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Oilmin was established by Ian Thompson and Clive Nicholls (deceased) in partnership with George Leahy (Editor: the ownership of Oilmin Field Services has changed since the posting of this article). The following is a brief run down on what Oilmin is all about:



Oilmin Field Services Pty. Ltd. is a PNG registered and nationally controlled company operating from our registered office at Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands Province.

Our senior field staff are ex-government patrol officers and PNG experienced people who have a wealth of practical bush experience in Papua New Guinea.

All our local and overseas staff speak, read and write fluent Melanesian 'tokpisin', Hiri Motu or both, as well as english, and have a thorough understanding of traditional PNG culture and law.

Our Policy of maintaining Field Managers of the highest calibre ensures they are the best available and able to provide unique abilities in the area of:

  • tribal land negotiations
  • PNG labour administration and industrial relations
  • community relations
  • culturally meaningful problem solving techniques

  • This experience has proven invaluable in assisting clients with resource projects and other field orientated tasks, especially in the vital area of traditional land owner co-operation.


    Oilmin Field Services Pty. Ltd. offers PNG petroleum and minerals exploration industries the following services:

    • organization and supervision of field projects
    • planning and costing surveys
    • labour recruiting and administration
    • camp construction and management
    • scouting, land owner liaison and contact with government officials
    • seismic and geological line cutting and survey, helipads and GPS mapping
    • pipeline clearing and survey
    • exploration permitting
    From our Mt. Hagen premises we also provide:
    • specialist seismic expediting
    • general expediting service
    • secretarial services
    • HF and VHF radio and telegraphic communications
    • secure and comfortable accommodation
    • warehouse, container and office rentals
    • vehicle hire
    • field equipment hire including complete field camps from 2 to 50 persons


    Oilmin Field Services Pty. Ltd. strives to maintain a safe, accident free workplace, even though we are working frequently in very difficult conditions. We are equally concerned about the effects our activities will have on the environment.

    • we are accustomed to working under the guidelines set out in the International Association of Geophysical Contractors safety handbook
    • field crews conduct daily toolbox meetings and weekly safety meetings
    • positive incentives are offered to field crews to ensure compliance with the word and spirit of our safety policies
    • our foremen are all experienced in helicopter operations and safety, and will ensure all locally recruited labour are made fully aware of safety in and around helicopters
    • national and provincial legislation and company safety guidelines will be strictly adhered to
    • base and fly camps are, as far as possible, returned to the state in which they were found
    • every field crew will have access to HF radio
    • where practical, every field crew will have a trained field medic on site


    Since our incorporation in 1992 we have provided field support and community relations services to many of the explorers and technical contractors active in PNG resource development. Our involvement has included assistance with initial planning and a complete range of field and logistical services. We are especially proud of our record of industrial harmony and community co-operation. Ensuring our crews and clients are welcome back to areas of operation has been and will remain of paramount importance. Being totally and solely committed to doing business in Papua New Guinea, Oilmin Field Services is determined to maintain and improve our reputation for top class service at very competitive rates. Daily rates or turn key quotations on request.

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