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Report by Peter Edwards - Ex-Kiap Re-union, Victoria - 3 November, 2002

Peter & Co. I thought that you might like an early report on our Reunion so here it is.

Attached is a summary of the final attendees - I think the list could be short by as much as 3 but I do not know who is missing (could simply be that we lost three plastic name tags in the registration process).

The event went off without a hitch the management and staff at the Sandown Greyhound Star Cafe were magnficantly understanding and provided an excellent 3 course meal (with multiple choices) including coffee/tea for $10.00 per head and I am told that the bar prices were very reasonable.

Ex-kiaps started arriving early (at 11.30 am) so it was fortunate that Maudeline and I had arrived at 11.00 am to set up the registration table and place literature on the tables. We left at 5.00 pm along with many others but quite a few lingered on in the bar and gaming room, We went out later in the evening to a restaurant with Paul & Marylou Maroney, Mike and Margaret Cockburn, Tony and Linda English and Roger and Judy Fairhall - I guess that many other groups of ex-kiaps would have taken the opportunity to do the same.

We gave away the Laki Bilum (won by Bob Bucknell's partner Chloe) which along with the previously pledged inclusions ended up containing a copy of 'Tales of Papua New Guinea' - donated by Margaret Cockburn and a 6 pack of 'SP' stubbies donated by Phil Browne.

Supplementary door prizes of New Guinea coffee courtesy of ' 5 Senses Coffee' were also given away as was a compilation CD of Old Time PNG favourites (including Tripela Liklik Pik and I've been everywhere in PNG) and a 'Chimbu Raincoat'.

Many photos have been taken both in standard 35mm and digital format. We will get some of the local ex-kiaps together and match names to faces before we send them up to you. We plugged the 2003 Buderim Reunion and it was suggested by several people that it might be possible to organise a busload of ex-kiaps from this end to travel up to attend.

It was also suggested that another Southern Ex-Kiap Reunion should be held (perhaps in 2004) in Canberra.

In short a gudtaim was had by all.

Regards from all at the Reunion Cheers & Beers Peter & Maudeline.

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