   L.11.3.70
Local Government Asst.Gr.1 Baibuni,K.C. 17/10/1970 Alotau
Clerk Kraus, F.E. 16/8/1970 Alotau
Clerk Imatana, E. 22/1/1971 Alotau
Clerk MacIndoe,N. (Mrs)(T) 26/2/1971 Alotau
Clerk Lockwood,D.D. (Miss) (C) 29/12/1970 Alotau
Clerk Matthews, A.C. (Mrs)(T)   LWOP
Clerk (Relief) Hennessey,F.M. (Mrs)(T)   Samarai
Clerk Edoni, S. (1Miss )(T) 28/1/1971 Bwagaoia
Clerk Sakimsi, L. (Miss)(T) 13/2/1971 Bwagaoia
Clerk Bawaloi, J.(T) 9/2/1970 Rabaraba
Typist Moore,B.C.(Mrs)(T) 26/3/1971 Alotau
Typist Master,M.A. (Miss)(T) 13/7/1971 Alotau
Clerical Assistant Gr.4 English,T. (C)   L.12.2.71.
Clerical Assistant Gr.4 (Relief) Allen,M.P. (Mrs) 6/7/1971 Samarai
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Kaiw,K. 30/9/1969 Bwagaoia
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Dobunaba, W. 26/11/1970 Esa'ala
Clerical Assistant Gr.3 Nelson P. 29/9/1970 Bwagaoia
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Mahuru,N. 13/6/1970 Esa'ala
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Yabibita,E. 10/8/1970 Losuia
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Wariupa,S. 8/10/1970 Alotau
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Kirori,H. 14/10/1970 Samarai
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Kigolena,M. 6/10/1970 Alotau
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Miki, L. 1/7/1970 Rabaraba
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Jia, S. 30/6/1970 Rabaraba
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Towasawa,U. 22/1/1971 Alotau
Clerical Assistant Gr.2 Opu, M.B. (a/d) 30/10/1970 Bolubolu
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Grant,J. (T) 13/5/1970 Bwagaoia
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Doro,P.(T) 21/1/1970 Bwagaoia
Clerical Assistant Gr.1 Manubida,R. (T) 31/3/1970 Rabaraba
Interpreter Pagogoa,A. 29/8/1970 Baniara
Interpreter Puritala, J. 31/1/1970 Sehulea
Interpreter Taurega,G. 11/10/1969 Losuia
Interpreter Bopiu, B. 23/1/1970 Bwagaoia
Interpreter Aribena, S. 3/10/1970 Rabaraba
Interpreter Prout, A. 11/12/1970 Samarai
Interpreter Dierone,S. 17/2/1970 Alotau
Interpreter Iaubihi,L. 2/6/1970 Bolubolu
Interpreter Obedaia,M. 10/6/1970 Samarai
Interpreter Morea, M. (T) 10/3/1970 Esa'ala
Storeman Tau' iu,M. 26/1/1971 Bwagaoia
Storeman Tabu,P.(T)   L.19.3.70.
Storeman Ikoirere,D.(a) 21/12/1970 Esa'ala
Storeman James,S.R. 5/9/1970 Losuia


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