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No.9 Short Course - ASOPA 1948 (source Bob Blaikie)


bbla1948_asopa_01.jpg (45933 bytes)

Front row: David Best, John Aagard, 'Skeeter' Meldrum, Lon Tomlinson, Max Denehy, Robert Blaikie

2nd row: Allan Pitts, Carl Franke, Jim Sinclair, David Anderson

3rd row: Don Murray, Brian McCabe, Alex Murison, Terry White, George Routley, Harry (Slim) Thomas

4th row: John (Shorty) Jordan, Ron McCracken (maybe), next 2 I can't work out, Malcolm McIndoe, Brian Heagney

bbla1948_asopa_02.jpg (36699 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_03.jpg (25833 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_04.jpg (46152 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_05.jpg (20239 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_06.jpg (40617 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_07.jpg (28309 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_08.jpg (48206 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_09.jpg (28920 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_10.jpg (30513 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_11.jpg (43862 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_12.jpg (34241 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_13.jpg (49413 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_14.jpg (23573 bytes) bbla1948_asopa_15.jpg (34825 bytes)

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Cadet Patrol Officer Course April 1953 (source Bob Cleland)

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Photography by Gordon Carter of Papuan Prints, appointed as official photographer for this ‘first time’ Course, except aircraft internals by Bob Cleland.

The following introduction is by Bob Cleland who supplied this material:

Strike me lucky, over half a century ago!

We (I think all 34 of us) arrived in Port Moresby on 18 April 1953. We were the first intake NOT to do an ASOPA short course. We had six gruelling weeks orientation from all departments in Moresby. We were all crammed into the old "House O'Malley" with primitive beds 3 and 4 to a room and lined closely around both sides of the surrounding verandahs. At least it was insect screened (sort of). Bit of a culture shock to 34 very individual men initially quite unknown to each other.

It didn’t take long for friendships and enmities to develop. Some of these groups and their antics and exploits are part of folklore, and remained in memories for the rest of us for the remainder of our careers. Many of the antics are worth their own stories. I hope some of the survivors of ’53 will record them – it would be a pity for them to just die in our memories.

The serious side took our attention also. Our mentor was ADO Mike Tolhurst who was stayed with us through thick, thin, doubtful and worse. We listened in lectures from boring bureaucrats and the occasional realist – even humorous – departmental representatives. We (officially) visited anything around Moresby which DDS&NA (through Mike) thought might be of benefit. We wrote assignments and reports and were judged and graded.

We were allowed to express a posting preference towards the end of the six weeks. I think some were lucky.

The following table lists all that anyone can remember. Please help fill in the gaps. Many acquired nicknames – fill in these too please (not too rough though !). I picked up the Dec 53 postings from a Staff Posting list of Vin Smiths’. The initial postings (if different) would be preferable.

Bob Cleland, 17th December 2003

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Patrol Officer Long Course - ASOPA 1962 (source Will Speldewinde)

19620000wspel_asopa_01.jpg (42684 bytes) 19620000wspel_asopa_03.jpg (49730 bytes) 19620000wspel_asopa_05.jpg (45224 bytes)

Back: (l-r) Bob Lyons, Bob Hallahan, Peter Whitehead, Denis Fisher, John Coad, Chris Warrilow, Wilhelm Speldewinde, Mark Lynch

Middle: Terry O'Donnell, Bob Deverall, Barry Downes, Bill Benham, Peter Broadhurst, George Cutts, Martin Cornhill 

Front: Bob Becke, John Irwin, "Basha" O'Connell, David Speakman, Frank Howard, Brian Robins, Rick Creagh, Arthur Marks, Peter Power.

  1961/62 Cadet Education Officer's Course

  19620000wspel_asopa_02_teachers.jpg (47560 bytes) 19620000wspel_asopa_04_teachers.jpg (40569 bytes)

Back: ???, ???, Dave Keating, Di Withers, ???, Shirley Sibritt, Peter Sealey

Middle: George Sivijs, Bob Delbridge, Keith Mc Rae, Ros Smart, Peter Stuckey, Rod Andrews, Merv Duncan

Front: Marg Upton, Gaye Zimitat, Barbara Webb, Lesley Percival, Lyn Osborne, Carole Enge, Leslie Wills, Margaret ???

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Part CPO intake March, 1962 - Port Moresby (source Tony Wright)

19620300a_part_cpo_intake.jpg (63744 bytes)

Back (L-R): Tony Pryke, Warren Dutton, Roger Lee (suggested by Noel Wright), ???, Chris Vass, Peter Hunter, Yarni Darras-Wells

Front (L-R): ???, Doug Dalgleish, Peter Kerr, Mike Briar, Laurance Meintjes, Tim Gill

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Patrol Officer Long Course - ASOPA 1963 (source Fred Haynes)

fhay1963_asopa_lc.jpg (94776 bytes)

Names not in order, Fred Haynes, John Hunter, Laurie Bragge, Chris Waite, Bruce Dunn, Jeff Duggan, Kevin Hollamby, Brian Duffy, Bill Maloney, John Kelly, Jim Hunter, Joe Hicks, Tony Heriot, Peter Wright, Graham Harris, Bill Biscoe, Jeff Reid, Dave Hope, Peter Rochfort, Maurie Brown, Des Fanning, Peter Thomas, Don Lindsay, Brian Batterham, Fred Behr, Graeme Smith, Peter Lyons, Tony Try, Terry Heuston, Barry Fischer, John Visser, Dave Read, Bernie Maume, Bob Foreman, Frank Sabben, Robin Percy, Ken O'Brien, Col Mancy, John Pamplin, Roy Andrews, Gary James, Ray Weber. Missing: Bob Webster & Allen McNeil. (names as deciphered from back of photo, there may be errors, click here to advise me of corrections - Peter)

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Patrol Officers Long Course - ASOPA 1964 (source Dan Duggan)

6/3/03 Dan Claasen from Nairobi sez:

Back (L-R): Dick Emery; Roger Burke; Doug Dalgleish; ??? (Could be NT PO or Peter Ingram); NT PO (Castein?); Dan Claasen (moi); Tony Wright; Alan Akins; Trevor Downes.
Mid (L-R): Dick Allmark; John Absalom; Nigel van Ruth; Peter Kerr; ??? (can't recall this one).
Front (L-R): Bill Gray (NT); ??? (Gary Seymour???); Dan Duggan; Peter Hunter; Noel Wright; Mike Briar; NT PO (Gordon Grimwade or something similar); Yanis Daras-Wells

Dan Duggan's opening gambit:


Back (L-R): Peter Ingram, ???, Doug Dalgleish, ???, ???, Dan Claasen, ???, Alan Atkins, Trevor Downes

Mid (L-R): ???, ???, Nigel Van Ruth, ???, ???

Front (L-R): ???, ???, Dan Duggan, Peter Hunter, ???, Mike Briar, ???, Iani Darras-Wells

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Territories Ball - Wentworth Hotel, Sydney 1964 (source Dan Duggan)

Back (L-R): Allan Woods, Dan Duggan, Trevor Downes, Tom Steen, Warren Smith

Front (L-R): Jenny Woods, Ann Duggan, Irene Boroniev, ???

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CPO INTAKE ROLL CALL - JUNE 1967 (source Dave Ekins)

The following 35 signed up on 6/6/67: Kevin Murphy, Dave Johnston, Glen Henke, Ian Orme, Rick MacIlwaine, Eric Godward, Bill Sanders, Dave Galvin, Steve Robbins, Bob Faulkner, Bob Power, Stuart Armstrong, Chris Makin, Greg Williams, Graeme Watt, Peter Smith, Geoff Sewell, Dave Forbes, Paul Carew, Jack Frost, Les Hicks, Ray Moore, Dick Olive, Dick Blackburn, Duncan Dean, Mike D'abbs, Peter McKay, Neville Taverner, Keith Black, Dave Ekins, John Blyth, Keiran Nash, John Gyngell, Rick Hutchings, Frank Cotton.

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Cadet Patrol Officer Induction Course Kwikila December 1967 (source Peter Edwards)

p_edw1967_cpo_kwikila.jpg (72736 bytes) pedw1967_cpo2_kwikila.jpg (47385 bytes)

Photograph taken in front of "The Maggot & Toad". Full Roll Call of this Induction Course was: Peter Edwards, David Agg, G. Chapman, R. (Bob) Diamond, Frank Dubois, G. Findley, Phillip Fitzpatrick, Neil Mockett, Ian Sloan, G. Smith, Barry Taverner, A. Taylor, Marcus (Taffy) Watkins & Peter Zeising. Two Officers not present in photo possibly G. Smith & A.Taylor. Course Mascot in front row is Miss Vui Renagi.

Peter, what is "The Maggot & Toad"? Reply: You obviously never had the pleasure of a sojourn at the Induction Resort at Kwikila in the late 60's. This illustrious establishment went by several names - 'Pekpek Palace', 'The Maggot & Toad' and 'Have Maggots Will Run' to name but a few. Titles refer to the proliferation of maggots that used to make nocturnal forays from the pit latrines into the sleeping quarters and our discovery that a cordon of cane toads at the access way between the two areas was effective at keeping the maggots at bay. The fact that we were guaranteed a bout of 'wara pekpek' whilst we were at Kwikila was probably largely due to the presence of 'ol liklik snek bilong smolhaus' - Peter Edwards 1/4/02.

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Cadet Patrol Officer Induction Course Kwikila 1968 (source Bob Welsh)

b_wel1968_cpo_kwikila.jpg (41409 bytes)

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Assistant Patrol Officer Induction Course Kwikila 1969 (2nd course) (source Don Kennedy)

A number of the below course members are not in the photograph as they were in Moresby for a number of various reasons. I am not in the photograph as I took the photograph. - Don Kennedy.

Hopkins, R.L. - Hayward, A.L.M. - Young,E.E. - McConaghy, C.D. - Philp,B.S. - Van-Oosterwijck, J.M. - Lamont, B. - Pingo, A. - Robbins,D.G. - Haythorpe, G. - Sutton,P.J. - Jones, G.H. - Stott,B.J. - Vandereyk, P.J. - Newell, B.P. - Scott,L.J. - Shaw, A. - Connick, P.T. - Fairey, P.G. - Kennedy, D.C. - Hitzke, P.J. - Inchley, B.D.C. - Nilan, J.G. - Oates, P.D. - Brady, J.L. - Skinner, B.M. - Packer, K.J. - Lewis, I.E. - O'Brien, M.P. - Taylor, K.J. - Ward, J.S. - Cooper, S.G. - Widdup, M.A.

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Assistant Patrol Officer Course, Port Moresby 29/6/71 (source John Hocknull)


Back row: Bob Coleman - Tom Darwen - John Hocknull - Rolly Wallent - John Scott - Martin Kaalund - Daryl Woodward - Paul Luoma

Row 3: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - Greg Smith

Row 2: Phil Lodge - Tony Friend - Bob Forster - Rod Owens - Rolly Wallent - 6 - Greg Harris - Bob Edgar - 9

Front row (kneeling): Tony Tweedie - 2 - 3 - 4 - Rod Ford

Here is a photo of the last 6 year contract course in 1971 just before postings from Moresby. This is the second or third last group to go to PNG. The photo was take at our induction course in Moresby just prior to posting. I believe there were a couple of intakes in '72 and that was it as they were on 3 year contracts and we were on 6. Maybe a visitor to your site can put some names to the faces. I can only remember Greg Owens, Greg Smith, Rollie Wallent?, and Bob Bamford.

O/S name pool: Jon Halls, Paul Williamson, Jack Darwin, Geoff Bailey, Bob Coleman, Graham Lovett, David Stent, Jack Bambury, Dave Bawden (missing from photo)

John Hocknull 20/5/03

For those interested, I am appending a list of the 39 graduates of ASOPA 29/6-28/10/71 and 4 Mile, Boroko 28/10-26/11/71, together with our first postings:

O/S name pool: 1. Geof Bailey Kavieng 2. Bob Bamford Kupiano 3. Jack Banbury Popondetta 4. Dave Bawden Mt. Hagen 5. Bob Bucknall Taskul, New Hanover 6. Tony Burke Mendi 7. Bob Coleman Okapa 8. Jack Coppinger POM 9. Tom Darwen Bulolo 10. Gary Donovan Menyamya 11. Jim Lammas Kwikila 12. Phil Lodge Bougainville 13. Greg Lovett Nipa 14. Paul Luoma Kundiawa 15. John Mamo Ambunti 16. Brian Murray Kiunga 17. Rod Owens Namatanai 18. John Scott Balimo 19. Graeme Sl,arks Kikori 20. Greg Smith Aitape 21. Bob Edgar Esa’ala 22. Sticks Faulkner Madang 23. Rod Ford Wewak 24. Bob Forster Minj 25. Tony Friend Henganofi 26. Paul Goggin Central 27. John Halls Kerema 28. Greg Harris Mt. Hagen 29. John Hocknull Bogia 30. Martin Kaalund Nuku 31. Mike Kelly W.New Brit. 32. Jim Soul Kabwum 33. Dave Stent Kokoda 34. Tony Tweedie Kimbe 35. Graeme Veal Angoram 36. Rolly Wallent Alotau 37. Brian Walsh Koroba 38. Paul Williamson Tari 39. Daryl Woodward Goroka

Tony Friend 11/6/03

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