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Report by the Faithful's & Fayles - Kiap Reunion, Buderim Tavern - 11 November, 2001

144 attended the day held at the Buderim Tavern on the Sunshine Coast, although the day was without the coast's regular sunny skies. There were 33 apologies from those who missed a superb day. The Coast did not turn on the regular sunny skies for the day but after three months of drought we that live here, did not mind at all. Spirits were not dampened by the inclement weather and as the rain and mist descended on the valley and blotted out the high rise of the coastal strip a number of those present commented that it was reminiscent of Papua and New Guinea. The most outstanding comment from the majority was that there were 285 or more per person unfinished conversations on the day. Recognition was sometimes difficult, but reciprocal. Two pair of prescription glasses were found - one pair has been claimed by Trish Littler - others still held at the Tavern Office. The gold coin donation to cover costs, NEARLY covered everything but no tears are being shed, thanks to those that contributed. The day was was a fabulous day and a tremendous success, the phone calls, faxes and e-mails prove that. The requests for next year is a definite No but consideration will be given by the committee of four for the following year. That will give time for the "laggers" who kept the girls at the bar until 8pm to recover and the Tavern to forgive us the overtime payments - not true! the management of the Tavern commended the behaviour and commented on the obvious enjoyment of all. We will be welcomed back. Ann Bergin was busy clicking the camera and we look forward to seeing the shots - if anyone else has photos please let us know. Next time we will arrange for a photographer to join us so everyone can be posted on the Web Site for all to see what has happened to all those young Patrol Officers. That was the comment of one wife!

Uncle Peter:

... so tempting to coin the expression "the faithless and the failures".

... "what has happened to all those young Patrol Officers"? - the poor bastards got married and it's been a down hill slide ever since!  Maybe a page of "before" and "after" photographs would be interesting.

... "the requests for next year" - maybe  a good subject for the discussion board.

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